2 Digital Artists Use The Same Stock Images! Edit Race ep. V

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“Video was sponsored by an fado elements in this video. I ll be competing against against another photoshop artist. We are given the same stock images and are totally free turn it into whatever we want using photoshop. We will be making the coolest artwork welcome to this brand new episode of edit race music applause music applause music for today s episode.

We have a special guest this time it s alessio who won my hundred k contest. A while back and therefore was most welcome to join me in this challenge. Let s take a look at the stock images. We got we both collected four different stock images together that makes eight.

And these. Eight images are everything we are allowed to use making artwork in photoshop. How similar or different will the final images be let s find out right after telling you something about you well my friends and follow elements the website. We got our images from is a website.

Where you can find over 2 million stock. Assets for photo editing. Video editing. And pretty.


Much any kind of digital creation. Tell ya. Think of stuff like stock video. Photo music sound effects graphics templates fonts add ons brushes photoshop actions and more well my.

Dear friend. Then you re lucky. Because enviado has to be exact twenty six thousand five hundred eighty four images of spoons. But you sure can if you get yourself a subscription right now you can enjoy unlimited downloads hello benji are you there must have died of a heart attack or something oh well you who are guys get an anvil subscription for the best and largest collection of stock elements click.

The first link in the description. Now let s take a look at the rules of this edit race. We have to use every single image. We got we cannot add any other images to this set the artwork ratio needs to be 4 5.

We can only use photoshop and lightroom or camera raw. Oh and there s one more thing. This time. I m not gonna put our names below the speed edit videos that means.


You won t know for sure who made which artwork that will be revealed in the next episode of edit race with that in mind. Let s not waste any more time. And get straight into. It.

Music. Music. Music. Music.

Music. Music. Music. Applause.

Music. Music. Music. Music.


Music. Music. Music. Music.

Music. Music. Music. Music.

Music. Music. So. What do you think.

One artist. One. Or two let us know by voting right now on the community temple and wait for the next episode of edit race to find out which edit was made by who so now it s time for my favorite ace jack benny review this time it s from the talented xl orion. This is simply amazing first of all the orange and red works.


Great with the pink and purple in this image. Even though usually that it s not a great combination. The composition is very decent and the overall idea is very very cool great work wanna. See your edits on my favorite instagram posts.

All you gotta do is tag hashtag. Penny review in your next post. So that s it for today. If you liked this video make sure to leave a like and a comment and if you enjoy my overall content.

Feel very very free to subscribe. It would mean the world to me. Then i hope. I will see you in the next episode of edit race music.

” ..

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