Time Blocking with Google Calendar (Tutorial & Tips)

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“Music scott time blocking ncan be a very effective way to manage all of the the nthings that you have to do in a given week. And it can nalso you the added benefit to make sure that you have a balanced week between your work life nyour personal life and other things that nyou re responsible for so in today s video. I m gonna show you exactly nhow to effectively time block within google calendar hello everyone scott nfriesen here at simpletivity helping you to get more ndone and enjoy less stress and let s get started off with njust. A quick definition of what is time blocking well essentially time blocking nis all about putting things that are not appointments or nmeetings onto your calendar your calendar.

Probably nalready looks a little bit like what i ve got here in my example. I ve got a variety of meetings. I ve got interviews. I ve got things that i actually physically have to be a part of or maybe.

A phone call that i need to participate in but sometimes it can be very effective to put in tasks as a part nof our calendar. As well let s say that there is a report that i ve just been ndeferring all week long. I ve just never found time to nwrite this particular report well. If i need to get it ndone before the weekend.

A very effective thing to do would be for me to come in here create an event and just nsay write the report. I wanna block it out i wanna make sure that i ndon t have any other meeting anything else that nconflicts with this time so i can get this task done. However you can see that this ntask looks very much the same as to all of my other appointments. All of my other meetings on this calendar.

Now i could go in here i could edit it and i could change the ncolor. If i wanted to i can make it green for example. So it s gonna stand out a little bit here. But we are using google calendar.

So there is a much more effective way to do time blocking nwithin google calendar. So let me delete this example here and the very first thing. I m gonna do is i m gonna come over nhere to my calendars and i m gonna create a nfew different calendars for the different types of tasks the different aspects of my life. Now you ll see here the very first one is my default calendar.

It s called scott s calendar. This is the one where people are using my primary email address..

They re inviting me to nmeetings and appointments and i m doing the same all of these things here are npart of my default calendar and the next two below. I ve unchecked. These are reminders and tasks. Which are built right ninto google calendar.

But i m not gonna make use of them as a part of today s example. What i wanna do is i wanna create a few additional calendars so i m gonna go down to other calendars and i m gonna hit the plus button and i m gonna say create new calendar now the first one i m ngonna select or create is gonna be called work this is where i m gonna nbe putting work tasks not work meetings but work tasks i m gonna hit create calendar nand the nice thing is it is actually gonna keep us in this menu. I m gonna add a few nadditional calendars here all at the same time i m gonna add a personal calendar for some personal activities. I m also going to add a sometimes it takes a second i m gonna add an exercise calendar.

Making sure that i fit in enough exercise as a part of my week. I m gonna add one more in my example this one i m gonna call travel and you ll see i m not gonna use it for things like my commute. But i m gonna use it for things that maybe i don t usually ntravel at a certain time of day or a certain distance and ni m gonna put that in so now under my calendars you can see that i have them listed. Here.

Now google calendar has chosen a bunch of very similar colors here so i m gonna go in and change this i m gonna change travel to nmaybe more of a blue color work i m gonna change to nlet s use like a green color. It s nice to have some ndifferent shades in here there we go. It s gonna be a bit easier nto. See the differences between my calendars.

Here so let s go back to that first example where i need to write a report again. I m gonna do it nhere between 9 00 and 11 00 so i m just gonna click and i m gonna drag and when i release the first thing i m gonna do neven before i add the title i guess it doesn t matter nwhich order you do this in i have the tendency to come down here i m gonna select the activity first this is a work activity nso. I m gonna say work and i m gonna say write the nreport just like we did before and i m gonna hit save now not only do i have nthe different color. But it s actually a different calendar.

Let s have a few more nexamples just for fun here. Maybe. Let s say. The first thing i need team meetings may be the nfirst thing on monday.

But i got a lot of email nthat s gonna be coming at me on monday morning. So i m ngonna say process email..

I wanna get through all of that email first thing monday morning so that s another work activity. I m gonna hit save there and maybe let s add one more thing maybe i m gonna review. I m interviewing a candidate on wednesday so i m gonna say over nhere on tuesday afternoon. I m gonna say review job napplicant their application there and again that s gonna be a work activity and i m gonna hit save so right away i can tell just at a glance that these three items are different.

