WRAP GIFTS WITH ME! *secret santa gift exchange* Vlogmas Day 1

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“Said santa monica. Oh. My god and that s your present all of these subscribers. Subscribers.

Inviting me to vlog ms. In such short notice. Even if i wanted to my schedule. Wouldn t allow it one o.

clock wallow. In self pity. For 30 stare into the abyss. 5.

O. clock. Solve world hunger. Tell no one.

5 30. Exercise. 6. 30.

Dinner. With me. I can t cancel that again six o clock wrestle with my self loathing. I m booked.

I can t do it the only true way to start vlogging. This is by recreating an iconic grinch scene. But good morning today is a very christmasy day. We re going to be wrapping my secret santas gift.

Which if you are going to the vlogmas girls trip girl you better stop watching this video. And then i m gonna go ice. Skating with my friend. Andre sarah and sydney.

And i m so excited. It s a very christmassy. They have magical vibes in the air. There s magic in the air.

But first things first we need to go head over to santa monica. We re doing ice skating over there. Pour lake maggie are you ready wait. We re yeah.

Oh. My god i would wear something a little bit warm cos. If that s that s cute..


Oh that s good and then like a jacket. Yeah. Yeah. These are our outfits of the day.

Okay. I like that thank you baby beep boop bop. I love this bag because it holds my camera. It s so big actually i need to pop on some lashes because i look like a naked mole rat.

I don t know bye baby. I love you i ll be back you ready. I m ready the same variation of this outfit every day. Maybe how you feeling young hungry sometimes my card just decides to not work and it just goes black started she s alive again.

She decided to work we are seven minutes away the sun is setting audrey ii pictures. And we re gonna have to take him to the dark. I hope he has his flash. We ll see would you like my hat got it for black friday i took my black friday hello mega.

Awesome a black friday shopping. I did my home s crazy it was so crazy she got one thing. It was a nun sale. I would say terrible wall for black friday.

It was freezing cold outside in the rain at night. And there was like three stores open. It was like the amazon gift store macy s and something else all of these things factored into. Why the world was against me.

On black friday you didn t go to target um. Yeah. I went to target. But okay yes yeah.

There weren t that many deals on target there were there was like ear pods lawn mower stuff i didn t want i wanted like specific things for your poems yeah they had air pods. They re like 169. We made it i couldn t find these asian boy called andre. I didn t watch him on the ice.

He s skating already yeah. We do have to pay for parking. Okay. I look so extra.

It s not even that cold out a winner huh. Oh. I said santa monica put our canadian skills to the test release it i m balancing my camera. I don t know how this game.

The whole gang is here getting ready to skate oh boy. I m saving for my blog. They just damn bonito..


The fresh ice is always the scariest that s when you fall that s when you get wet that s when it s not good that was fun. Thank you can i leave a good fish finish dinner. She was yummy nobody likes sushi. I was only 1 8.

Okay. We said bye to everyone meg and i decided we want to treat ourselves. Because it s the first day of lag mist so we re going to this chocolate covered strawberry place. Oh my god we post weeded from it forever and this is the first time.

We re going in it s like i feel like when you online date someone then you meet them in rice. Just like air. It s nervous like what if there s rats inside and we ve been eating there the whole time that s a food truck it could be a future and nothing about food wrong trucks are good some are really really good it s fun she s cute and better than we ever imagined. This is so cute.

It s called chocolate bash hell yes oh they have the child is it strawberry. I don t even own. It worth oh yeah finally go yeah bringing over stuff in right now. Everything i got from black friday.

How was being home alone was it fun did you do any fun activities. You chase. Any stuffed animal did you pee in meg s room egg. Do you know what we gotta do probably to stop in my room.

No you know what else what we have to wrap our secret santa goes. Yeah. Oh my golly gee. I know i left mine right.

There cuz. I want to wrap it yeah mine. We should wrap christmas music fire. Y all.

Ready for this come. Here boys. I put. The gifts in here.

I don t want to show you this just in case. A secret santa person is watching i really don t want them to know for the gifts in a little cart inside just to make it a little bit more like custom and then now. I m gonna wrap. It which shout out to my mom for teaching me how to wrap it like one of my only good qualities okay really quick.

I wanted to show you guys how i wrapper at least have my mom taught me how to rap so this is the box. I measure it so that you have a little bit of room on either side. You see what i mean and room to wrap it like this. It s better to have more rhyming memory than less because less means i have to cut a whole new thing.

But more means you can just take it off. But i like to wrap it so that the front is on the bottom and fold. It if we have extra i tape one side to the actual present and then fold..


