3 Tips – How To Find a Visa Sponsored Job With LinkedIn

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“Are three quick tips to find a visa sponsor job overseas. Using ling. Bing. If if you re an immigrant job.

Seeker. You must have a linkedin profile and not any generic. Linkedin. Profile.

It must be a unique immigrants. Linkedin. Profile. Now.

How is this different to a generic. Linkedin. Profile and unique immigrants..


Linkedin. Profile is different in three ways. It informs. The potential employers overseas a new destination country about your eligibility for visas they which is crucially important if they don t know you re eligible they won t be interested and gives them verifiable credible information to overcome the credibility issues and believe your information is true and most importantly.

It is not a business card. It s a tool which you need to use to connect to engage and interact with potential targeted overseas employers and to build relationships with them and overcome the trust issues. Which is huge for immigrant job seekers using that unique immigrants linkedin profile here are three quick tips that will enhance your chances to finding and landing your visa sponsor job tip number one the magic 100. I made a separate video about this a while ago.

So see if you can find it in my youtube channel or in this channel. Wherever you watching this video just look for the magic. 100. The magic 100 is the first 100 connections with people inside potential employers overseas.

A new destination country this forms a crucial audience of people who will see your work and who you need to start your network and engagement with crucially important seed this way without an audience you re great linkedin profile is completely invisible. So you need to create that magic 100 quickly and efficiently and then use that audience to start your engagement and your interaction. And become visible..


Once you have that in place and you get some eyeballs on your projects on your work on your acolytes things will start humming for you and linkedin. Now the tip. Number two is targeting. Targeting is related to the magic 100.

And that you need to target the broad potential employers and meet them way they are on the linkedin. Page. You know i have full facebook. Groups for visa sponsored jobs around new.

Zealand australia canada and the uk in. Facebook we have close to 80000. People in those groups and daily hundreds of people put post survey about themselves. And that they want this or that visa sponsor job or this is their background.

It s futile doesn t work just think for yourself do you really think that potential overseas employers will hang around and those facebook groups. Just waiting for you to paste post your stuff and lee and then magically grab. You and give you a job..


No it won t happen. There is no way that that s going to happen because they are not be they are possibly in linking. They have a linkedin business page. And that is where you can spend some time and their presence.

Meet them and become visible to them that means you must research who they are who these employers are what they need and you must tell them what your eligibility is find them connect with them and then start to interact and to target them way they are you can also talk at the right jobs and linkedin sitting your back in sittings and bringing you the relevant jobs in terms of your eligibility from linkedin jobs number three is mining the third tip is about mining the network of your magic 100 connections. Everyone in your destination country. Who is connected to you and that magic 100 is a first connection all of their connections and their network. Becomes second connections to you and linkedin.

So does the interest. The groups etc. That becomes visible to you this is a goldmine full of potential connections full of potential companies full of opportunities potential employers. Which you can get to know.

Which you didn t know existed before and you can start mining that information and following you unique immigrants linkedin profile finding strategies that works for immigrants you can find your visa sponsor job that way tons of our successful clients have used only this to find the overseas jobs as immigrants and you can do the same so go create your unique immigrants. Linkedin profile. Now and put these three tips to work..


If you want us to optimize your linkedin. Profile and give. You a little seed list of potential employers. For you then check out this link on my website.

Where you can get that service. And remember if you want more crackit tips and tricks and information. Support and guidance as an immigrant job seeker then subscribe to this channel. Because you ll be informed instantly.

When i release new videos that information like this one and i ll see you in the next videos. ” ..

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“LinkedIn is a must-have for immigrant job seekers.nnIt is your online access, tool for building relationships and having conversations with potential overseas employers.nn More important is a Unique Immigrant s LinkedIn Profile. It differs from a “generic” profile in 3 ways.nnHere are 3 tips (which our VIP clients use regularly) to find a job as an immigrant.nnEnjoy.nnZar lsie Van der Merwe is the Migration Mentor. She inspires, guides and educates new immigrants globally to find jobs and overcome the common job finding obstacles as immigrant job seekers and helps them deal with the psychological and emotional factors of immigration to become thriving, successful citizens of their new country. nMore: n- Visit her website http://www.zarelsie.comn- Join her on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Zarelsie/n- Download her FREE video series for immigrant job seekers: Do You Know The SEVEN Deadly Job Hunting Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Immigration Dreams…And How To Easily Avoid Them here www.qjumperfactor.com”,

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