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“I m heavy kundal. I am. A big cheese founder of san francisco based. Travel travel gift card.

My tub co today. We re going to talk about traditional attire. The workplace now take into account. The traditional workplace doesn t really hundred percent exist.

Unless you re talking about corporate. So i m going to break it down and make it really no brainer so let s get started and i ll show you how to be able to get suited up for the right job..

So when we re looking at traditional attire in the workplace. It depends where you work and the industry. You don t to be a complete idiot and and dress for success in something that is non corporate. So remember are you working in corporate are you not working in corporate take that into account.

See what the receptionist is worrying copy him or her all the office money just copy. What people do i m a big believer in not copying. This is a time that you absolutely do see what your boss is wearing copy him or her don t compete. She wears pearls bit where pills that cost 10 times more don t compete with your boss.

But dress according to the style of him or her if you want the growth or success dress for the next role. But you want it s a really really big deal act as if not already can be zuckerberg on well hoodies at an ipo..

There are very few people on the planet that can do this so i put together two incredibly basic designs. Banker yes. This is the outfit that you are going to wear. It is boring.

It is straight. It is needed at is secure and safe don t wear this you showing your legs your arms your cleavage. It looks absolutely dicker s no bill take it seriously casual office admin absolutely yes jeans t shirts shirts trousers everything casual maybe not that color bit 1980s don t dress like him he can barely stand up you don t want to look like a slob you remember dressing in the right environment. If you don t dress that way and you look too casual it looks like you don t care you re not taking the job serious you re not taking anybody else seriously you re being arrogant you re being in egotistical.

But then also don t wear black tie or a ball gown to work at the local pet shelter you look nuts so pace yourself and act accordingly a mirror what other people do remember what you have in you brain is not affected by what you were but not everybody sees the world the same way and you have to remember that it is boring. But first impressions do count so say for example something that i m wearing..

Now. It s a simple shirt. It s my personality written all over its got flower. Things going on i would wear this for a meeting.

I would web is for a presentation. It s must done. It s my personality and i m going to get a job working in the local gym. No i m not going to dress like this so remember just pretend to act accordingly to the same direction.

The same way. But people that work in the same environment standing out is one thing dressing like a complete slob or overdressed..

It gives completely the wrong statement so get suited up get yourself out the door. And see what other people were and literally copy. Them. This is heavy big.

Cheese. Founder from san francisco based. My tub co signing off make it a brilliant day. ” .


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