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“My beauties welcome back to my channel thanks for joining. Today. So today. I have have a fashion video for you it s all about business attire.

I am sharing you pieces of business casual attire that can ultimately make over 30 outfits. If you new here my name is angel. I ll share everything laughs. I also from home decor diy projects to beauty in fashion.

If any of that interest you don t forget to click that subscribe button as well as they click the little bail button for notifications as well and don t forget to like on facebook and share their i ll share all of my social media. Handles so if you want to see more of my personal life be sure to follow me on my other social media channels. I have posted a previous business casual look book outfit video previously and i think some of you guys got confused. So i m not talking about business formal talk about business casual they are completely separate.

I m an attorney. I know business formal is suits and two and three pieces. I mean that s courtroom attire but business casual is something you just walk in if you have a casual office. If it s laid back if it s not formal if it s just blacks in a top.

They re more relaxed so today is a business casual video. It s relaxed so let s be sure that we re clear about that so if you re looking for business formal. You might want to check out another video. Not this one so be sure to watch all the way to the end because i m gonna share with you each piece.

And tell you a little bit about each piece. What i like and dislike about it and whether or not i think you should buy it so be sure to watch all the way to the end so let s start music laughter music applause music laughter music laughter music applause music applause music music music music applause music applause music applause music applause music music here music i think is in between those two colors but and the lights probably is making this brighter on camera. But it s really cute it can match an array of items and they happen in color caramel. This came from boom.

It s a turtleneck and this is in a uk. 10. This is very fitting so beware of that this top is a i love this top is a leopard print lace top it s from boohoo as well i love this shirt guys. I made up all of the clothes that i mentioned today if i had to give you my number one pick it s definitely shirt.

I really like this shirt and you can actually make this shirt business you can make it casual. But you can also wear this under a formal suit. So if you want to do an entire suit you can also wear this a funny person..


But i really like this it feels great it s very cool you don t have to worry about burning up in it and i really really like this tank another shirt is this one this is a yeller a mustard. It s like silky kind of it s it s actually saying with a mustard sentence. Allows it s very cool it s very comfortable it s not tight whatsoever you can style this with pants or skirt for suit alright another shirt. I have is this white shirt.

You always need a really nice white shirt in your closet for business casual and for business. But this is a casual shirt not a formal keep that in mind so a business formal shirt for example will be a button up shirt. This is not a button up shirt. So this is a scalloped edge bodysuit that i got from boohoo as well and you can make some access with a flower now warning.

This is kind of thin. So just know it is kinda thin. So being wary of that but i like the shirt. My stupid like a shirt.

I mean i can t see through it but don t wear it on a coding boy. I don t a warm day. Because it s very light so this is a dress it s a striped burgundy and black dress. I think this is so cute it s so different and it s not the norm and i purchased this dress from boohoo and it s in a size us poor alright.

So let s talk about another dress this dress is a black dress. You always need a black dress in your closet for business casual. And this one has a little tie in the front and i purchased this from blue as well this is in a us size 4. I will say that you might not concede on camera.

But it is see through a little you can t see me haha maybe you can see that macy s stacy you can see it s kind of right there. It s kind of see through so i really like the dress and it s very versatile you point with another jacket you can wear this to many places. But you probably will want to wear like a slip or you know or something up under it so that you can t see through it ok. Let s talk about some bottoms.

I m going to share with you today. So i got these two bottom. One is a pair pants black pants. I always want some white pants.

So these pants were different and that s why it caught my attention so they re not normal. They re really really wide really wide legs so they re not tight. You don t really want to wear..


I like super tight stuff to work you know and yeah. It s not cute we re not trying to be sexy. We re trying to be classy and nice that s what we want okay so this caught my attention because of the big loop. So you see how it like folds over it s really cute and then it has two little buttons there to give it just a little pop you know so you re not so boring in black pants.

A little bit of pop. So yeah. I really really do like these pants and highly recommend you get them another the skirt that i got was not the skirt that i wanted the one i wanted they were out of stock. So i went with the next best.

Which was this one now this is not the sir i would recommend so why not out there this is thin and it s cotton. So i would not recommend you to wear this to work. I would recommend you to search for another black skirt. But for the purpose of this video.

Which i ordered these clothes for video. I stout this skirt with the sharks. But i would recommend to search the hill for another black skirt. I do not work them in this one.

