Where Did This Gif Come From?

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” d say there s just a handful nof shows better than ours wendy williams. Is is ndefinitely. One of them music. Playing here.

We are nand. There you are and i am nnow. I love me a good sometimes i ll stare at na. But the truth is ni have no idea nwhere.

I don t even know how to npronounce the dang things. But i ve done some digging n. Mm. And i have uncovered nthe.

Original videos of some of the most npopular gifs and i m going nto quiz rhett on them this is rhett nit s time for here s how this nis gonna work i m gonna n show you a jif gif n. I see what you did i ll give you nmultiple options nof the origin story of said gif jif. And then nuh if. You get three correct you will win your nvery own.

Personalized as the official position. Nof or should we just nkeep people in suspense and keep going back nand forth and waffling. Let s keep straddling the n all right the ditch that runneth nfull of jif gifs. But i m not gonna nsay it both together.

I m just gonna say but not both referred to as nthe greatest gif of 2017 and quite possibly. None of the greatest n of course nwhite guy blinking. There he is n being white and blinky rhett mm hmm n. It never changes it s just n.

What you put over it rhett yeah n. That changes everything it s so good so. Good rhett. Who is this white guy nand.

Why is he blinking is he a local newscaster nsteve winkler responding to nan inappropriate joke made by the weatherman b video producer. Ndrew scanlon. Reacting to his colleague nplaying. An action adventure video game during na livestream c.

Commercial. Actor nbrian stocker in a lenscrafters ncommercial trying to read nthe bottom line nof. An eye chart or d. A social outcast ntrying desperately to wink at an attractive woman nfor.

The first time gotta get that girl n. There s a lot n of context here uh this guy does not nseem like an actor..

He doesn t seem like nhe s focusing on a na line of text. It feels like the one that nis the most underwhelming makes the most sense to me n. Which is video. Producer drew scanlon.

Nreacting to his colleague. Playing an action adventure. Nvideo game. During a livestream like that s why this thing nwent.

So big. Because the origin ndoes. N t even matter irony baby b. You are correct n.

Hey. Hey. But i don t know nif the irony nplays a part in it let s watch the clip nthat it came from and see what n. He s reacting to so i ve been ndoing some farming nwith.

My hoe here i can kind of till the what kind of a nso what is that oh he just said he said with my hoe here that simple that simple all right nhere s. Another one have you ever been nboth. Confused and unimpressed nat. The same time well no one does it nbetter than the woman in nthis epic.

Side eye link look at her n rhett oh. Is she on yes. She is who is she nwhat s happening. Is she an audience member nat.

Reacting to khloe kardashian s ndaddy drama. Is she an audience member nat. Reacting to wendy narm wrestling. Ronda.

Rousey or c. An audience member nat. Reacting to wendy nputting. A wig on a cat or.

An audience. Member. Nat coachella. Realizing everyone naround.

Her is on molly. Oh ho..

Ho. Yep. That s the look n. Hmm.

So what is it n. If you can t get on at least get on molly n. Laughter. Not true n.

Laughter continues. Khloe. Kardashian. Ndaddy drama.

Ronda rousey arm wrestling or wendy putting na wig on a cat uh man. You know nany of these things could happen on wendy s show that show n all in one episode. I d say there s just na handful of shows nbetter than ours who else. Maury n.

Okay. What s your answer c cat wig robotic voice nc cat wig jif gif cat wig nokay let s find out nan audience member at nthe babbling khloe kardashian s nbiological father has always nbeen in question you ve heard this story many of us. Think that nit might be oj simpson and i ve even joked n. You know it would be na perfect name.

Rhett n. Heh heh. Oh laughs oh she saw her too n. Yes.

She did and then she calls her out. She s like it was the perfect reaction. Oh she did see her n. Yeah.

She said that n on the show you did not get nthat one right nhere s another one ever since gifs were a thing but this is perhaps the best n looks kinda n like robert deniro n. But it is not rhett whoa n link what bizarre n superhero video is this from n it just keeps going croatian batman nitalian spider man brazilian wonder woman nor canadian gmm. I didn t know we had that golly n. Golly.

He says. Oh wow. All of these are nso intriguing to me. Sputtering italian spider man n.

It is and i just wanted an excuse to show a clip nof italian spider man this is some context rhett dead woman n woman wailing rhett laughs n announcer speaks italian what nis that spider man in italy yes n i hope it is that is him n. No this guy at the end yeah that guy nis italian spider man what n smoking the cigarette..

We gotta frickin move man namerica s so wack the pizza too n yeah mm hmm. There s lots of reasons n this next on deshawn raw s n youtube channel featuring his alter ego n. Supa hot fire what epic rap lyric ndid. He just deliver to elicit nthis jif able reaction you ve seen this n.

Oh. This is this is one of the most npopular ones of all time or and everything ni would like to be i can fly higher nthan. An eagle for you are the wind man these are all much lamer nthan. I would ve expected given the reaction n plucked out of context.

They can they can be nfor. Any situation. The most clever one nis the one about your mama and politely declining nher invitation. So that s the one ni.

m gonna go with let s find out nif. He s right i broke up with my ex girl here s her number psych nthat s the wrong number. All clamoring n. Rhett.

Laughs. It s all about the delivery. It s all about nthe delivery. You know it s all about rhyming n.

That s what i think it is n. That s right you didn t get nthat one right rhett you gotta get one more right nto get your own i really want it n up next. Excited n. Kid birthday gif which features nan excited kid at a birthday link have you seen this one n rhett.

This is new to me. But what s made n this kid so excited is this after a man in a dinosaur ncostume enters with a tray of dinosaur shaped. Nchicken. Nuggets.

A music video called n. Carlton from c. A local commercial nfeaturing. A birthday party nbeing crashed by former minnesota twins noutfielder tori hunter.

Oh gosh n or d a scene from n the upcoming tbs show ooh. Whoa ho. This definitely doesn t nseem like a home video um uh alfonso ni feel like i m familiar with all of alfonso s work n. Mm hmm.

You know what i m saying. N..

Okay. I feel like i would know nthat this happened cause. I follow him nvery closely so i m gonna go with nminnesota twins tori hunter let s find out we have a special guest kids. It s tori hunter nfrom.

The minnesota twins look look n watch watch rhett. Laughs n. Link look at that kid the kid is an actor that kind of undercuts nthe power of the ah. But he s so excited nto.

See tori imagine how excited nhe would be if he actually knew nwho. Tori. Hunter. Was you know n right yes.

Wow. His mind nwould ve been blown all right you did nget three right so you win nyour very own i m looking for it nbut. It s digital show it to him n oh. It s when n look it s sunglasses.

Sticking to n your peanut butter hair. It s your glasses nnot sunglasses. It s your glasses nthat was when you tried to stick your nose nin my ear. Remember that ni remember that carry that around n.

In your pocket n. I will thanks for liking. Ncommenting and subscribing. You know what time it is hi.

I m emily n. I m victoria. I m olivia and we re in nburlington vermont. Celebrating our 21st nbirthday together and it s time to spin nthe wheel of mythicality cheering n.

Happy birthday triplets click the bottom link nto watch this episode nfrom the beginning and click the top link nto. See if we can identify the origin of some nof. The gmm presented to us nin and to find out where nthe wheel of mythicality nis. Going to land link got a little one n.

That might like these toys. They ll probably like n. Our mythical t shirts too. ” .


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