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“There students that being said we use this to introduce a contradiction so he s s a really expensive worker that being said he does a really good job okay it s showing a contradiction. Yeah. It s a way to say. However nevertheless nonetheless.

Despite that yeah. He s an expensive worker. Despite that he s he does a lot of work..


He s very efficient. He does it things very well okay. So that being said you can also use the phrase. Having said that so he s a very expensive worker.

Having said that he does his work really well okay so you can use it use both of those phrases. I think i prefer that being said. It gives an idea of a contrast and shows it maybe more clearly because having said that he sat down you can use it in another way as well yeah..


But that being said yeah he sat down. I guess you could probably use it like that as well. But let me give you some more examples so we made a very big profit on that investment that being said it was very risky yeah you were very very rude to her that being said she deserved. It okay your new job pays really well that being said you have absolutely no free time.

Okay. So you re using it as a contrast notice both that being said and having said that i would only use these in spoken english. I don t think they re suitable for a for writing yeah i think they sound quite informal..


Yeah. I think for a more formal document use the word. However nonetheless something like that yeah. It s much better for something written the new laws are very draconian draconian dragon whiteness strong having said that crime has been cut radically the new laws are very draconian that being said crime has decreased significantly.

The first part of that exercise was really easy that being said. The second part was almost impossible yesterday. It rained a lot when we went out that being said there were some sunny periods..


Okay so you re saying however on the other hand yeah despite that nevertheless so it wasn t all good news. There were some bad news or it wasn t all bad news. There was some good news and notice use these when speaking don t use them when writing okay so that being said having said that they re quite easy to use though so having said all that different meaning. I m going to finish if you enjoyed the video give it a rating subscribe to my channel.

And i ll see you soon bye for now that being said having said that ” ..

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