The Cast of Netflix s On My Block Play GIF Pictionary

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” m jason janelle and i m brett gray from on my block on netflix. We we are about to play gift jeff pictionary. I think it s good i like better sounds like gifts okay so the item of thrones disrespectful. I didn t want this is is it yes.

It is oh you knew that already i mean before it i know pirates of the caribbean. No yes. I mean obviously okay you just said it faster than me yeah because you got me on the last me so long god s god s good. What god guy in tanks um.

What is this a piano. She said only piano in tanks the piano what hereness no hit gaga cars born a star a star is tank a shark tank a star tank. I mean tails martin..


This is a war star wars. Wow. Oh. My god we got a star.

Me that was a good one that song now that now we got to think lion king breakfast club you almost had it okay. There s a travis scott. Know what so he was born he was born but he was okay. What is this you made this is so hard.

Oh baby dancing baby dancing. Oh. No he s clapping..


Though so maybe. It s something to do it. Like oh is it like what s that movie with um. Patrick swayze.

Is it that one. I what is it what s it called what s it called come on crazy. No one puts baby in a corner. What the hell is it called a couple of i this is very embarrassing for actors to not know the me dirty dancing gimmick.

Oh ruby okay. Vegas baby was having bank flute bang floating on the river bank. Okay..


Duggan. Shot play dead play dead sea diver dead deadpool. Oh wow these are getting harder. As they go zendaya beautiful that s the first one wait it s either beautiful gorgeous flawless or is it big little liar.

I don t know i seem doing little and that s from liar liar. Something little what is he doing he bright are the last two words of a pretty little liar grady. Little. I said beautiful i contributed okay.

I just knew it had something to do it s beautiful gorgeous. We did not win you need to pick my fish a winner. What do you mean i won it was not 100..


It was me first of all i got 33 of this one and then like for the other ones. 33. Another 66 to 33 36. This mean just this there s two left.

There s more after that no like you did 33 33. Plus 33. I got them 66 of this one. But the other ones.

I said faster than you before you said this i ” ..

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