9 Classic Retro Shaving, Blades, and Mens Facial Products Commercials

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“Sharp you sharp be sharp and listen mister peewee reese has a way with dodger dodger rookies or sandlot youngsters peewee you do a lot of work with boys not out. I like baseball and kids i enjoy helping teenagers start right well that s around shaving age you ve given pointers on personal appearance. Yes. A boy has more self respect.

When he s clean shaved. I tell him you to gillette razor al you said it the gillette superspeed razor. And today there are three light for sensitive skin. And most younger man regular for average skin and bare have a for men who like the heft and feel of a heavier razor each is different precisely.

Engineered one has the right blade edge exposure. Edge angle. And weight to shave. You and a breeze.

Comfortable good looking. Shaved. You may never have had before and convenient..


You change blades and rinse clean so choose your gillette superspeed razor a dollar 29 with gillette blue blade dispenser in handy travel case. We re going to use an ordinary garden variety peach with its short clothes. Fuzz and tender skin and a regular regimental hairbrush with its rough tough bristles to prove to you that the man sized remington electric shaver will give you a close comfortable shave. No matter how tender your skin.

No matter. How tough your beard. Look at this amazing demonstration. The remington is so gentle that it can shave the short clothes fuzz off a peach without harming its tender skin.

And the remington is so powerful that it can shave the bristles off a brush bristles tougher than any beard. Remember the amazing demonstration of the peach and brush for the close comfortable shave you ve always wanted reach for the remington electric shaver we have but a boy tonight huh wow. What s that aftershave you re wearing gah you i cannot. A aftershave is so powerful.

It drives women s right out of them that s why we have to put instructions on self defense in every package. Hai karate. The brisk splash on aftershave that smooths and soothes and cools hai karate..


Aftershave. Cologne and gift sets whoa hai karate. Be careful how you use it mm hmm. Okay.

See my shake will now come same guy so take it off wine. A man goes off the road to see whether he needs a shave. Even though he shaved five miles ago. What makes a man do this only chic super common.

It s so comfortable you re actually look forward to your next. Shave. Now here. We have a man who waited up all night for his morning shave.

What could make a man love shaving that much only chic super chromium. It s so comfortable. You re actually look forward to your next..


Shape. Reporting concert. Oh yeah come on kids right now. But i dated that if you need waking up slap on some skin bracer braces.

The morning one its skin tightener at chin chillers work like a cold slap in the face. Thanks. I needed that let s go to the dry. Mojave desert to prove.

Palmolive rapid. Shave. Soaks whiskers soft even without water without using any water this man. Applies rapid shave directly to his top dry beard look for rapid shave.

Dole moisturizing power 17 beard softeners can do whiskers come on smooth and clean proof. Rapid. Cheyne stokes whiskers soft even without water..


Imagine the fast smooth shaved you get at home with all. The water. You want yet. Palmolive rapid shave professional barbers use lather that s extra rich extra moist that s why at home aero.

Shave is just what the barber ordered for unlike lazy leathers that come out in a slow weary. Rhythm aero. Shave comes out trigger quick and super moist to soak and soften. So can soften every bit of your beard.

You shave easier closer cleaner. Don t pay more for lazy lathers. Yet active aero shave regular or extra cool man. ” .


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