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” re watching battle raps world leader url you can copy respect. I ve been the the most consistent battle rapper of all time and when i say that it s other news. But the amount of bars and the level writing and the level of performance and energy that i bring every battle for the last seven eight years is unprecedented in terms of its competing the movie with a very very very vegetable road. This is the battle for me because to me this is the go back this is the battle to really separate.

It can t be to dulles and this is the battle that s gonna finally in that talk once and for all i ve been to other people. I ve been a goal for use the fans have rocked with me so now. It s time to really settle that a bit once and for all. But i m disappointed at chops.

And if y all can just do. For one minute. Can fuck..


With me. First of all y all. Been loving give. Me fucked up all.

Yes you come in akali beatsie kitchen. So i got boomers to do block away. I m patty off these niggas to play with me. What our we spank this real name.

I m gonna bring this fat clown out this way man. I already killed like 20 years. Homies already man..


He had another one on the list man. Y all. Know what s goin on man. He s back cali was to be late.

There will be no pay per view for this battle this battle will only be in los angeles for surrounding areas whoever s pulling up on december 8th. To see the magic happen it will be legendary after we will be doing watches. Where you can watch the battle live with us in a place near you get your tickets below. This is an exclusive event and it will sell out you know i m saying we re doing this event.

Strictly for charity that is really the whole purpose of the event afterwards you re not i m saying. 10 of the proceeds from each of us from each of us will go to our own separate charities that we all choose of all so i ve got a charity that i m donating to hallow ave. Oh..


This is what s exciting about this that my opinion is like just the first livewatch battle. I ll see all the watching shall enjoy with me gigi l beg. Frak y. all can finally do a watch with us before the battle comes out i want y all to pull up.

And me and danny meyer s is going to watch the battle with you details will come out soon. What city. We will be in near you it s no pay per view for this event. No pay per view.

I repeat no pay per view. We will not be large named in this event. You have to be in the building to see this event..


If you want to see it live you got to make sure you get the tickets or they don t sell you come to the door pay at the door. However you re gonna do it. But you want to be in the building. The witness this history hollow.

The divers danny meyer s myself first big t. I want to really take them back and give people that feeling of like when we used to hear about bad wilson and you didn t know and you really had to be there and this is dope because my fans are dandy fans for sure gonna support so they re gonna get to see the footage before any troll. Any hater anybody gets to see the footage you know that means they got exclusive rights. So they re gonna be talking show youtube.

You don t mean it you gotta pull up the see. ” ..

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