The Essential Shopify Checklist For Set Up & Launch Shopify Help Center 2019

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“You re starting a new business. There nare so many things to consider today. We we re going to take you through the nessential checklist for set up and launch your new online store. If you re new to the channel consider subscribing nfor new videos every week from the shopify help center.

You don t need to check off every step in nthis video or complete. The tasks in the order. We ve presented them and for every topic. We cover there are help ndocs and videos listed on.

The subject in the. Description box you can also visit communityshopifycom. To nchat with other entrepreneurs about your shopify journey. Now let s get started you ve just begun your 14 day trial with nshopify where should you start let s begin by adding products maybe you already know what you want to sell nand have the products ready to add to shopify take the time to write meaningful product.

Ntitles. Descriptions and upload high resolution images. So your customers. Know exactly what nthey re buying if you don t know what you re looking nto sell yet consider using oberlo.

A dropshipping service for product ideas. Read through our dropshipping help docs to nlearn about choosing what products to sell once you ve added your products. It s ntime to organize them into collections. So your customers can easily find everything group similar products together so customers ncan easily view items like t shirts sweaters or fitness trackers you can create a manual collection where nyou individually select every item included or you can create an automated collection nusing product tags.

Now. It s time to choose a theme your theme defines what your store looks like nand helps build a brand identity choose from a variety of free shopify themes neach with their own unique look and feel consider how you want people to feel when nthey visit your store and customize the online store. s colors font imagery and layout nto match this..


Use hatchfulshopifycom to create a free nbrand logo. And favicon and use. Burstshopifycom. For free high resolution images for your slideshows nand.

More while you re customizing your online store s. Nbrand consider purchasing a custom domain creating a custom domain like alyathleticscom. Ngives customers. An easy url to remember and creates brand recognition.

You can purchase a custom domain right in nyour shopify. Admin and set it on auto renewal. So you don t have to worry about losing your nstore s domain. Name.

Once you have a concept for your store. It s ntime to put it in writing create an about us page to tell your customers nabout your business. Its mission and the people who run it you can create a contact page using shopify s ncontact form template and even include details on how customers can reach out by phone email. Nor in person.

Consider creating a frequently. Asked questions npage to cover topics like international orders. How products are made safety concerns. Sizing noptions.

And anything else relevant to your business. Once you ve created your collections and npages. It s time to link everything in your online store..


Usually you link collections and products nin. The main menu at the top of your online store and extra pages like contact forms nfaq and policies in the footer menu. If you have a variety of collections. Create ndrop down menus for easy navigation next decide how you want customers to check nout.

The location of your store determines what ntypes of payments or payment. Gateways are available to you when deciding on a payment gateway research nthe cost of credit card and transaction fees terms of service in case certain products nare restricted payout schedules and available currencies before you start accepting payment for orders nyou. Want to do a thorough review of your tax settings. Shopify uses.

Many default sales tax rates nwhich are updated regularly if you use the default rates. Then you need nto confirm that they are current and correct for your business. If you ever need to you can also override ndefault rates. But since taxes are different in every region.

Nyou should check with a local tax specialist to make sure you re setting the appropriate ntax rates for your business. Now think about where you re going to ship nyour products. If you re just starting. A new business ntry choosing a few countries to ship to before you ship worldwide keep the shipments close to home.

So. That you ncan set realistic expectations for your customers on delivery times. And rates like if you live in the united states start nby shipping to both the united states and canada you can create flat rate shipping or calculated nshipping rates that charge by product weight or you can use shopify shipping. If you re neligible review.

The different options and decide what s nbest for your business. Before you launch your store you should always ntest its functionality by placing test orders and. Paymentsthis is a great way to see what norders look like in your admin..


Review customer. Email. Notifications test your shipping rates. Nand try the checkout process.

Once you know your online store is running nsmoothly. It s time to expand your reach think about different platforms. Where you d nlike to sell your products you can add sales channels. Which represent nthe different marketplaces where you sell your products like instagram amazon.

Pinterest nand. More when deciding what channels to add. Always nreview their terms of service and eligibility requirements each sales channel has their own individual nrequirements for products shipping checkout and availability. A crucial step in any business is identifying nyour store s policies this includes refunds terms of service privacy nand shipping you can use shopify s pre made policy templates nto generate a policy but you should always review and make adjustments because each business nhas different needs you can t generate a pre made policy for nshipping.

But you can visit shopify community for help with what to include once you ve made your new policies. Don t nforget to link them in your store menus. So customers can easily find them you may have already created a contact from nbut businesses that chat with customers sell more and have better customer retention. Consider adding.

A live chat function to your nstore with tools. Like shopify. Chat. Apple business chat and shopify ping.

You re almost ready to launch your store. What s left to do a final review. Take a look through your products..


Descriptions. Npages and review for spelling. Errors or areas. That need more information you can ask someone else to do a review for nyou.

Too. A new perspective can help find things you ndidn t notice. New shopify stores are protected by a password nuntil. You re ready to launch your store before you remove your store password you nneed to set up shopify billing information.

If you re still on your store trial then nyou need to pick a plan before the store goes live take a look through the different subscriptions. Navailable and choose what s right for you you also want to consider how you want to nmarket your new business and products. Before you launch in the marketing section of your shopify admin nyou. See a variety of options to promote your business.

Consider using facebook advertising. Google nshopping selling with kit or email campaigns have a plan ready to begin after you launch nyour online store. The day has finally come to launch to your nstore congratulations. It s time to remove your password and make neverything available to the public after you launch.

Monitor your reports and nanalytics continue to optimize your site and start your marketing campaigns. Don t forget to subscribe for more videos nfrom the shopify help center every week. If you have any questions leave a comment. Nfor us below or reach out to us directly at ” .


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“When you re starting a new business, there are so many things to consider. Today, we re going to take you through the essential checklist for set up and launch of your new online store.nnYou don t need to check off every step in this video, or complete the tasks in the order we ve presented them. And for every topic we cover, there are help docs and videos listed on the subject in the description box. You can also visit to chat with other entrepreneurs about your Shopify journey. Now let s get started! nnEssential Checklist (Blog) Checklist (Shopify Help Center) a product (Shopify Help Center) to add a product (Video) app (Shopify app store) what products to sell (Shopify Help Center) collections (Shopify Help Center) playlist (Video) (Shopify Help Center) s playlist (Video) high resolution images (Burst) logo maker (Hatchful) (Shopify Help Center) playlist (Video) new pages (Shopify Help Center) a contact us page (Video) an effective about us page (Video) u0026 menus (Shopify Help Center) u0026 menus playlist (Video) providers (Shopify Help Center) provider (Video) Settings (Shopify Help Center) (Shopify Help Center) playlist (Video) payment gateways – help doc Shopify Payments (Video) sales channels (Shopify Help Center) sales channel (Video) policies (Shopify Help Center) policies (Video) Policy (Shopify Community) Ping (Shopify Help Center) plans FAQ (Shopify Help Center) (Shopify Help Center) playlist (Video) password protection (Shopify Help Center) further assistance, contact Shopify Support directly by:— nnSubscribe to our channel for more videos on everything you need to know to build your Shopify store and make it a success for more information on setting up your store?nCheck out the Shopify Help Center with other Shopify merchants and learn in the Shopify Community with us on:n Facebook Twitter Instagram your own online store by visiting Shopify and starting your free 14-day trial”,

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