SAP Lumira Discovery: Creating a Template for Your Data Visualization

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“In this video. We re going to take a look at ways to help give give your presentation. A more professional look and feel by utilizing. The capabilities of lumira create a custom template for your presentation as you ll see you don t need to be a graphic artist to create a great looking presentation.

Okay so let s start with a file. Where nothing s been added yet now if you look on the left hand side of the screen you re going to find the design button. We want to click on that to display the design functionalities that are available from here. You can use the sub menu icons to pull up various design functions in the mirror.

If we choose say the graphic icon..

The graphic. Content menus become available. This is where we can add images. Illustrations and shapes to our project.

We re going to recreate the template used for our best run retail sample company. The first thing we ll add to the template is the gold sidebar to make sure that we can size this correctly. It s a good idea to activate the grid view on the page select the shape options then drag the box shape onto the pallet once it s on the pallet. You can change the size and dimensions by dragging the index points.

Until the desired shape is attained once that s done we ll change the color of the sidebar..

By using context. Based menus. We bring up the options available to help us change. The color of the sidebar you can use the color selector.

The shade pallet rgb or hex codes to create just the right color for your needs. You can also add images like company. Logos. Location.

Pictures and icons in lumira..

Just select the image menu. And then use the plus icon to add pictures from your computer. Once the chosen pitchers in lumira. It appears as a thumbnail all you have to do now is simply drag and drop the picture on the pallet and resize as needed you can also change the opacity of images to resemble watermarks to identify your business reports once the templates complete you just need to create enough slides for your content.

Activate the tab menu and select duplicate and lumira will create the slides to accommodate your presentation. Once you ve created enough slides for your presentation. Start creating your visualizations. You can add additional.

Pictures shapes..

Text and colors as needed until you ve created just what you want in the end. You come up with something like this now. Once the data report is done you can give a live presentation. Clicking through the slides or you can send it as a pdf to the people that need the information to do that click the export as pdf icon.

Then you re all set view. More videos on asap lumiere discovery. Visit our website. Thanks and ” .


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“In this video, we show you how to give your data presentation a more professional appearance by going over the functionalities included in SAP Lumira Discovery to help create a custom”,

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