3am challenge centipede/emoji movie doll challenge(totaladultpresidents)

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“Playing with emoji. No yeah so we re doing two in one he wants to to try to do a bloody mary challenge 3m why he s very stupid i gonna do it tomorrow. Without me what you said that you don t wanna okay. So let s just like it.

Oh. My did. The weight die. Oh.

No cheating. Again music. Yeah. Yeah.

We go. Like that i m naturally shaped up. Oh. Let s you re a kid you don t you never wait okay.

Presence table. One as we said that will run you the sentences. Yes she s a week. So i m morning yet okay okay so patterns.


How many videos have we done and please subscribe to this video push the bell button make sure things don t forget to hit that thumbs up below and try to hit 25000. So old fashioned arcade game in a little arcade box. Okay you can really see it yeah. We need big heavy weight setup.

He old set up here look hi boy. You know okay look. Great does you can play okay. So.

It s like the old fashioned set up here games do beyond that all right that s enough unzoom it. But you have three lines yeah you lost one and by the way yes. Five of those you dolls for emoji doll. That s dog a high five guy and the monkey.

Okay oh. You re a to cut them with the heart kit. Look see. And we re we re doing the high five man.

See you look. He s happy here. But look ah okay. I clearly them yeah.


I know you guys would watch apart. Okay. So that s all you have to show you now no no you wanna know what s creepy about it what what the canvas. What is it okay come back come on why don t you give it a try yeah.

I know nothing looks creepy. Census. There what no it s what we believe even creepier when we play the dull paddies caked with the what s on the it s the emoji ii in the pitch clap don t for noise. We have this big light so second level as well makes these i love dumb 6th level.

Why because when you own go down. You re we go bunch right here so they just go i m a cliche charging at you an effect. You mean oh. That s the fifth.

Oh oh i made to the six. I love them. Because i saw what she s charging straight down. I didn t lose your life and i already made to the fourth level that s the thing that s before i just did the punch the third.

No okay what color was it last time. Oh i don t know i forgot about it islands memory. Very easily. But i won t forget about you guys.


It was actually orange okay this happen now it s going jim bob can you see me now oh. I catch more sweeping. Yeah. See this sybil for me okay so which one room never gonna play pattycake in i m gonna kim no but no boys we can wish for young any of yours okay so you know how um.

Um weird. Things. Happen at 3. 00 am.

Some people play pattycake with some emoji over there so someone order a motion movie. And it had a bunch of blood on it. So. Where is he will happen to this way got that i m the big emoji.

Okay one you two emojis. One tiny one huge here s a huge one is a huge one you use the tiny one see if it makes it please okay pattycake pattycake that s weird what that was not there. Oh no okay what s phase. Change.

That s creepy. Oh. It always they change again. Okay.


Let s go that is his christmas. The solos creepy. You fool why did you got three and challenges. We may fit in one.

More today. Oh yeah. No yeah. He s never gonna do that oh yeah thank you for watching please please subscribe and i ll put something did happen look the cotton is open look.

There s a cotton hole right. Here. There s a coffee hole somewhere okay. So it s creepy.

Thank you for watching don t forget to subscribe. Hit that like. Button and i ll make up to 25000. Likes and presidents we love you guys.

And don t forget to hit the notifications button presents out ” ..

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