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“I want a lion profile. You know not even a text. My god you know know that i need to get a text that i m not one text. My who not take not even young man ago.

I m not even gonna show my lad. I saw my life my bro as soon as i ve got the team this lackey thought they gave the job already outside any muscle car not one for i was waiting for it ha there was a password so i couldn t cool no one on his team so i was waiting for clean for the bedroom. You know mama s in a bedroom thing. I m waiting for it find my teen.

At 9 00. I don t know man mama s gone ahead oh man you know the king the twins. The twins. The twins bhavna these times might turn into you got me so good for the twins in that trust trust those what they know the 10 1.

My god na is bo. You see the finger osman. Oh. My god osman don t do this video ping.

This video shoots every day. And we re actually out here. My god you know the team from before me as for when lamas people this rare rare rare rare rare china may not know where his company from kingman come on monica man you know this thing. I saw another thing that buzz.

We don t that s all that was in that buzzfeed. Oh yeah. Money god is this yeah. No problem mother s life pole issue gives me a headache fun fun sometimes here when his yeah.

I think why do you like him from you know sometimes that the sun guys are actually out here you know you know what he s really fuck you wanna touch him i ma do my thing. See my man is sad. But uh they re just taking a piece. They re just lying not money god my coat is you bought my coffee.

She s not once not twice three times. When i go to ghana three times for each time. And it s like you know anyone s not you cap someone i don t look like he s done. He knows.

Where is he s quite soon as he sees the width is part invoke one time though my corner my dinner gonna say he s with my tennis you throw me. But she same unknown he held up checking. Yeah. He did know what time is.

She said..

My mom tell his lies in these things. Ray ray ray money gonna actually baffles when he found can you see my little rap on all these films man don t know the truth from it s scary from you see what is doable. It s scary from the way. Michael fucking pollute be truthful.

I for me look who you money. God that didn t you don t. Even. Say.

He s tiny. Dylan bro. Sumner. Poll.

Only says lame o music bunnies on is boom. I had one large boom. What about my mother goes when he got ching. I feel even if he was the guys got a game man.

Oh yeah. Yeah. I m not trying to cheat me. Without you you big shit.

This party game. I know my god you know the same one you know the thing when you ready no no he might trust me. When lot of a dying breed money come on sarah anyway. You know i already know they know the team not mine.

They know the team for me. You know the team and another thing. One gossamer are still hey they know the thing no my trust more rome and they know the 10 month. See this thing see this timbo you can t fake it but make us they made out for me for me made out there man.

I m talking about all these barriers at that idiot. You spoke the most video star listen you can t even mention. These mines. And these my name is butch is from this one got kids.

Hello constable you see would he worried that the surgery. The operation. It goes well fun cuz para is there the hospital bed right now you know nothing mom bush even if anyone that s listed on youtube. The washer he told this cab of that a lot is verbal team because you re not you re not there s no need for this part that we don t want to be banging out my mansion exit this game.

But people at you is that you want me smurf..

You don t would aye aye. That s all i brought out what scares. Me yeah is that you see this man here not but uh you see on our block. Yeah.

If i was racking and you wait much one works rates like to take one wait before me you cut a rope on a block bowl. It s impossible bro you can t a rat ball. You get kicked off the block bro. See these many new you come up every day like they just reckon that it s loula.

My nigga. I not block this probably couple of bluffer before me a fun that s why this one proper scares. Me that is scary that the guy came out of nowhere. He s banned on here.

He s got kids are my kids why don t i guys got kids. Bobby s a asian buddy s got kids just dead drinking his red bull smoking. His blend pan bao he needs to soy almond. Told.

Me one day that you touched one guy one. Just one so don t in order to know man you know the thing. My oh my god they know the team onion. You see me bro.

I ve never done this laughing my whole life you know i m not gonna last of never done it you know you know what i was telling new street drugs to make me and wish go a laugh. I don t think that s right say it follows man come on there don t get exposed. Funny nah cuz. When he passed a man when he actually asked him like yo what have you done now just one thing.

