Which Musical Should You Listen to Based On Your Sign?

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“True musical fan has probably already memorized their signed soundtrack welcome to ms. Mojo and and today. We re looking at which broadway musical. You should listen to based on sign for this list.

We ll be looking at which musical theatre. Cast album should be on each astrological signs playlist number 12 pisces beautiful. The carole king musical from you ve got a friend to the title track and everything in between if any signs going to resonate with carole king s heartfelt lyrics. It s gonna be a pisces as we follow kings journey in the musical.

It s clear that she pours her heart and soul into her work. But also lets us get to know her outside of her music. Likewise pisces feel their feelings and to borrow a phrase show the world all the love in your heart. So next time.

You ve got some emotions to work through or just need a great pick me up put this on blast. And let everyone near or far. Hear it number eleven aquarius six the musical ex wives. If you consider yourself to be the life of the party spirited and fierce to the max.

Then you re a poster child aquarius. Though aquarians are anything but conventional the world knows that you re the queen bee and what better musical to assert your dominance than one. Where you re a pop legend. Taking the mic sixes soundtrack is full of feisty empowering songs that have us searching for the nearest spotlight.


Each track. Carries. A message of being your best fabulous self all the while celebrating how far you ve come and celebrating other fellow ladies at the same time so time to get down with your girl squad and get all those eyes on you number 10 capricorn kinky boots let us hear you say yea capricorns like charlie. You have your eyes on the prize and the right mindset and determination to make your dreams.

A reality that is great null but capricorns might have trouble thinking about the journey instead of just the destination in kinky boots lola comes into charlie s life and teaches him to be adaptable. And that there s not just one right way to do something or get somewhere. A capricorns initiative. Should be celebrated and by gathering the right team to help raise you up you re unstoppable number nine sagittarius.

The book of mormon. Hello sagittarians as eternally optimistic social butterflies you would make the ideal elders in the book of mormon. There isn t one song from this show that doesn t have us laughing out loud and feeling joyous likewise the sagittarius leaves positive vibes. Wherever they go a warlord who shoots people in the face what s so scary about that i must trust that my lord is mightier and always has my back when someone has a bad day they turn to you to help them turn it off your versatility and good nature.

Means that people love having you around and we believe that s why you ll always be a crowd pleaser just like this raunchy. But endlessly entertaining musical number eight scorpio chicago. When a scorpio enters a room. They know how to command attention.

Now people might think that s foremost on your mind scorpio. But it would be a mistake to think they ve got you figured out scorpios are among the most magnetic of the signs. But like their spirit animal. They wait until someone s just close enough to go in for the kill.


But maybe they had it coming don t get any ideas scorpio chicago is the longest running musical in broadway history. Keeping audiences coming back to be enveloped in its gritty story and spectacular soundtrack. Scorpios also know how to give them the old razzle dazzle and bring us to our feet for a standing ovation number seven libra aveda. Libras will strongly identify with ava patron as the trailblazer that she was people are drawn to libras like a moth to a flame libras have to be careful because you can t make everyone love you i love you and hope me don t cry for me argentina.

You epitomize balance. And like ava try to find that happy medium of thinking with your head and heart. But it s tough when the scales get tipped in favor of diplomacy or romance. You have great power and thus great responsibility libra.

But show every person your little touch of star quality. Number six forego. The phantom of the opera. Our two leads basically encompass all the traits of your typical virgo mind you taken to extremes.

Kristine is sweet she wants to fix things. But never ruffle feathers. But finds herself the key piece to return the opera house to some normalcy unwittingly getting the phantom s attention. The phantom is the cautionary tale of a virgos desire for the ideal as his passion and obsession dragged the plot along through tracks like the title song the music of the night and the point of no return.

Andrew lloyd webber. Knows how to weave intricate themes into his songs. But always builds to that satisfying moment when all the voices sing is one a sort of organization that will be literal music to over goes ears number five leo gypsy let. Leo s entertain you you either got it or you ain t and leos.


The performers of the star signs certainly have it free oh leo all the world s a stage. But it s your turn to solo and show off your dramatic flair. We can totally picture ally ojai kicking. While listening to baby june.

And her newsboys or acting out roses turn in front of a mirror. But ultimately they d be happiest in front of a crowd like mama rose. You have a singular drive to get what you want no matter. What it takes number four cancer fun home just like the central character of fun home.

Alison bechdel cancers have a natural instinct for what s going on around them and might know how their nearest and dearest are feeling before they know it themselves just what you see that s not to say you re easy to read cancer. It can take a while to gain your trust and even harder to get it back if it s lost allison doesn t have that stable family background the cancers really desire. Which is why she finds coping mechanisms to deal with her less than ideal home life if you ever feel like no one gets you cancer just hit play on the fun home soundtrack. And maybe you might not feel so.

Alone. I know i know number three gemini hamilton gemini s have all the qualities of a great leader and there s one historical leader in particular who s taken the musical theater world by storm alexander hamilton. Alexander hamilton played a pivotal part in shaping the america. We know today and that s thanks to how young scrappy and hungry.

He was the energy and finesse he threw into his interests was a constant testament to his desire to be known the world over and long after he was gone similarly gemini s are not throwing away their shot. And just like old alexander have a hard time being satisfied number 2 taurus wicked call it determination or stubbornness. But a taurus is a tough nut to crack on the one hand. A taurus could be found surrounded by the prettiest things they can find and without a care in the world hmm sounds like a certain good witch.


But a taurus is also the kind to work the hardest if they ve set their sights on something and nobody can bring them down. We can often shows that elphaba and glinda are more similar than they are different and together show just how multifaceted a tourist can be one thing you definitely exhibit taurus is a never ending loyalty just like our two witches before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them. If you re on your phone. Make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number.

One aries anastasia while the real anastasia might have been a gemini. The broadway leading lady would certainly be in aries. No one can really force anya to be anything. But who she is or predict.

What she ll do next. Which also describes an aries quite well anastasia s journey to the past goes from being just a faded memory to an exciting reality. My the music reflects anya s journey as she follows her instincts even if that involves taking one or two risks. Along the way.

We follow the highs and lows of the story through its soundtrack. But our heroine always keeps us hopeful and if you ask us that s an aries to a tee. Do you agree with our picks check out this. Other recent clip from is mojo.

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