Who Wore it Better? Swimsuits Twin VS Twin Challenge

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” s up guys. Hi n hello so we were actually going to film a swimsuit swimsuit haul 2020 version yes but then this whole you know quarantine self isolation thing so we decided instead to nfilm. A who wore it better with the swimsuits that we had already ordered n. Yes.

So they re here. Today. Nwe have matching ones just like the other who nwore it better video that filmed a couple weeks ago. But we have a set grouping nof accessories and stuff that we are going to pick from this time.

So. That we have a mutual closet. So it s harder you know n. Yeah.

So it will be very interesting. I lost last time and she won so i m hoping that this is my revenge let s see n bring it on girl let s see n bring it on we ll see we ll see n. Anyway. Let s get started upbeat music okay so this is one nswimsuit that we re using cute cute cute n ba da da ba that s from target we have another one nfrom target right here bada ba la ba ba a blue one also from target here s the blue one n so cute and then just like last time where we had the more ndifficult pants to style that s the nice way of saying nthe ugly pants to style.

We have the more difficult nswimsuit to style it looks like a diaper. I could see where n. It could be cute it could be okay. But ni could dig the sleeves.

But i feel like you d get hot the ruching. I can t do the ruching. It s not flattering. I bet we can make it nlook okay.

We ll see we ll see let s go upbeat music hello it. s my turn the first round i have to sneeze sneezes bless me i feel like this is gonna nbe a little bit harder than the last video because the last video was clothing and this is swimsuits. So gonna kind of be like a beachy vibe. I ll show you what i m doing nafter.

I put the swimsuit on it s a lot easier to style things when you know what you have but because i m not in nwaco. I don t really know ooh this is cute mmm. I can t tell if this is ugly or cute is this ugly or cute mmm. I m gonna put it and we ll see i m trying to figure out nhow.

I want to style. It there s jumpsuits and shorts ooh. I m conflicted okay okay. I think i have an idea i m gonna go try it i don t know hmm.


I don t know i have this tie dye dress on right and i did the little knot nwhich feels very beachy. But i can t decide if i like it or if i just feel like it s meh. You know what i m saying like do we like it do we not do we like it do we not mmm. I m conflicted update.

I found these so stinkin cute right so i m gonna put these on and then it looks like they come with a little top. You re kidding. These are so cute and then it looks like they came with a little top too. I m not sure how to tie this wait.

What oh my gosh are you kidding me okay. That s a yes from me okay. I think i decided nto forgo the tie dye dress for this white one mm. I think it looks cute and i also think that i ncan kind of unbutton.

It and you can see the blue swimsuit also check out my sunglasses and my hat. I think this is my final outfit shoes shoes shoes shoes gasps. Absolutely gasps absolutely those are stinkin cute okay now the real question is nif. I want to be like all like those bougie people that wear heavy earrings and stuff cause.

I think we have some no no ooh literally. I also laugh at nthe people who wear necklaces and stuff to the beach ncause. I m just like you re gonna get in the nwater. What is the point.

I guess some people don t i m the kind of person that goes to the beach and actually swims the people that just nlay there i m like how ooh ooh. Okay. This is the final product can you guys see these shoes ta da viola ta da. So now we will post of ncourse like last time we will post everything non instagram at the end and then we ll show ya ll nthe result at the end so time for round number.

Two time for swimsuit number. Two let s go. Ta da. Swimsuit.

Number two woo. This is what this swimsuit looks like i think that i just might put on a pair of black shorts with this like decorate it from there. But we ll see i think. It s supposed to be a skirt.

But it s honestly so long if i lay it down on my actual hips. It just drags on the ground. I don t think i like it i take it back i take it back i take it back okay ooh this yes. Why do these look so big why does it look like i nshould be walking like this i can t tell if i absolutely hate these or if i like them if they weren t see through ni d love them i think it s just the see through npart that s getting me.


But it is supposed to be a swim cover and they cut off all the way up here so they re kind of like njasmine pants. Honestly i feel a sings whole new world kind of vibe right now i think i like them i think ni m gonna stick with them i think they re cute okay so pants check. Which earring do we like better i can t decide big dangly or like a more subtle ahh. I don t know swimsuits are so much harder nto style than actual clothes.

Why is this so difficult i don t know hey so a nice little update. I found these and i feel like when i m wearing them nup on my head like this it looks like the same color as this so i m keeping the heart sunglasses. Plus. They re stinkin cute.

These are a yes and then i also found sings white shoes. So i ll be wearing these. And my feet. Don t look weird this time.

Woo hoo so that is the full look. I ve got my shorts and the purse and then i ve got the swimsuit top my earrings my sunglasses and my sandals. I m done with this outfit outfit number two viola ta da okay once again we ll take pictures and we ll see how it goes and swimsuit number three maybe this will work now mm. No still a no from me.

