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“Have fun in the sun nget laid in the shade smarmy. Chuckle n. Ian shut shut up friend wait you ve never nhooked up with a girl no okay. Anthony always say nbe careful what you wish for well you have heard of sexual sun.

Right anthony because i got nthe wish. I wished for legend has it that if someone sends you the sexual sun emoji three times sexy things happen to you dude send it to me text message sent nothing happened well. I guess that didn t work let s go guys. Ian.

See you later virgin anthony and i wish i didn t wish nto wish for wishing for this wish horror music screaming incoherently dude chill out nit s just us first. It was great but now she won t stop who sexual sun goddamn it screaming every single second of every day. She won t stop sexing me up screaming tittering sex. You up dude.

Who even says that everyone says that uh. Yeah. Maybe everyone nfrom 1991 in that one song aw dude..


I love that song ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh. I wanna sex you up female voice all night. Damn dude that was a good high note h. Hey.

I can t sing that high guys ghostly wail. I wanna sex you up shrieking ian. You don t get it nit doesn t matter how far we drive it will always follow you then how the hell do we stop. This the only way is to send nsomeone the emoji through text hey.

I just had sex with keith. Now. What what no i i said send someone the emoji in text. What i thought you said give nsomeone emotional sex irritated sigh.

Dammit man. I m always nhearing things wrong sniffling mother f ckers anthony we tried neverything to make it go away no. I said do not have sex with keith..


Both ooh. See i didn t hear the my bad bro n. Moaning. Sadly mother f.

Cker. Anthony okay. We just had sex with keith horror music it can take the form of anybody. Oh hey mom could you help us out nwith the sexual sun thing horror music all scream.

I wanna sex you up moaning chorus dying croak anthony. We finally got na plan to end it for good dude. This is single handedly nthe. Most stupid idea that you ve ever had me do n.

Trust. Me once we get it into the water. We can electrocute..


It to death ghostly wail shrieks throw it now diiiieeeee oh groans ian grunts ow ian grunts ooowww god dude are you even trying well do you have any better ideas keith move loading gun gunshot slow mo scream slow mo scream slow mo scream there it s dead keith you idiots happy. But just to make sure. It s gone for good one of us should nprobably have sex with keith. Yeah.

N. Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. Uh.

Yeah f. Ck. You guys intense music. Ian hey guys.

Thanks nso. Much for subscribing click the video on the right to see nthe trailer for smosh. The movie..


Which comes out july. 24th is it weird to say the closer nthis guy gets to my butt hole. The better it feels anthony and click the video non the left to watch deleted. Scenes and bloopers from this video screaming ow anthony oop.

Too late now click the video on the left. If you wanna watch the trailer nfor smosh summer games. I can t tell you how excited i am to just run. My balls ninto other people s balls.

Anthony and if you re non a touchscreen device you can go ahead and click all the links. ” ..

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