7 Ways to Relax Before Interview – tips from Jobsite TV

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“Any interview. It s important to relax some people have special routines that they tend tend to use others. It might be the first time for some time that they done this are not sure how to relax. So i m going to give you seven tips on how to relax before an interview get a good night s sleep.

It might sound obvious. But a lot of people worry. The night before don tdo interview prep. The night before an interview do it earlier and whatever you do when you need a good night s sleep.


That s what you do on that night. Number two is eat right when you wake up in the morning. Try to avoid high fiber try to avoid a caffeine or sugar rush. That s going to impact you whilst you re in the interview and affect your energy level.

Number three is to dress right you obviously need to know what the dress code of the company is but you need to be relaxed you need to feel comfortable in what you re wearing and then that comes across in the interview. So try to get the dress code right for you as well as right for the company. Number four is make the interview your sole priority that day. Don t fit it interview in between shopping or lunch with somebody just make the whole day geared around that interview so you get your preparation right and you get downtime after it s to reflect on how the interview went and reflect on how to follow up number five is to arrive in good time.


I know it s easier said than done. But you really do need to check out your transport arrangements you need to search online for train times. If you re interviewing in a big city like london. It s possible now to get times of buses and times of underground trains.

If you re interviewing where you re driving you can look up both the aaa and on the bbc website to find out if there are any roadworks you need to avoid make sure that you get there 15 minutes. Beforehand try not to get there too much earlier because otherwise it will only make you nervous waiting in reception. The interviewer is unlikely to start until the allotted interview time point six is not to take it too seriously now that might sound strange. The interview is important it might be the first one you ve had for a few weeks.


But you do need to relax you do need to not build it up to be the be all and end all because it will make you nervous and you will fear failing. When what you need to do is go in with a very positive mindset on the basis. That you are giving us of the best shot at creating a positive impression and the seventh and final way is to just make sure you re prepared for surprises. It s easy before an interview to worry about things that might go wrong.

But actually just anticipate a curveball question. They usually appear in every interview. Something you re not expecting. Which seems out of kilter with the rest of the conversation and you ve got to remember that sometimes it s not what you say it s how you say it so.


If you think you ve landed. A curveball question. Just kind of smile take a pause think an answer. The interviewer will know they re probably looking at the way you answer.

It as opposed to what you say good luck with the interviews and if you want more advice go to job site go uk forward. ” ..

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“Subscribe to our channel http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jobsiteUK It s easy to get nervous during the build up to an interview. There is a lot of pressure on performing well and remembering your best answers and the details of the research that you may have done on the company and the interviewer. Here are our 7 ways to try and relax ahead of the event.nn0:20 Get a good night s sleepn0:37 Eat rightn0:50 Dress rightn1:09 Make the interview your day s sole priorityn1:29 Arrive in good timen2:10 Don t take them too seriouslyn2:42 Prepare for surprises”,

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