The Best Source of Internal Motivation Is?

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“Guys my name is casey miller and i want to help you guys out with with a little bit of motivation. So why can i help you out with some yeah. I don t know but i just figured i enjoy it so that s what i want to do and so here s kind of the question that i m going to try to answer. What is the best source of internal motivation.

So internal motivation. What does that mean that kind of means. Why do i do what i do you know i don t i guess i don t work out or i don t make youtube videos because because i get paid. Which would be and an external reason i do them because i enjoy it why do i enjoy it well let s just say let s look at fitness.

I ve i grew up i started wrestling like in third grade. So fitness was always important to me..

Then i always started to become better. And it s just continued on throughout my life now that i m getting a little bit older. I m doing a little bit more do some mountain biking. Now to try to stay in shape and try to stay motivated you know to become better so.

But why i don t know i guess i just got used to it and it s a habit and if i don t work out for x and x. Amounts of time. I just kind of start to feel like crap you know you start to get stiff and sore and just i m not myself. So i don t know like i said i don t know where that comes from.

But i just have it and that s what i continue to do now why do i make these youtube videos that s definitely not for the money because i don t make any money from this and even if i did it wouldn t change you know when i m doing so for example. And you can probably tell that i enjoy it too do enjoy doing this i mean i m in my car right now..

I m on my way home from work so definitely have a job like i said definitely not making any money from from doing these videos. But actually i enjoy it i don t know why and i don t know where i get the motivation to do it in a way i want to do something myself that could be business related. I guess. That s kind of why i m doing it for one reason and another reason is i like to talk and kind of help people so years ago.

I used to be a personal trainer went to school for that for whatever reason. But i did that did personal training for a few years and then i taught personal training for a few years and i just enjoy doing it i enjoy helping people teaching them whatever. It is that i know which is usually very little. But it s more than you know some people so i can definitely help i like i said i d like to help people i don t know what drives me to do it i just enjoy it i guess that enjoyment drives me to do these types of things now like i said even if i you know have thousands of views with this video or any other video would it with that money if i was making money from it with that money drive me to do it more often or try to be more creative and this and that maybe.

But i think after a while it s that motivation from then is going to be gone. Because i guess..

It s just a different reason right or if you focus on something like that later on you make it kind of burnt out or get depressed or whatever. Because the results are not going your way. And then you re gonna end up quitting something that you started because you for some reason enjoyed it so where does the best motivation internally whatever come from it s going to be different with everybody. But i think once you find something or some things that you truly enjoy doing it doesn t seem like work it is fun and you re gonna continue to do it you may not know why you like it besides it brings you enjoyment it may relieve stress.

It may do something for you too. Which you will continue to do it because like i said it makes you happy and that s what we should all be after spy. Mean those you know couple things that we truly enjoy doing then then we need to find out how we can make pretty much it we need to find out how we can make money doing these things because how many of us work. You know at nine to five or 60 hours a week.

Doing something we may not truly enjoy doing my guess is probably 90 of us and when it comes down to it we should all be able to have our own schedule make enough money to be happy wealthy whatever you want to call it we should all be able to do that and we should all be happy doing it the key should be happiness. And i guess that is what type of motivation..

You should have to find the things that you do that will make you happy in the long run all right i hope something made sense there cuz. I m not sure if it did but i don t care why because i enjoy doing this remember i just talked about that and so. If you know you want to start making some youtube videos who cares if you re good at it or not who cares what the background is for example it could be in your car. It could be just whatever.

It is just be happy don t worry about the comments or the remarks. It they re negative. Only worry about the positive ones and keep out some positivity try to get people to do things that make them happy all right that is it for me today. Like i said my name is casey miller.

And that is it i will be back another day with hopefully some more topics that ” ..

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