Top 3 Best Free Video Editing Software (2019)

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“Today s video. We re breaking down the top three best free video editing software software of 2019 let s get into it welcome back to one of the video. My name is jack. I produce weekly content based around video editing videography or how to make money making videos.

Subscribe. Now if any of that sounds. Interesting to you today s video as i just said at the beginning is the top three best free video editing software breaking down. The best free video editors with absolutely no watermarks.

None of that sort of nonsense. None of that signing up for a program editing. A project and then then they tell you either got to pay for it or you get a big old watermark on your thing and none of that nonsense in 2019. I m gonna give you guys the information that you need to go out there and edit for free without further ado let s get into it i got three picks and then an honorable mention at the end if for some reason.

None of these three picks suffice for you. But you know very good picks without further ado let s do it lets get into the video. I got first hand experience with all four of these video editors. The three that i m featuring and then the honorable mention at the end so first off.

We got shot cut shot cut is available for all major operating systems whether it be linux. Mac or windows. So this is accessible to pretty much everybody. I ve heard if you want a chromebook you might have a couple problems but pretty much anybody.

But the chromebook users. I m pretty sure can grab this and hey they might have even patched that chromebook thing so give it a try here on the chromebook. But i assume not many people are it s got no watermark obviously. None of them none of the editors on this list have any watermark and it is entirely free and downloadable down below in the description super easy to edit through if you have a little bit of background information on video.

Editors maybe you messed around with you know windows live movie maker stuff. Like that then you should kind of fit in pretty nicely. Here and stuff is relatively easy to use and to kind of navigate your way around this. But i ve got a tutorial walking through the whole thing next to the download link in the description down below.

So don t hesitate to go ahead and grab that next on the list is gonna be davinci resolve davinci resolve is a phenomenal editor probably my favorite on this list even though it s not at the number one spot. But it does come in still with all of my operating systems out there you got linux supported you got supported you got windows supported 100 no bullshit watermark on there none of that nonsense and you definitely can do more or less anything you want in there. I think..


It s probably one of the most advanced ones on this list. I feel as though it s it s the most similar to premiere pro as well so you know if you ve heard about premiere. I assume if you re video editing. You probably heard about it dobby premier and you maybe see that as a future editor.

You want to get into then i d advise you to get started with davinci resolve. It is pretty similar to premier. I think i noticed the most similarities there. But again link down below to davinci resolve.

100 free download link as well as tutorials of me walking through the whole program start to finish. And i you know filling you in on all of the information. You need to get started editing in davinci resolve. An amazing free video editing software.

What a hundred percent recommend it next up. The third one on the list is going to be hitfilm express. Now let me say that again hitfilm express. The reason.

I m gonna you know stake that twice to you is because they offer a paid and a free version. They offer a hit film express. Which is the free version and a hit film just a standalone hit film. Which is the paid version and there s a pretty significant price difference being that one of those free and one of them s like a hundred bucks or something like that is a pretty significant amount of money compared to the freebie version and you know just just one at the point.

This one out to you just because i feel as though a lot of people might make the mistake of thinking they re getting the free one with again in the the paid one and at the end of the day. Just needed to put point that one out to you it is not available for linux. It s only available for mac. And windows.

So. If you are a linux user. You re gonna have to go with one of those original editors that we talked about before whether it be shot cut or da vinci. And it kind of has a weird setup.

This hitfilm express. Where i feel as though they almost try and trick you into getting the paid version. You have to kind of go out of your way to get some activation code sent to your email and stuff..


And it s pretty straightforward. But it s still a little weird because none of the other editors do this and you know it seems kind of like a ploy to get you to subscribe to their premium service. Which is just the hit film so hit foam express by all means a great editor. But they do sort of kind of trick you a little bit and by all means.

It s definitely not for anybody who doesn t have a really high you know great system. If you don t have the best specs in your computer. You definitely might run into some lag little export problems and stuff. Like that i ve got a brand new computer.

Which i got a few months ago. But the previous system i used to edit on definitely brought me lag. So if you do have a system with not the highest you know operating system highest graphic card you know loads of ram. Then i you know i m i suggest getting something like shotcut or maybe even vs.

Dc video editor which is the one i got coming up. But quickly to finish out on hitfilm link to the download link down below. If you want to download it as well as accompanying tutorials to break the whole thing down to you a great free video editing software. Just be careful of the paid version that they kind of trick you into getting.