I don t have to physically be somewhere. I don t have to call in nto. A conference call these are work related tasks and they show up very differently than my other appointments here let s try and fit in a few other things as a part of our day exercise is very important and i like to go for a nrun on a regular basis. So let s put in some exercise here for monday wednesday and friday.

I m gonna come up here. I m gonna start again. I m gonna say go for a run this time of course. I m ngonna change it to exercise and i m gonna make this one recurring actually it s not a full hour.

It s just a half hour run. I m gonna go into more options and i m gonna go down to nmy repeat option here instead of does not repeat. I m gonna say it s none of these so ni m gonna say custom. I m gonna say monday nwednesday and friday and i m gonna say done i m gonna hit save and now you can see this is gonna go on beyond just this week monday wednesday and friday and let s say on thursdays.

I nget together with some friends and in the late afternoon. We nplay some pickup basketball so i m gonna put that one in nhere on thursday afternoon. I m gonna pick exercise so i ncan see that it stands out again the nice thing is that ni can get this overview of not only when these things are happening. But am i fitting in enough exercise as a part of my weekly routine all right obviously.

There s gonna be some personal activities and maybe i ve got a lunch scheduled with a friend on tuesday. So i m gonna come in here ni m gonna say lunch with jane and we re gonna change that to personal it s not work related or at least not directly nrelated to my work. So. I m gonna put that as na personal activity here and then maybe on wednesday night.

I ve got dinner with friends. So i m gonna put that one in here again choose the correct ncalendar and hit save..

So i ve got a few personal things that stand out as a part of it as well and the only other calendar nthat. We haven t used in our example is travel in this case. I ll usually nuse something like this not for my everyday commute not for the things that i m ndoing on a regular basis. But let s say i ve got nthis community breakfast.

This is an early breakfast and i need to travel downtown to attend so this is different than my other days so what i m gonna do here is at 6 00 am. I m gonna say leave for downtown and i m gonna put that nto my travel calendar. So i want it to stand out na little bit more here. I wanna make sure that i fit that in that.

Oh yeah. I gotta get nthere by a certain time sometimes. Another way that ni. ll use a travel calendar is that if i m leaving for nlike.

The airport for example. I know when i need to be at the airport. I know when my flight is leaving. But sometimes we don t calculate how much time we need to give ourself to actually get to the airport.

So maybe i m leaving for the nairport on friday afternoon. I need to be at the airport at 4 00. So that means i need to nleave my house at about 3 00. So here i m gonna say leave for airport and again we re gonna nchoose that travel calendar.

So again i ve got that built in i know when i should nbe jumping into my car and leaving for the airport. So it does look like a nbit of a kaleidoscope a bit of a rainbow. I guess you could say here of different activities here. But the other nice thing nabout google calendar in separating out your activities by different areas in your life.

Is that you can of ncourse hide and minimize and just focus in on certain activities. So let s say i just want nto hide my work activity..

I m gonna hide my work ncalendar and my work tasks i can take a look and say okay. I m gonna get my exercise in this week. Here s when i need to pay nspecial attention of leaving. I ve got lunch with jane nand dinner with friends that s nice maybe.

There s something nelse. I should fit in there just for me or maybe nthere s something else i should reach out to a friend. This is where sort of that nbalance comes into play. As you can zero in on ndifferent activities.

Let me enable some of nthese. Other calendars again and i wanna show you one more tip which you may think is just for fun. But i actually think it ncan be very effective of course. The colors nhelp things to stand out from other calendars and other events in your time blocking calendar.

But there s one other nway that i sometimes add an additional way to make things stand out. And that is by adding emojis and no i m not kidding. I use a website called nemojipedia on a regular basis. And you can just search nfor emojis as you want so in this example i m gonna go grab this man running emoji i m gonna select copy which njust copies it to my clipboard and i m gonna go back up nto this recurring run event and i m gonna hit edit and nat the very beginning of it you can do it at the end as well but i m gonna paste it in there i m gonna hit save i want it to be applied nto all of my events and so now it may be a little hard to see with that purple background.

I can always change that color of course. I ve got this little sort nof running man out in front. Which again sometimes just makes nit stand out that much more than everything else on this screen. So i hope you found this video helpful as you consider time blocking nwithin google calendar.

I would love to hear from you next do you have additional suggestions as to how to time block nwithin your calendar or do you have further questions about how to effectively time nblock within google calendar make sure to let me know ndown in the comments below and remember being productive ndoes not need to be difficult. ” ..

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