This Creepy Video Will Make You DELETE TikTok… *REACTION*

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“Dick types that will definitely freak you out welcome everyone to a brand new video. Video. It s me stark and today as i just mentioned. We re gonna be some scary tic tacs that should definitely now watch at night or during the day.

I m pretty sure you shouldn t be on tic tac at all at this point. You know your homework before we get into these videos make sure you leave a like from see more reaction videos and hey did you guys know i actually have a tic tac myself me i say it every single video. But anyways with no further ado let s get right into that lady who s alright. So this is some kind of security camera footage.

I m guessing something uh uh. Wait what wait a second. I m sure there s an explanation for what we just witnessed so it seems like there s some kind of ghostly figure passing through the camera uh. It actually seems to be kind of last not gonna lie.

That s what i look like when i m trying to find something in a grocery store uh. What could this be it could be the wind breath. If you guys have any ideas. Please make sure you comment them down below in the comment section.

I m gonna be reading them. So if y all get any cool ideas just coming to pay you for it. It s the eu flavor by ec contour. So this is vi.

I guess we d say mitchell eyeing it or they can buy kuch hota hai guinea. I m a cultural totally only i know there s like at least 10. The people watching right are from india. According to my analytics.

So you guys must know what the hell just happened if y all. I can leave a translation down below. I would really appreciate it hey speaking of subscribers do you guys know 70 of my viewers aren t even subscribed to my channel. So i know what s happening here see that s so scary so what s happening here is snapchat.

This is snapchat filter snapchat is seeing a face..

Where there is no face is there maybe. There s something the snapchat can see that we can see i was making videos on my instagram before i recorded this then it started getting more intense okay guys my lights have been flicking for like two minutes. We heard a baby crying and now they won t stop. Oh my god that s so scary out its babies are so scary.

Where joe i think i just literally seen the remote fall. Oh. My god when did you guys see you i don t want to even move from over here. This is insane did you catch it on camera is anyone there have you never seen a horror movie in your life.

That s like top 10 questions you shouldn t be asking if something creepy is happening you want to know what you should be asking. Where s the exit. The tv s on the blue lights on for this okay. This is.

Oh my god what is that straight out of the ring. Hello. Brad do you want to see what s causing that i don t think so you don t see me saying hello to the irs cuz. I don t want to pay my taxes.

I did my taxes once you can check it you can check it i sent it in please i swear to god i don t have anything buried anywhere the more security camera footage. There s somebody walking past the camera. What he just disappeared. Wish i could do that so you can see him right here.

He s moving looks a bit hunched like his posture is scary. Not saying. My posture isn t scary. Because i like the back pains of a 70 year old which i should probably get checked.

But i m not are y all. Seeing this right now what are we supposed to be seen wait we re gonna we re gonna move this in slow motion. Y all are supposed to be seeing something as i m going through this frame per frame. And i don t see anything so if y all.

See something i missed..

Please be my guest. And even down below. In the comment section. Bro is really built like all finally somebody actually points out on us what i m supposed to be seeing.

But i m still i see anything oh. This is the mom just fell off and her kid right in front of my face. But there s no going geez. This is what my camera ran your clothes.

Yes fun love this room. Mr. Can this we re supposed to be focused closely. I mean hello can you use the dream touch okay my camera s not even focusing this is so weird can you use the dream catcher again to try to communicate with me please what career he started communicate when i goes august.

Why would you do that bro. I swear to god there has to be some people in the world who haven t never seen a horror movie. If ever in wilmington ago by the latimer house and wonder why this gate is around it well. It s because the car ran into the original fence and they had to replace it the original iron fence is currently being repaired.

But where did the original iron come from they stole the iron from a cemetery. The original fence was haunted or cursed why the hell would you see the fence from a cemetery. I mean. There s like a hundred other places you could see it a fence from before you end up at a cemetery your neighbors school fence.

I wonder what s happening here. I m not seeing it for some reason my life will stop switching on and off. Oh oh. That s okay they just won t stop flicking.

These ghosts are having a rain wtf shadow figure okay look closely guys alright so i m going out to hang out with a group of friends out in her middle of nowhere. Talk. Gps. Led me to this spot.

I m in an area that looks like it s like a shooting area for people that ship it looks like it s got a body inside of it cool a real ghost where oh my god yo yo that s actually scary..

I m watching this dude through the mirror. The mirror right and his face is moving. But the look at that his feet just move. But the guy in the mirror seen this wait wait uh.

Sir yo. Maybe someone else is in the car is there someone else in the car. I didn t see anyone else no he s i m watching this dude bro. He s in the car by himself right through the mirror right okay.

That s weird. I don t i don t know how to explain that one guys all right before we continue on to the rest of the tic tacs guys i want to ask you guys one more time to please follow my tick tock and darker mode. I m gonna leave a link to it down below in the description so if you have tic tac make sure you follow me on there or else i m gonna cry i m serious i m gonna actually cry this are being too loud i don t see anything don t see that okay i m gonna go frame by frame dude look. There was somebody standing right here because soon as the light gets near him.

What the hell was that yo that s so creepy do you guys have any idea. What that could have been even down below videos for the people out there who think i m making. Fake ghost videos here s my hands. I have no strings attached to anything that right there is a vent to my air conditioner unit for the air to come out there s nothing attached to that i don t know why some dude.

Thought. I was using that for hoax. I m in here. I m hearing strange noises from my living room.

Let s check out what we can conjure up let s go on the other side of the phone here s my hand here we go i m not gonna stop talking so. No one thinks. I stopped editing. Okay now let s see what i can conjure up.

If there s any spirits here feel free to show yourself let yourself be known apparently. I m haunted. Because i bought a doll from that state cell is there anything here. Hello.

We want to speak is anyone here..

Hello. Yeah. You saw that hello you saw that yeah explain it sure well. How do you go look.

I don t have any strings on my hand. And then you move out of the camera s way. Hey betty no solid frou frou huh. Sorry.

I m trying to like offend you or anything. But that is not cited for my book at all do you dance yo don t drama that you get like that oh my god experts say we wake up at 2 or 3. I m randomly. Because someone or something has been staring at us for a long time and relate i don t even sleep at x right i m going to vent alike.

5. So i m good i m probably the one doing the staring. Think that s a no well guys. I guess.

That s it for this video. I really hope it creeped you out a little bit. And i hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you leave a like on this video. Because i m working very hard on it no get subscribe and hit that notification ball.

So you don t miss the next reaction video and hey once again guys i m gonna keep asking follow my tick tock and darker mode. I m gonna try to keep posting on there as much as possible and hopefully. I ll see you all next time in the meantime check out the other content on my channel by clicking here and here. ” .


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