But it s hands down the most advanced one on my whole list here and you can do the most in there. But that s definitely you know shown by the fact that it ll lag out a not the most high grade system. So be careful this for my more advanced editors out there. But finally the honorable mention of the video.

Now that we finished walking through the top three best free video editing software. I feel as though if you check out any other video that s titled something similar on youtube like a top three best free video editing software. The best free video editing software with no watermark little titles like that don t be telling you about the same editors. I ve just told you about they might add one or two that i didn t but at the end of the day.

These are in my experience. The best free video editing software available to you on the internet and the honorable. Mention is vsd c love vs. Dc.

They actually sponsored a video here on my channel months ago. This is not sponsored by any of these editors by the way. This is just me giving you some pure information for free and hoping that you roll with it and you know obviously excel is a video creator because of this video which i m very passionate about playing a role in you know giving you the information about the video production stuff that you might need to create the the sick project..


You re gonna make next week two months from now or in a year. But vsd see another great editor. No watermark despite there being a paid version. But they re very clear that it s a free editor completely and it s a standalone free video.

Editing software and they do give you the option to upgrade inside of it. But they are by no means trying to trick you into getting the paid version. Which i kind of feel was though hit from are they re kind of tricking you a little bit into for it which is not the dopest thing in the world. But at the end of the day you can t knock the hustle.

If that s how they make their money bless up to you guys i m in full support you guys are still given a free service. Even though you re trying to trick people into getting your paid service. But tutorial down below as well as the download link for vsd. See the honorable mention and you know right here at the end of my top three best free video editing softwares video.

I made a video similar to this last year. Did great four hundred thousand views similar video now i m creating a 20 19. Just to get the info back out there for you and for anybody searching the twenty nineteen terms here. We go hope you guys benefit from this leave me a comment down below.

If you do and i will see you guys in an upcoming video thanks for watching the top three best free video editing software. I ve been jack have a nice day and good bye okay so in the quest to get this best free video. Editing software is simply to go to the link. I will link it down below in the description shot cut org slash download and download the windows version the mac version or the linux version obviously depending on what operating system you guys are on once you have installed it you can open it up.

But also when i installed it the the particular app. Didn t actually come up anywhere on my desktop or anything. So. I did just have to type in shotcut and then just pin.

It to my taskbar down here very simple video editor. If you go down here. Obviously. This will be your timeline and everything like that look at that i believe i can drag my timeline up a little bit.

So we have half its resources up here half timeline down. Here. So this being your timeline and everything..


Like that now. I ve dragged that over here just to adjust it to actually start adding new layers to your timeline. It is very simple either your you re gonna want to just right click here and just go add video and add audio or you can actually go up here and click. This little three kind of dropdowns and then you ll get the exact same menu do you get if you just right click.

So i put an audio layer hitfilm for express that is right a lot of other creators would probably agree if they ve messed around with these free video. Editing software hip foam for express. Is definitely. I guess top of the range as far as a free video editing software.

But please correct me down below in the comment section. If there s another software you found that is a little bit better. And it is available for mac and windows very user friendly interface and comes with a lot of different effects. And and plugins and stuff like that now some of the effects and plugins are completely free and they just get provided with the software.

However there s others that you actually can pay for to kind of build up your effects and assets and stuff like that to edit your videos and make them look cooler today. We re taking a look at davinci resolve. And i ve got a bunch of hands on video clips you guys can download and we re gonna be working through kind of just looking at the process of creating a basic sequence that makes sense and editing. It together in you know davinci resolve and basically just exploring how this is an amazing free video editing software that you can download in the description.

So by all means get the video editing software down below and also download the example clips that we re going to working through and we are gonna be checking out the best free video editing software in 2018. Odds come on guys so boom. Here we are in davinci resolve. I ve never used this this is my first time using it i ve opened it up before just to have a look what it was gonna look like.

But i didn t actually start editing anything so. This is pretty much my first time using this um. So like i said in the intro. If you guys want to follow through this exact example with me.

And get yourself used to this program by downloading the free davinci resolve program down below and then also downloading the clips in my example folder. So you guys can create the exact same sequence that i m gonna be creating here. This is gonna be a simple editing sequence. We re just going to be putting a few clips together.

So they make sense then checking out the effects library here just to kind of spice some stuff up but overall see how further we can take. ” ..

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