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“Shaun savin. Mu and we are doing a wonderful. Little session here to back up up padraig harrington. Has been you know tearing up a storm on online.

Doing a of stuff for you guys at home and my hats off to padraig for taking the time to do that for everyone i m so so happy so one of them one of the drills that he was talking about involved a tennis ball. And it s something that he learned from pete kalin. Is one of the coaches on tour. And i wanted to elaborate on that because there s a few a few items in that particular video that he put out where you know you don t even need to worry about when you re focused on a very specific thing and padraig you had that specific thing.

So one of the things that you ll realize is you know because i ve been teaching full time for the last 35 years you know seeing 68 to 80 people a week. Physically and then add a couple of hundred you know emails a day on youtube with our one hundred and five thousand subscribers and you ve got one heck of a turbocharged feedback loop in order for me to help the most people possible and this leads me to doctors neurologists. You know psychologists. And there s a huge exchange.

There that you missed out on because you re out there busy you know winning majors so so hats off to you on that one so um. The the drill in particular that we re talking about now. Let me get to all three tenets of one for you one for me one for me all right so salve. We we looked at that a little bit this morning.

Right so let me have your club put this down into your golf posture. Nice and cold ah. Okay. And the idea is you re gonna try and roll the ball into the ground by two yards.

A heavy and four strange okay so just like so obviously if it goes right your body s got ahead of it and your arms are behind you. And if you came over the top come back so throw it into the ground and so we we took we put it in our trail. Hand. Which is your non dominant hand and we re just gonna hold with that that hand with with the lead hand.

Here just so we can make the semblance of a back swing right now when you watch..

Roger federer do a backhand when he s getting ready to do a particular back hand you ll notice that the rib cage and pelvis move together on top of the legs. There is no upper body against lower body separation ever. So there s a beautiful movement. There and then there s a movement to move in the direction of the target.

So you know i gave a wonderful lesson. A golf lesson to a major winner out there on the tennis circuit and i had asked them. I said when you do a topspin forehand in tennis. How do you hold the racket because we were working on his draw.

And he says i don t know i just do it so he didn t even know how he holds the racquet and if you ask federer the same thing. And what s the difference between your first and second cervical. A la la la don t don t talk to me just tell me what serve you want and we re in the service box. You want it so they re doers.

They re not it s not how to do it. It s just do it so all of the things that we do in wisdom and golf is a just do type of scenario. And this is one of them so thanks padre so you put the ball in your hand. And all you re gonna do is toss.

It in that direction so step over here and i ll just catch it for you so beautiful now padraig was talking about hitting a spot right here in front. That s okay. I prefer it to be a lot deeper into the target now notice you didn t miss me. Yeah you threw the ball exactly where i was how did you do that right you don t you can t think about that because your machine works at 40 million bits of information per second this is neurology 101.

I ve done my homework with several neurologists. Who are part of our team. So your conscious mind. Which again has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt can only be in one place at a time so your place for your conscious mind was on me.

He said..

Just throw the ball to me in which you did beautifully yeah so how did you know when to let go because your attention was on me. You had a target to send that ball yeah. So if you ve got no target to send that ball you literally can let it go anywhere. So padraig.

What brings us to you were talking about watch out for that lead shoulder. We re not defective you can t do anything wrong you got two arms two legs. You re insurable padraig. You re the same way you re not defective trust.

Me. So. What is it that s going to place that lead shoulder. Me yeah well isn t that where you need to be to send this tennis ball to me.

So who cares what that lead shoulders doing is this coming to me or not and that s that s the whole crux of it right so if you look at the video. We just posted with brandel talking about jordan spieth s woo s and we cleared that up hugely thanks to you you guys appreciate your help. And so. When you have a direction.

That s why that intermediate point is so important so if you were to hit a 6 iron here s your 6 iron and you were hitting a draw. And obviously you don t want to start on target and draw away from the target. You want to start a little left of the target and draw back to the target land a little left bounce toward the target and inside the left edge of the hole. Just the least amount of strokes possible right okay.

So you get set up you ve got your direction correct. What are you gonna send in that direction. What s the feel that you re sending in that direction. Hevy momentum all right very nice so off the ball go starts a little left edge of the intermediate point comes back a little right edge of the line.

There you go at a hundred and ninety yards..

And you are about 15 feet to the right of that center line yes. Fantastic. And that was basically knotted in the center of the face. So what were you trying to do just send it that way with a very specific feel so when we re performing this toss this feels basically like an underhand toss so it s just an underhand toss that way and that s all we re doing right so move it a try right here no worries.

So now you re trying to go into my chest right go ahead. So notice you have one low one a little high did you were you did something wrong no so this and i m so thankful you did that yeah. This is where everybody loses their stuff right you said. Oh my god i was low low and the outside.

I m defective well no when you throw darts you hit the padraig do you hit the bullseye every time on a dart board. I don t think so when you miss the bullseye are you considering yourself defective. No grab another swig of that you know irish beer and then grab another dart and fire away. So one was the low one was a little high notice you can t repeat the pattern.

No so get back into your setup right here in the center. My chest right next to this roll quebec logo. Ah. There we go so one was down.

Here. One was up here and and now we re getting closer aren t we so as you continue to practice that simple task you ll you ll eventually start hitting here. And there s where they did a study them gabriele wolf. Thank you for all of your amazed work.

She s been working last 20 years on how we learn motor skills as human beings. And she s out of unlv. And she has her doctorate in kinesiology. You ve got your degree in kinesiology.

So you guys are two birds of a feather and you d lead loved her..

She is just the sweetest little lady you ve ever met in your life right. She s very athletic too so so gabrielle takes a dart team and splits it into two and they say okay first first half focus only on the bull s eye. One hour a day two weeks second half focus on how you re moving your arm. And make sure you perform the same movement with your arm every time yeah team number one after two weeks.

Fifteen percent reduction in spray pattern. 15. More bull s eyes team number two twenty three percent worse because you know where are you supposed to let go of this. If you don t have a target and you re just worried about your body parts you don t know when to let go that s where we lose.

It okay so very specific when podrick says bounce the ball there you re focused on bouncing the ball. There you can t overturn you can t under turn you can t mess that up you can be a little off right you re not you re not gonna take it away in here. Because that doesn t fit going over here. So you ll have a tendency to just move the ball in that direction.

So we have a wonderful video entitled how to match your backswing to your target. Shawn clement. And that s gonna help you stay with your direction. So if you stay with your direction.

You ll have the right amount of body opening the right place to release. It and as you continue staying with that you ll get better naturally make sense. Yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed that moo.

Thanks for your help buddy. And let s get back to some playing then oh let s we ll fire up the game. And what do you blew by you let s play the nine holes on blue bayou catch you later ” ..


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