What Emojis Really Mean

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“Guys. I am back with another video and doh. My god oh oh oh. That that s how i seen you guys this did not.

Happen. Yet but we have hit 100000. Subscribers. I just want to thank you guys so so so much this is huge.

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That s even weird to like say. I think. It is now appropriate to come up with some type of family name. I think you guys are pretty creative.

So you have a family name leave that in the comments and then like we ll go back and forth. I ll probably pick the top couple of one and then we can like take a poll whatever we ll figure it out though in today s the video..

I thought that this video is actually very important i m really inspired me to do this video today was you know a text message for my mother when she actually should have picked up the phone to call me and acts how my day was but she didn t in our text conversation. I don t know what we were really talking about i must have said something along the lines of yeah. Okay maybe something like that and then i inserted this emoji after. I said that text.

My mother s response was are you asking me for money no i m not actually so point blank period. People don t actually know the true means of emotion. That s why i am here to help you and my mother hi mom. If you are watching this so i really hope you guys enjoy this video and without further ado.

Let s jump right into this video. Me heart. I emoji okay sometimes with this emoji you kind of gotta be a little careful sometimes you can sing you over a cliff or leave you in the area. Where you want to be in you can easily say heart.

I heart i love this or heart. I heart i love you they have two different meanings. So really make sure who you re singing. It is it s a guy you re really not that interested in don t send him hard on emojis see.

Oh my god i am. So excited right now..

Oh gee this emotion is more so like oh. My god i really can t contain my excitement like i have to grind my teeth and close my eyes because it means so much to me like i m so overwhelmed with excitement. But really gets on my nerves. Is when people use this emoji incorrectly some people will text you what are you doing today.

Like why are you so excited to know what i m doing the winky face. I really don t know how to wink. Okay. This is where the conversation can easily turn sexual yeah so if you check somebody hey what are you doing you re actually really asking them what are you doing.

But say if you text them hey. What are you doing wink face that means. It s time to get it on the one eye close other one open comes out mozi. You know i actually really don t use this one because i think it s weird in reality who actually makes that face for anything.

Oh my god this is so cool. It takes too much concentration to make that face so i just don t use it and you shouldn t either the ahh. I can t do this anymore. I actually use this as my kim kardashian emoji have you ever seen this picture.

Yeah. I think they look exactly the same this emoji can be used to show pain hunger over one chin..

That s probably not a worthy. Oh. My god let me cover my mouth because it s germs all around this emoji can also be used to show that you are sick of all of these haters you know out there that s what i use it for our text. My friend and say i m fed up she ll say with what i will say these haters and insert this face right.

Here d. Oh. My god i did not just send that text to my ex emoji. This is the emoji that you re in like a state of shock.

You re kind of surprised a little bit overwhelming mostly to sum it all up. It s the ocean emoji. They hold up wait a minute let s stop drop and roll emoji. It could have multiple meanings.

But the most popular one is what you re telling somebody to slow up they can be going on and on about something possibly you don t really care about all you have to do. Which is insert the the get out of my inbox emotion. This basically means take a seat take several seats actually and make your exit to stage right purple heart emoji. Oh.

My god you re such a great friend. If you send this emoji to a guy you definitely just placed him in the friend zone..

The red heart emoji. This is definitely the real deal and in a red heart means hey. I m liking you you definitely not in the friend zone. I can see this happening.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did don t forget to give it a big old thumbs up also subscribe to my channel go ahead. Do it so you can see this in your subscription feed every once. In a while also also also i am having a big giveaway in collaboration with vanity planetcom.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this video and of course. I will ” ..

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