This is gonna be a nlittle difficult to style. Because there are so nmany colors to pull from with this swimsuit. I mma struggle with this one woot okay i found these overalls and i m gonna leave nthem kind of unstrapped so that you can see the nswimsuit underneath. But they re kind of big around the waist.

So i m gonna go ahead and tie a bandana to try and fix that i don t know i should ndo that around the waist or just like here. I think i m just gonna do nlike a little on the side let s see if that fixes it a little bit here. We go. Ta da viola.

So overalls now we nneed. We need zee shoes zee shoes and the outfit. We need okay since the swimsuit has a little bit of nthis orangy color in it. If you can see it this orange right here.

I thought i d put on this orange dress and then i tied the black nbelt around my waist barking. I m just not sure if i nlove it with the hat. I don t know i feel like i ve already worn na hat. But maybe it matches and the shoes.

I don t know how i feel nabout the shoes either hmm. I m just trying to ni think i like the hat when i turn to the side. It s really cute um yeah since there s yellow in the swimsuit. I was thinking i could nwear the yellow sandals ready laughs.


I just fell over oh. My gosh. I just fell over all right sandals yes. This is cute i feel like goodday milady.

Laughs like i need to tip my hat nwhen i wear stuff like this there s so many options. But i think i got put at a disadvantage. Because bailey keeps getting to go first so she gets to pick from all the stuff. And then i have to go second.

So i have to pick from the leftovers. So i feel like i m getting a little bit of a disadvantage here so you should vote for me on these outfits cause. I m getting a disadvantage. And i still think i m doing a good job.

So vote for me also yes before someone nsays something my armpits. This is what happens when nyou have dark hair okay. I swear i shaved them like yesterday or two days ago. But i didn t have time today nso.

Please don t come at me they look fine hairy armpits. Whatever just ignore them pretend nlike they re not there outfit number three numero tres ooh ooh ooh ta da. Bend and snap one more outfit to go claps time for outfit number four last. But not least nthe long sleeve swimsuit can you see my room is just ndestroyed by all of this the long sleeve swimsuit.

It is ohh mhmm. It s about as good as i expected it to be it s actually not okay. The bottoms kind of look nlike. A glorified diaper a little bit.

But the top is not that bad all together. It s a flattering shape. But it s just like not my style if you know what i mean. But i now i gotta figure nout how to style it this is just not my nfavorite swimsuit ever the ruching on the side nis a bit interesting anyway we re going to see nwhat.

We can do to accessorize okay what do we think yes no no yes n dog barking i kind of like it i like it update i like it okay so i have a green jumper. You can see it s got this little top. But i like low key don t nthink. I like the whole do i like the whole jumper um with the black and white.

I mean. It s cute i ll show you what it nlooks like with it off maybe just doing this top with this i don t know i ll show you i feel like a kardashian. I think this is a little too much i don t know i kind of like the pants nkinda hate the pants kinda like the pants. I like the pants.


I like nit. I like it i like it this is what it looks nlike just having the top. I think i like it better yikes. But i think i like it better with just the pants and the top.

I think i m gonna do something something and call it a day n dog barking okay if i m being honest i do have this little floral shawl that i m half tempted to try on let s see i ll put it on and you guys can tell me. What you think i feel like this would be on nthe cover of vogue magazine. If i was like this but do we like it for the whole outfit. I don t think comment ndown below if you like it i think i m gonna take it off.

But i m curious if you guys nlike the print on print this little leaves over nthe stripes type thing if you like it comment down below okay. This is the final look i think i totally dig the pants. It s very cute. This is adorable are you kidding me this is cute okay love it we re done final outfit.

Clicking look how fun these earrings are they re little leaves. We actually kind of put non similar outfits actually laughing. I don t know if i can see it i ve got earrings and sunglasses and bailey s got a belt and sunglasses. I told them i look like a kardashian no oh what s that actress um stranger things actress millie millie bobby brown nwear glasses like this all the time n.

She does and she puts them on nthe end of her nose alright you guys know the drill. We re gonna pick some of these and put them up on instagram hello okay they ve up and nand they ve been posted hopefully. It s my comeback time and i can win this time ncause brooklyn won last time so revenge good morning. So we waited a whole day to nsee the results of the polls and see who won brooklyn are you ready i m pulling it up right now i hope that i won this time ncause you won the last one you guys ready i m gonna show you okay n okay first one me wahoo bailey won the first one i won the second one n ohh close though close brooklyn.

So that s one for me one for you bailey. Won the third one n. Me oh my gosh come on and i won the second one. Oh.

My gosh so it s a tie. It s a tie dang it i was hoping for my comeback that means i haven t lost yet boom. It s okay n. Laughing maybe we ll do a round number three and this will be my time comment down below.

If you nwant round number three yay anyway. Thanks for watching. And we ll see you next time ” ..


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