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“Sudo is an automated lead generation platform that uses social media to fill your funnel. Funnel. The system discovers relevant new prospects based on their twitter activity and then qualifies through an automated engagement process. It s really easy to get started.

Just. Tell socio. Who your target audience is and what goal you want to drive. There are a few audience templates to choose from but you can always create your own so pseudo can help to achieve two main goals for your business.

Inbound. Marketers can drive new leads to their existing landing pages. While outbound sales reps can choose to start a conversation directly with new leads on twitter. So pseudo will recommend a natural and progressive flow of automated interactions based on the goal.


You select. We call this. A light medium. Heavy touch model.

Which begins with favoriting. A prospects. Tweet and following them. An hour later this sends the prospect two sets of notifications.

Getting you on their radar. When they follow you back. So. Seto can automatically send a direct message personalized with the leads.


Name your custom message and a link to your landing. Page. Or a conversation starter. The platform is now pulling in new real time prospects based on your search criteria.

I selected the startup founders template. But i can always customize this for my own needs. I ll add some key words that i think my audience might be tweeting about and maybe a hash tag of an upcoming event like south by southwest. I can also edit the bio and location keywords to focus on my specific buyer persona.

So pseudo will continually update. This targeting criteria. As it learns more about your business and conversion. Results.


Now all i need to do is spend a few minutes each day approving the prospects. Osito has found for me the more i approve the wider. My funnel gets from here so pseudo will use my twitter profile to conduct the automation workflow. We already set up i can sit back and relax.

While the so pseudo automation qualifies. These leads so i can spend the most time on folks who express interest so cito reports allow you to manage your pipeline and conversion rates. By giving you easy access to the data you need see your activity trends over time your conversion rates. Audience.

Growth graphs a b testing. Results. And get a keyword by keyword breakdown of what s working and what could be changed. We ve found average click through rates and response rates to be around twenty to thirty percent.


Making so sido. Almost ten times. More effective than normal email conversion rates. So seto also integrates with google analytics.

Marketo and salesforce. So you can track the success of your twitter lead. Gen process. And see the roi of your efforts.

And that s so sido an end to end platform that helps discover your prospects on social media and turns them into warm leads through automated engagements sign up for a free ” ..

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“Socedo is And that s Socedo, an end-to-end platform that helps discover your prospects on social media and turns them into warm leads through automated engagements. Use your existing social media profiles to qualify your leads through real-time social media data. Socedo fills your funnel with new prospects every day, so you can focus on conversations with interested and qualified leads. Drive them to a landing page or begin the conversation directly on social. Try a free, 14-day trial at”,

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