Twitter Lists are awesome, here s why

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“I m going to show you quickly one of my favorite. Features of twitter. Which which is a twitter list so here i am at the realty executives. First choice account at their profile and along the top here you see there s lists now the great thing of a list is that you can create all you can follow it and you can create this and you don t even have to follow the people that you put on your list.

So it s not being accounted for in your twitter following ratio. So that s a wonderful thing..

So i ll just give you a quick example. So. I followed a bunch of winnipeg and magnet children. A twitter list to begin optimizing the account so if i click on winnipeg biz here created by our friend a dragonfly flowers you can see i ve got a feed of all of the winnipeg tweeters that he has added to this list.

So following the winnipeg list is a really great way to keep in touch. With people who are within your geographical area because we re in winnipeg since then so i m going to show you the list that i ve created..

I created a list of all of the executives who i found on twitter. The executives from realty executives. First choice so when i click on this and i get the twitter feed and you can see here. 10 members on this on this twitter list.

So i m going to click the list. The list members and you can see everyone who i found who is currently using twitter and if i click on the tweet..

I have the feed of only the people who i have added to this list. So this is a great way for all of you to communicate with each other on twitter and promote each other and help each other out and this that s what it could be used for or on the realty executives. First choice official twitter account now one last thing i add you don t have to create your own list of the executives who work at realty executives. First choice you can just go to the realty executives first choice twitter account and find a list as an example.

I m showing you my twitter account and so if i m going to follow a list. I ll click on list and i can see i m a member of a bunch of list..

So i m not subscribed to this list. I m you this as an example so when you come to the realty executives. First choice twitter account just find a list or executives click on it and then all you have to do is subscribe and as we add more members to the list. It ll be updated.

So you don t have to ” ..

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