Stephen Amell s Tearful Goodbye To Arrow

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“Right well it s currently airing season seven arrow is set to wrap up next next season with season eight with a shorter one only 10 episodes star stephen amell. Our facebook live to emotionally. Reveal. The news.

Is it s been nearly seven years since we shot the pilot of arrow and just a few minutes ago on the well just outside the stage where we actually shot most of the pilot where i came my very first time coming to the production office and collide and where i met most of the crew a lot of which were there today on earth on our cameras test day. And just our sort of first day of school before we began production. I just let everyone know that after a ten episode running after a ten episode run it in season. Eight arrow will be concluding even though i ve known that this is coming.

It is still a very emotional time because i have been on the show. And what can only be described as a fundamentally transformational nearly decade long run in my life to to start it as a as an actor who doesn t have a lot of experience who was you know sort of dating someone to now a large part of this decision being because i m now a father and a husband and a lot of my life and interests. Now don t really reside in vancouver. Anymore and thinking.

That that s the best thing for me personally and professionally to say that it has been a real sea change over the past seven plus years would be a vast understatement so was he leaving or did they cancel the show right so right at the beginning of this video..

He seemed almost shocked and emotional. But he goes on to say that he actually approached the producers and said. I think i m gonna be done with this character. And he has a child now he as he was saying that part it made it seem like i walked outside and they told.

Me. I was fired shoot the show in vancouver. Yeah. His wife and daughter live in los angeles.

So he s seeing it like so. He s gonna have he s been going back and forth this whole time so he s just at the point. It s time to get back to my kids. This character and the story line surrounding oliver queen.

Really has come to an end..

I mean this show. If you think about it first launched in 2012. On the cw is a surprise hit for the cw and then how many other shows have been a part of the shared universes arrow errs flush yeah legends of tomorrow so he s kind of left like this great you know continue with this legacy. Kind of deal.

There s way more shows coming up we ve seen it before well. I mean i don t know how well it does in ratings. But shows have moved because stars refused to you know it s shooting location yeah. No it s true at least isn t very sad to know that arrow ascending embarrasses.

I love stephen amell. I think if the show has to come to an end attie says. He didn t have an eight year contract. So.

If you re paying attention to that as well as his bond with his daughter you d see the writing on the wall..

But also to like i mean he talks through the crew in that the idea that like obviously television is a cyclical thing like shows and but you have to think yeah. He feels some responsibility that there s all this crew thinking out basically going to be out of work because i m like i know. Alan pompeo is kind of hinted that with grey s anatomy that like that s part of the element. That she why she keeps going cuz one the impact.

The show has on the audience. But also like all these people are employed and basically when i m done with the show all these people are gonna be a lot more people are you deciding you know what i m ready to move on so. I m sure that sound with steven to that like he he knows people are gonna be out of work say this about grace and i ve been watching i ve seen every episode of gray since day one hey i am a massive fan. I would stick around for two seasons without gray on it but they have said like shonda.

Rhimes is not i don t think the show folds if she leaves like she thinks it does. But she s not what shonda rhimes has said that it s done when i don t and as a fan. I m telling you it doesn t have to be done tried they try with their even stephen amell went to the crater and said like you maybe you can we do so baby. But like i don t really see the shows cold.

But i ve interviewed about conventions before and this guy seems to me..

He whatever he does to put like 200 in like it s like he doesn t know how to almost not to say you can t juggle both. But i think this has taken up so much of his time from the working out from eating from how many episodes per season shooting away from his family. I just get the sense. He s kind of just pushed as far as he can also seven years is not bad yeah.

Eight season. Two television is paula says kids always come first time flies. Yeah yeah. ” .


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