But this is a great summer skirt like because it s so lightweight a see through it s cotton. It ll be a good summer shirt. But anyway for the purpose of this video. I wanted to show you how you can still style a black skirt with the tops.

So there you go now let s discuss jackets and blazers. So i m sharing with you for today. And one is this black and white checkered jacket it s like a blazer. But i will say it s a it s a very comfortable blazer this came from boohoo.

I like it because you know the black and white checkered is always business u00ed. But this is made from cotton. So it s cold. It s not hot it s not stuffy so i really do like this blazer.

And you can style. It with a number of outfits. Another blazer and i m going to share with you it is mustard now mustard is and i love mustard..


I know a lot of these items. I can t go about what three pieces or so that s muster in this business casual haul walk muster. It s just a great winter color and because of my skin tone must i it looks really good on me so this year. I ve have gotten more mustard than normal.

But mustard is ends. So this is a mustard soy sir i also got from booboo. I love the texture of it and it s actually made in a really really good quality. This was made in italy actually that s but the polygon is i mean.

It s a suit jacket. So you know they have pants for this and you really wanna make a complete stew out of it. But it s really good quality that pocket right here. Well.

It s not a pocket anyway. I really like this and you can style. It with so many different options another jacket. I got is this black one from boohoo now this one it goes to your knees.

And the arms are out it has a little cut away so flavius shoulders like you know the superhero capes kind of those chickens. This is my first so i was excited to try it out. But i like it and it s nice and comfortable. It s not hot you have no right being cut in it.

And it s made of really good quality so for the price that you re paying for it s really good quality highly recommended jacket the last but not least. I m sharing with you a cult. We all need a coat for the winter. So here s a cute business coat you don t have to do this color.

But this is my color. So that s why i chose it it s a muster coat. It s a wool. It s really long it s it s a full length mustard.

We ll check it so it s very long it s very warm it s very comfortable you don t have to get this color. They have it in a ton of colors actually as a matter of fact i have a ton of colors. I think i have ribs and brown yeah white have it unlock colors..


But i wanted this for the business. Because i will wear this not saying you and sometimes what colors are not allowed at certain jobs. So beware you know you can t wear a lot colors don t get the mustard. But if you can this would definitely make you hot honey.

When you walk in that door all the way my gonna be looking at you like oh. My god i love that jacket every time. I wear people love this jacket. So keep that in mind.

So another outfit is this jumpsuit that i m actually wearing you know what you came from jordan. I love jumpsuits. You don t have to match the top to bottom like literally just throw it on and walk out the door. I have more jumps us to work up quite a bit and last.

But not least you always need a really good pair of business shoes today. I m gonna share with you these these are some brown for me my natural nude color brown tone with the little gold at the end they re not that high. But they re very comfortable they re from auto and i picked these up from. Rosco they were 2999.

And you i can wear these with any of the office that i mentioned a white was that they re my new color and new it matches anything. But these if you just don t have a lot of money. But you need a lot outfits grab a pair of new shoes. You can wear them with anything or black of course.

You can always do black like my just almost everything most of times. But notice always my number one go to when i just need a good pair of shoes to match almost every outfit. So hi guys. If you enjoyed be sure to give me a thumbs up let me know which often you like the best or what type of memory work around is it more business form or is it business casual would you like to see a business formal video and get some inspirations and ideas for that if so let me know if you have not saw my previous business casual attire video go check that little look out.

I also have a winter attire video. Little book that i ll train with you guys. So also be sure to check that video out as well ” ..


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In this video, I have 13 pieces of business casual clothing that ultimately can make 37 outfits! That s over a month s worth of office work wear! This is a winter lookbook of some outfits you can wear to work.

Which pieces do you think is the most versatile?

Mustard Satin Blouse: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jep8/
Leopard Cami: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeou/
Scalloped Bodysuit: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jepc/
Camel Turtleneck: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeol/
Burgundy Stripped Dress: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeor/
Black Dress: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeow/
Black Wide Leg Trouser: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jep5/
Black Skirt: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jep1/
Stripped Jumpsuit: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeon/
Mustard Blazer: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeop/
Checked Blazer: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jeov/
Mustard Coat: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jep0/
Black Cape Blazer: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jep7/

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