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“Robert kennedy. The third here just doing a quick video to show you how quick quick and. Easy it is to get started with blogging with mediumcom. So the first that you need to do is go to medium comm and as soon as you get there you ll see a sign in or sign up option at the top right let s click that and once that opens up you ll see that you can sign in with your twitter your facebook or your a google account if you ve got a gmail account or google plus you can use that to sign in but what i m gonna do today is i m gonna sign in or sign up with email and i m gonna type in an email address here and i m gonna hide it so you don t see it and then it s gonna email me a link to sign in okay so alright so the email came to my account and i clicked on the setup button and here s what i m gonna do i m gonna type in my name and alright type that i m gonna click create account and there we go so it asked me what topics i m interested in so i m gonna choose a few of these and what it s doing here let me choose social media creativity ideas and business.

What it s doing here is just picking some interest. So that it can recommend other people or other articles in the community to me alright..

So it s already showing me popular articles that it wants me to follow follow people and i m just gonna click finish here and it s building my reading list alright so if i scroll down. I already see that there are a lot of articles or stories. But i can read if i just want to scroll medium as a reader. But i want to start by writing a story and i m just gonna click write a story and what i ll simply do is i ll put a title writing.

My first article valley get nice and i ll just say i ll keep this short okay. I ve got some suggestions down here but here s how it works on medium once i click enter there s a little plus symbol here that allows me to choose pictures and all sorts of other things so i m going to add an image all right so i ve got my image..

There. And i can keep typing and now i can click publish i ll add some tags. If i want to add a tag called writing. You can see it says 80k.

So there tells me how many people are interested in that particular tag and i will just say blogging. 15000 almost 16000..

Interested in that and i ll click publish and there it is i ve got my first article there one side i can go down to the bottom here and i can share that really easily to twitter to facebook or i can just copy the article link up at the top and share that to wherever i want that s it you can get started with blogging. Right now using media that s all for today. I want you to go over to speak right now calm down load a free article about getting speaking gigs. There.

But i also want you to join the speak right now community on. Facebook or on meetupcom..

And we will get you moving with your speaking and ” ..

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