Sioux Falls Police vs. Fire – “Dad Jokes”

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“Luther john sm. Nice to meet you ready to roll. I am good luck to to you you re gonna get hosed down. You re gonna need it alright go okay.

Why did officer a step arrest a duck. I don t know because it was selling crack. Oh okay all right that s that s a good one. That s a good one do you know why god created police officers.

No so firefighters could have heroes. I don t agree with that but good one. If you roll up to a call of two bacon s fighting is it still a beef. Oh no no i guess probably not what it okay.

How does a mermaid wash its tail. It uses tide. I shouldn t be telling you this. But i bought some shoes from a drug dealer.

I don t know what he laced him with but i was tripping all day that s that s good that s good..

What s a pirate s favorite letter hmm are you think it s our but it s actually the c button hook. Me what do you get when you cross a dinosaur with a cop jurassic pork. Oh. All right i was kind of a little blue.

How do you know when a firefighter passed away and when the remote falls out of his hand. I mean that s not funny. We don t have recliners that is really good what do you call a dog that can do magic labra cadabra door all right all right what does chaos stand for i don t know you and i both like this chiefs have arrived on scene. That s yeah.

That s more true that it is funny. Yeah. Okay. I was interrogated or the theft of a cheese.

Toastie. Man. They really grilled me okay okay. What did the firefighters say when they crash their fire truck into a tree.

I don t know i don t know well that s got to be the fastest time we ever arrived to an accident scene okay i can say the same thing about a squad car..

Yeah. Yeah. You know what the loudest pet you can get is a trumpet. How did the hipster burn his mouth.

I don t know yeah. He ate the pizza before it was cool that s a good one okay. I m reading a book about anti gravity. It s impossible to put down okay.

Did you hear about the man who lost the left side of his body. I don t think so the doctor. Said he s all right the nurses said. There wasn t much left okay why did the clydesdale give the pony glass of water because it was a little horse how do you know if there s a firefighter at your party.

He ll tell you to shave. There s enough truth to that it s not even funny did you hear about the guy who invented life savers mm hmm. They say he made it mint oh clever clever why does humpty dumpty love autumn the season autumn. Yeah i don t know because humpty dumpty had a great fall that s not funny peanuts are walking down the street.

One was assaulted so yesterday..

I was at the eye doctor and i uh found out. I was colorblind you know what came to me out of thin purple air. Oh. That one is funny.

I ll take the point that one how many tickles does it take to make an octopus laughs tentacles all right okay. What s brown and sticky. There s a lot of things brought a sticky. But i don t know a stick okay.

Yeah. I heard that one in the second grade i think when you fell off your dinosaur. Yeah gonna give that one too what s the best part about living in switzerland no i don t know either. But the flag is a big plus oh that s that s good that s good.

What did. The policeman say to his bellybutton. You re under the best. Oh god i lost that one did you see they made round bales of hay illegal in wisconsin hmm.

Because the cows weren t getting a square meal..

So my wife this last week. She started a new tropical diet. There s so much stuff in the house. Now.

It s enough to make a man go crazy okay. What do you call a fish with two knees tuna fish yeah. That s good did you hear that we arrested the energizer bunny yesterday nope. He was charged with battery.

Why did the crab never fear because he was shellfish. That s good did you hear about the fireman who had two sons. He named him jose and hose be this laughter hey hey pleasure his fun yeah you re better than mine. ” .


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“Sioux Falls Police Department versus Sioux Falls Fire Rescue in friendly competition to see who can make the other one laugh.”,


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