10 Must Have Mac Apps of 2019!

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“I recently moved from windows to mac and one of the things i love about about mac os is the quality of the apps available for the platform seriously there. A ton of great app for mac os out there so i thought why not share the most essential mac app with you guys applause hey guys this is patient b volcom and today i want to talk about some of the must haves mac utilities of 2019 do note that i m not including popular apps such as alfred better tool. Etc. Because you probably know about them anyway before we start.

I suggest you to hit the bell. I can do get notified every time. We post an awesome new video now that you ve done that let s get started. Because the first app here is called unclutter and it s one of my favorite apps on mac os let me tell you why so when i started working on this video.

I was looking for an app that moves files easily. I was looking for a clipboard app. And i was looking for a great notes app well then i found unclutter. Which brings the functionalities of all of these apps in one app.

With unclutter. All you need to do is move the mouse pointer to the top screen and scroll down. Which opens up this page you can even use a keyboard chart of this now. In this pane you have the clipboard which shows you everything you ve copied so you can use it quickly then there s the files tab.

Which lets you move things easily. So i can just move a file or folder. Here and from here. I can move it to wherever.

I want it makes things super. Easy lastly. There s the notes. So you can jot down any ideas and get back to them without any hassle yeah.

I love this app and the functionality is it offers. I m twitter is available in the free trial. After which you ll have to pay 10 to get the full version. The next step on this list is called cheat sheet.

And it s for people like me who have a hard time remembering keyboard shortcut i mean keyboard shortcuts are great they make things faster but if you want to know all the keyboard shortcuts you have to go inside body menus and things like that well t cheat fixes that the cheat sheet. Whenever i need a keyboard shortcut and i don t remember it..

Which is pretty much all the time i just press and hold the command key and cheat sheet brings me all the keyboard shortcuts of the app. I m in just look at this i m in chrome and i can see all the shortcuts now by using the command key. Yeah. It s pretty handy cheat sheet is a free app.

So you should definitely check it out next up is a media player app. That i really like it s called iin. A media player or in a media player. I don t know anyway.

It s a great alternative to the average quicktime player on the mac and the very popular vlc media player. So first of all this mac on the media player looks great i mean. It s clear that it s designed specifically for the map. Secondly it can play almost any type of file out there and brings a lot of great features there is dark mode that looks great it it automatically finds and download.

Subtitles. And it has gesture support you can use gestures to control volume scrub. The video and play pause and all of this is customizable iin. A media player is a free and open source media player.

So yeah. It s worth the try move on to another great app night out. Which is an app. You need if you want more control over the dark mode in mac os so dark mode in mac os is great.

But if you want to toggle between the light and the dark mode. You can only do so through system preferences well with night owl you can quickly toggle between these modes like this yeah. This makes things easy right unless you can schedule the dark mode to turn on with sunset. A future macro is katarina break that s not all you know how some apps just look better in the light mode.

Really can set an app to work in the light mode. Always night owl is available free. So you should definitely check it out now before i move on to the next step of the list. There is one app.

I want to talk about its cleanmymac our sponsors for this video. So cleanmymac..

10 is a map tool that you must have it has plenty of useful features. But let me talk about the ones. I line first up. I like the smart cam feature it shows you the junk.

You can delete from your mac. Any privacy issues. Your system might have and recommendations to speed up your map. I also like the model of a removal feature.

Which checks your map for any malicious file. And there s the uninstaller feature. Which shows you the apps that are unused leftover files from removed apps. So that you can remove apps and their files.

Completely. I also like the space lens modulator which shows you the largest files on your mac in this cool looking map and this definitely gives a better idea what s taking up the most space. So as you can see the trash is taking of the most storage on my mac. So i can quickly remove it lastly cleanmymac shows the large and the old file so you can free up storage quickly.

It s really handy well clean. My mac x is a must have tool to clean protected speed of your mac and it s available in a free trial. So you should definitely try it out from the link below moving on when i switch to the mac. I miss the ability to quickly snap windows and compare camera samples and do a lot of other things and while there are a lot of window manager apps.

I was looking for something simple and that s when i found spectacle which is just the perfect apple it s just a simple app that lets you snap windows to the left right upper left lower right basically any way you want with a keyboard shot. So that you can multitask with ease. I generally use it to use two apps side by side. And it s so intuitive and i like the fact that all of these keyboard shortcuts are customizable so i can just set things to the way i want that s what makes things perfect is it s free amazing right anyway if you want to snap windows.

With the touch pad. And you want more controls you check out other alternative as from the article in the description. So the next app on the list is called it sickle and it solves a big problem for me on the mac. So in mac os.

You can see the date. The day of the week and time on the menu bar..

But unlike windows you cannot just click on it to open up a calendar. And that is a not i know you can use the calendar dashboard. But that calendar does not have any features whatsoever. Anyway so it s equally brings a menu bar icon that shows you the date and the day of the week.

But unlike the mac os icon. You can click on it and see the calendar now better isn t it now i primarily use it to check the date and stuff. But you can even add events. Here and shows the events you ve added in mac.

Os is native calendar. It s great and what makes it circle. Even better is that it s a free open source tool. Okay so i m bad at organizing.

My files. And my laptop is a mess and well that s where hazel comes in and i have that really automates file organization on the mac. The app. Lets you set rules you can apply to organize your files.

So as you can see i have set a few rules for my downloads folder so the app will automatically sort files according to these rules so that things are more organized it s awesome that s with hazel you can set items in the trash to delete automatically. And also keep the size of the trash in control. Yeah hazel is a super handy app. It s available in a free trial and for the full version you have to pay 32.

Another great mac app is flume. Which is the instagram app you need on mac os i know you can use instagram web but you cannot upload photos you cannot dm so yeah it s pretty limited bloom on the other hand is a gorgeous instagram client that brings everything you need you can defeat in a column or a grid. View. And as you can see there are different tabs on the bottom.

So you can upload a photo or video from here check out the explore page search for things check your notifications your messages and your profile yes this is a full fledged instagram client from that i love using and especially because of the beautiful interface loom is available for free but the ability to upload photos and use multiple accounts are limited to the pro version which is priced at 20 move on if you own a bluetooth heads. And you would know that connecting it to the mac is a pain yes sometimes the headset auto connects. But mostly you have to connect to it manually by going through multiple options. But this is the tooth fairy comes in this is a tool that makes connecting to blue two devices on the mac super easy.

With tooth fairy you can create separate menu bar. Shortcuts for different bluetooth devices..

So you can connect with them with just a click. It s really handy plus you can customize these shortcuts to see details like the battery of your headset. It s really great tooth fairy is available for 5 on the app store. But it s worth the price with all these apps.

The menu bar can get pretty crowded right well. There s an app for that as well i am talking about vanilla. Which is a tool that please mac. Os is menu bar from all the clutter so once you install it you can just move.

The icons you want to hide inside. This dot mark and that s it you can now just use this button to hide. The icons and make the menu bar clutter free. Now.

I know there are apps. Like bartender. That brings this functionality. But vanilla brings the basic ability to hide menu bar items for free.

So. Yeah. There s that well those were some amazing mac utilities. I wanted to recommend to you guys you can check out each app from the article in the description.

Which also features free alternatives and better dentists to each app. So yeah make sure to check it out also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share. It to friends. Who use a mac.

Lastly subscribe to our channel for more amazing. Tech videos well as me signing off thanks for watching. And i will see you in the next one music. ” .


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