It i like to line it up so that it kind of goes in the middle of teeth and then for the end. This is kind of the tricky part you go like hold it down. I don t even know how to this is the words tutorial ever if you fold. It down and you smooth out the sides same with the other side you fold.

It down smooth uh. Oh hello. Excited wrapping here fold up sides and then with the sides you fold them down. And you can take that off and then this thing to the other side so down boop boop and then tape down and that s your present my thumbnail now i like to write little cards because i feel like it makes it super personal and it s ditka santa they have to guess wooded somehow so i m gonna try to switch up my writers megan.

The queen. She has all of the wrapping everything i m gonna use it this is footage of me vlogging on timeless mode. Because i m a dumb mess. And i forgot to turn out the time lapse mode back here again recreating what i just walked.

But as i was saying. I thought that i mean i am really proud of how my gift turned out. I think it has a lot when you have two gifts and you add them together with a little bow. We could we gonna wouldn t die.

So i added the little card right here. Oh my god pause you like the wrapping. Yeah thank you also i don t know if you guys noticed but somebody set up the yellow christmas tree from last year. I don t know if you guys saw it last year amber and i did a collab we did like creating a yellow sunflower christmas tree would you guys can totally check out shadow to roommate of the year award for setting it up i love this tree.

I wanted i don t know if we re still gonna do it. But i wanted to be like a bigger tree yes. But i remember last time yeah we re doing it last time amber and i were looking for christmas trees and we can only find this tiny one from home goods or something like that all the big christmas trees were like sold out by the time we were going and getting all the christmas trees so yeah they get sold out so we have to get christmas trees. But we re going to big bear tomorrow for our second annual big vlogmas girls trip.

I don t know if you guys felt last year. But me and like some of my best girlfriends from youtube that live here in la. We all went to big bear. We did like a vlogmas trip.

So we all like vlog together super fun. I think i m about to dive in oh. Oh. The strawberries out there as juicy as they look big dogs.

I also saw intake talked that there s like that person and they have like a glass table right and they have a piece of food and they drop it in the doctor i think he did a blitz to somewhere. She knows that i can t good glad you like what we re trying to eat it try what your dog let me know if your dog does it because blue there s no one i even tried doing it with checking yesterday. She was like not for it. She s like mom is the glass there it s stupid like you re supposed to think that it s gonna go.

But i think this was a very successful vlogmas day one you re not even allowed to have chocolate. I don t understand what you re doing i leave for one second excuse me excuse. Me are you sitting at my seat like me at my strawberries. You re not allowed to have chocolate literally looking at you sorry you need to get rich right.

Now wait oh good watching bethenny s black friday. All right now. This is the most satisfying thing..


Oh. See the bad boys for later jam. It zack. I m wearing my girls wedding girls great track suit.

Which is available in adelaide wearing calm for the holidays and blue also says to check out her sexy firefighter calendar. Available at under see you guys love it speaking of calendars jesus i need to update my party in december girl. I m gonna need a new calendar good thing blue has a new one you know what i mean i m gonna check out on a tour and mourn back home if you know what i mean. But it s cyber monday in a couple hours.

I kind of want to do a little bit of shopping. And i know i already hate myself. So i did so much for black friday a lot of damage is done black friday. But there s these like keith stores that don t have like in person stores.

I mean there are but i want to get like pretty little thing with their store like all the stores. I mean you missed out on for black. Friday. Pam s on amazon would definitely have good sales maybe even flights whoo.

I never thought about buying plates in advance. What never heard of her. But it was like have you ever thought of ordering. I m petsmart.

But i hope you guys enjoyed also i want to give a huge shout out to baby noticed. An account on twitter. She bought the olaf that i bought from she says. I came just for a joke right it s like the whole lot.

But i hope good blue. I hope you guys enjoyed today s vlog. Today s merc shot of the day goes to gianna and instagram. She has her grey joggers pushes like the matching set from this hoodie.

I think that i did that and then today s tip of the day goes to double chin beep bop. On instagram third tip of the day. Says christmas magic is silent. You hear it you feel it you know it.

And you believe it i love this time of year. It s the time for giving back. I believe that there s three things and make people happy. One is friends and family a job and pastime or hobby that you have and helping others.

And christmas is just like the perfect opportunity for it with all these charity nations giving toys to those who can t afford it there s so many little things that we could do throughout the holidays and i encourage you because it feels good to be good and give back. But do you guys have a beautiful magical wonderful day. I ll see you guys in my neck. Jaylee vlog for vlogmas tomorrow same place same time guys.

” ..

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