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“Guys welcome to the intro episode of the million dollar case study season 4. This this is where we re transparently show you exactly how to build a physical products and scale. It to a million dollars in revenue. I m your host greg mercer and i m joined by my co host rolando hey how s it going on freedom ville news.

We are excited for this season. 4 of the million dollar case study if you re not familiar with this case study. We ve already launched three products. We ve launched bamboo marshmallow sticks called jungle sticks.

We ve launched hooded baby towels. Called jungle snugs and we ve launched sleeping bags. In the uk market called jungle. Slumber.

Sleeping bags up into this point. We ve done about 3. 4 of a million dollars in. Revenue.

However this isn t called the 750000. Case study. We re going to a million dollars. And we need one more product to help us get there a little bit faster.


We re not too far. We re about to hit that mark. We re about to hit that mark and if we were to leave these products up eventually. They would hit the million dollars in revenue just those three products.

However. It s fun to launch new products and it s exciting and speaking of new products. We actually make about three to five thousand dollars in profit every month for every new product. We launched on amazon or for every product.

We have on amazon so tell me this what would you guys do with an extra three to five thousand dollars per month. Because one product can pretty easily get you there let us know in the comments below. What you guys would do it the money we love reading the comments. What we ve heard from a lot of people before is they like to travel more pay off debt.

They like to quit their job. Maybe invest in retirement or just in general financial freedom. Rolando. What would you like to do with an extra three to five thousand dollars a month.

Oh it s an easy one i love to travel. I m a world traveler. I just enjoy being able to sit by the beach and enjoy the views and enjoy the perspective. But definitely i think that it s very important that you brought very good valid point.

We want you guys to be a part of this process..

We want you guys to comment chime in share. What it is that you re dreaming about it could be anything you want to pay down some debt fantastic tell us we want to know. And i know what we ll be doing with the money. All the proceeds of the million dollar case study says all the money that we make off amazon through these products that we launched a million our case study is actually donated to charity.

So we ve partnered up with pencils of promise and all the proceeds from the case study are donated to them we ve already donated enough money to build two schools. One of which is actually already under construction in ghana. I m gonna go later this year to visit it and i ll be sure to grab some photos or some film to share with you guys yeah. That it s it s a fantastic philanthropic mission.

And you ll be able to see as we give and as we donate and as we try to launch more schools so i m greg mercer. I m your host if you don t know who i am i m the founder and ceo of jungle scout. I ve sold a solid eight figures on amazon and launched over 200 products. I m a lifelong learner and a passionate entrepreneur and i m excited to share everything that i know with you guys so you can also successfully launch products and businesses on amazon and i m rolando galliano and i m really excited to be a part of this million dollar case study.

I actually got my start with jungle stick our very first million dollar case study. So it s an honor and i m i m really excited to be a part of this with along with greg mercer. My mentor and one of the cool things about this case study is rolando is going to be the one doing the majority of the work. So he s gonna be the one finding the product and contacting the factories and since he has a new seller mindset.

It s gonna be really easy for him to relate with you guys and vice versa. He ll be asking me the same types of questions that you probably have in your head. And i ll be answering it all those and publicly responding to them throughout the million dollar case study in each of these different videos. So what s different with this season.

We re calling it customer driven innovation and it s taking the product that s already a top seller on amazon being able to identify where it s flawed based on customer reviews and just kicking..

It up a notch and being able to improve upon it customer driven and innovation sits in between a private labeling and inventing a product and what we re going to be doing is we re gonna be finding products on amazon that are in high demand with low competition. But need some product improvements. Okay and if that scares you you think hey i m not an inventor. I don t know of anything to sell don t worry because we re going to be starting from scratch and we re gonna be showing you guys how to make data driven decisions on what types of products are good to sell on amazon so we actually have no idea what we re gonna sell we re not going into this with any ideas ourselves we ll show you guys how you find these products that are in high demand with low competition all right after we ve found the products.

We ll show you guys how to find out what needs to be improved with them and then how to work with the factories to make these improvements before you ship them in to amazon so you guys might be wondering why are we selling this on amazon as opposed like on our own ecommerce site. And if you re not aware of this amazon actually counts for half of the us ecommerce sales. It s crazy right that s like over two hundred billion dollars a year in e commerce sales. There s over 300 million active customers on amazon and over a hundred million prime members and the coolest thing about all this is amazon actually lets us sell on their platform.

A great analogy for this would be back in the day. If walmart would have let the mom and pop shops sell in walmart instead of their own stores. We re gonna be doing the same thing we re gonna take advantage of the 800 pound gorilla in the industry which is amazon and actually list our products on their platform. And what s even cooler than that is unlike the ebay days where you had to store all these products in your garage and pick pack and ship them yourself amazon has something called fpa.

Which some of you guys are probably familiar with it s called fulfillment by amazon and amazon will actually let us ship our goods into their warehouse in bulk those storm. They ll list our product on their marketplace. And when someone purchases our product logo. They ll pick pack and ship it to the customer.

Not only that but they ll also do the customer service for us so it s very hands off i love this business model because it s very much passive income right yes. It takes work upfront to get all this set up and to find our product to make them improvements. But after that all you really have to do is the reorders to make sure your inventory is in stock inside of the amazon warehouse season for the million dollar case set is going to be the most exciting one yet. It s gonna consist of about 20 episodes and we re gonna be covering everything that you guys need to know to successfully launch this business on amazon we ll be covering how to find a product how to build your brand.

How do manufactured and ship how to set up on amazon and more importantly..

How to be successful on amazon. It will of course cover all the legal and technical details to go along with it so don t you worry about a thing. The idea of this case study is to fully publicly and transparently show you how to build these businesses and no prior experience is needed to get started. I didn t have any amazon experience when i got started rolando didn t have an amazon experience when he got started we ll be showing you guys everything that you need to know to successfully sell on amazon to add to that you really don t have to look far just go to your to your local mall.

You can see the impact of amazon amazon is definitely taking over the world you want to be able to jump in on this opportunity. We ll be posting a new episode every tuesday and every thursday. We ll be doing an ama. Which is an ask me anything to answer any questions that you guys have if you have some questions for us already go ahead and drop them in the comments below and we ll start answering those our first thursday ama.

The best part about the million dollar case study is it s totally free seriously. There s no upsells. There s no secret payments or something else all of it is totally free and if you want to be notified about each new episode make sure to go to jumbo. Scott comm.

Forward slash season 4. To end your email address. So we can let you know. When each new episode comes out.

I would also recommend subscribing to our youtube channel. So you ll also be notified when the new episodes are released join us in our next video. Which is episode 1. Well we ll show you exactly how to find a profitable opportunity to sell on amazon we ll see you there ” .


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