What have you done now a man who stopped talking and that you stop talking like you don t know what to say from you see us man of credentials from work see fully them at the firm. Hey. My god he won t jump in at any of you worse. Oh.

You see the king norman agreement. You know knitting. I just want to actually want to check some my genuine see right where s my diamond. Yeah.

He used to be chillin with stones and actually to wisconsin that i used to be on up used to be on a block man needs to be on a block man ten times. He s too cool himself fucking shanks and mud. Shallots. Mmm.

I think some of his old eg winning the asian brother hundred block he s the coolants of shenzhen that used to be on a block..

He s the fucking. A man of school used to be from you know the team mi man. You can t be on our side of town returning kicks up a block then he went over themselves you know the thing man. We got fuji guys.

I you know the king nor. The thing itself control of panama grab this what not bro let s do this hey. Jake stole. My mom of them are still enough blah fuck yeah you need you know the thing we strike at all you know the thing.

My nigga struck is in jail. Because it is pablo you from this pablo. He s just snitchin from la strikers. I let me not even so baylor here from he s in joker than his problem you family for me from they say making them nine times and these things.

But our mama wrote. A statement and gave his medical records. That it takes to gain. Mama is insane.

Mama s hussein. Dimestops are coming from him. And he don t always coming from. But is there somewhere for us.

These blogs are to give it you bob is there somewhere poor. But you know that can be which is what our brother this is what i m trying to show you i get a heavy bro. I cannot put my head ebola. I get a mad heady these games give me a heavy crown.

It stresses me out i can t even see that man s got stitches in man s own lawns. The game just met. But matt s got these goodies in that bar just doing good not not this is val kilmer. But you see the difference between us man well we re not claiming all hiv normal way to do it when we see these stitches.

You know that came from um. No decay not a thing you know the team commonly noted say what hey hey you were a really high here and i know because she s in a band if you re a double banger well. I m not gonna samantha more you know the time you know the thing you know these comments are party. You know i said do you think you really fix the one that cd cotton droppin is crisper what ago you know the team you know the ones like normal dating game.

And i go a desilu than one you know that shop there go there. He s dead. My ones. They come you know the thing money god mama.

It s all crispy handbook..

Yes. Please. Torrio s you know the blizzard on the original king. Yeah.

You know the original thing. Yeah. Jon lester so he s got my whole life people have a phone. What s he done though icy nicey young.

She can learn your natural. Didn t the most of the see one and isis tiny low cut form they might hide my my cotton from noticing. My buddy see these things oh they won t talk about these very work i just on my feet. I ve never had these my talk about you know.

When i scare you you know it the stairs is very constant even care about peace devotees. Ask me they re like they just wanna come to the ends. Rather die. They don t give a fuck about making money from i m gonna go back into these now be making money and they re phoning me.

They d say oh so funny me saying. Oh why are you coming over. Here. You know the technology and all the things different long before when i got there for a long long evenin gentlemen.

Even enjoy egyptian man you know the team you know the thing you know the team you know the team you know the same one you know the thing when i go on anything idea change our common what about you have used to us over that change you know i ve even gonna post that thing after this though yeah. Yeah you know anything anyway. It ll be fun for me. You know they pay money in order to more less different store for me different stuff.

Monaco. Me sanchez you know i don t know what the consent rising. You know is you know young days enough when life uniting that you can tell it in your room mean something what s my main no glory ever. My thing you know the case this money man trust me man.

I ma monetize here would be this actually just bust when that team over the oven take that we done we just is quick witness positive you know the thing when i got everybody going anywhere. They go you know anything to them time to this fresh home from you go out eat my nigga you know the 10 1 music come on yeah that pig was nice though hey batter batter laughing i come upon a quran you know the came on it s not i m still fine you know it just don t enjoy yourself a cross so a dark i see these oxfam mothers gonna farm now maybe this i found not you one day you just be right here you know what i m just gonna make though men who hates. I mean you just don t it. But it just happens you see you see people are will just get a dog de la naturally like it s a natural thing we re just gonna go there i m gonna go on telling you about trust.

Me you stick to the stick to their bread money any longer take money before me if they scratch our skin. You know the ting yeah. ” ..


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