Stop Board Booster From Duplicating Pins

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“Guys. I got a couple minutes here nto show you how i screwed up board board booster and so what happened is i m ngoing in i m going why i having all these duplicate pins showing up my pins. Nweren t being deleted from my secret boards and they were being just added nrandomly to my to my main boards. And so under pinning tools.

If your new to board nbooster. You ve got campaign scheduler. Looping and tribes and so you might want nto just jump right into campaigns in the beginning. That s where i ve made my nmistake so pin sourcing is let s pull pins from other boards out there by url nthat are that are really popular and let s put them in our own board.

It can nbe our own secret board or any other board that we want it to go into nschedule campaigns or when you want to like set. The exact time for something to ngo to say a group board. So you belong to a group and you want to put your nbrand new pin. That you just created a blog post.

You want it to go to that nboard on that other group or it can go to your group. Too. But ideally..


It s going nto. Another group board and you want it to go at a certain time and then you nwant. It to happen again at a certain time two weeks later or say you want nthat. You don t want to hit a whole bunch of group boards with that same pin at nthe same time you can say i want to go to this.

Group. Board. At this time. This ngroup.

Were at this time. Etc. Etc. Random.

Campaigns are the ones. That i that i did nand. That s what was the big screw up so i thought that i needed to create my own nsecret board..


And i would put like a dash in front of it and then in lower case. I nwould call it the same thing as the other board. Then whenever i was going nout filling up you know that to be scheduled. I would fill them i would fill nup those secret boards and then thinking that the random campaign was going to ndelete the pin from the secret board place it into the board.

I wanted to go ninto well that s that s not what what i wanted the random campaign would be ngreat again for another group board or a big board that you had that you don t ncare. If you have to it s in it. But you know you want to make nit slowly trickle out over you know one or two a week or whatever or one or two na month or every two weeks or whatever what you want is up here. Under pinning ntools.

You don t want campaigns you just want scheduler and so scheduler nautomatically creates the secret board for you nand. So we if we go into the scheduler here s some here s some boards that i nhave and you can click on let s say we just want will make one for funny gift nideas so whenever i say continue i can choose do we want multiple pins. Nadd. 1.

Or less pins. Add. A timing settings advanced two pinning..


Windows. And nso. Let s say yeah. In the morning.

We ll do one or two pins in the evening. We ll ndo one pin and so that kind of maybe gives it some makes it seem natural or npinterest or something. But then on saturdays you got to do the same thing nagain do you want one or two well on saturdays. We ll just do it one two pins non saturday.

Just any where throughout the day on sunday. Let s let s split it up nagain to where we ve got i m really active on sunday. So for we ll pretend ni m active on sunday and then one and then we ll go ahead and submit that now nwe ve got a wait for for board booster to create that secret board for us nalright. So now it s creating a secret board n funny gift ideas that s the board that i m gonna populate like say if i want to nput 60 pins in it one day and then it will slowly trickle them out to the main nboard.

Funny gift ideas that s a public board and then that then it will delete nthose from the secret board. Funny gift ideas. Okay so now now it s ncreated that secret board for us congratulations..


You ve an nin scheduling blahblah. You can read that so got it so. Now. What i want to do is nhere is my scheduler campaign and i want to go into it and edit it by clicking on nthe gear and then after editing on the gear.

I want to go to advanced settings ndown at the bottom. And then just make sure that when a pin is npublished remove it from a source board. And then you also have the choice to say nyou wanted to fill that board in order of how you wanted it pinterest or you nwanted board booster to to fill the true funny gift ideas public board. Then nyou can either put them you know you could space them out one of your pins ntwo of somebody else s three of somebody else s two of your pins and then it ll nand.

Then booster will put them in exactly in that order that you put them nin or you can set it to random or newest to oldest. However you want to set it up nafter you do that then hit save and now ” ..

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“I set up the wrong Board Booster Campaign and created a bunch of duplicate pins. Now I better understand what I did wrong.”,

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