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“Jt. Said challenge. I m here to answer it you want facts boy well you you asked for it i m gonna give you some trivia master rate and put facts on blast. He ll class dismissed.

It s the truth ai. N t no party trick. I m bringing factor. The web locking car up there to get your notebooks out it s a music shame.

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The water has got power when harrison was president but he never touched the switches he was scared of them relevant thomas edison. Killed. An elephant s no electricity in ethiopia to 1896 when the emperor ordered a brand new electric chair and realized that couldn t plug it in anywhere the world s first batteries may have been roamin three percent of all the world cheese gets stolen figures use what spread their polling. But the wasps get trapped and the pigs dissolve a strawberry s not a berry in any way.

But bananas are and share half of all the dna. The first fruit eaten on the moon is canned peaches and candies on speech speech card reader rated accept the fact that winston churchill never really maybe he wrote and performed it for the government of course. But the version that you heard was made years he was dippy dug before he was goofy scarecrow once called wannabe boobies jordan. The bugs once advertised shoes.

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And it s where the word. Mean first appeared johnny cash was a radio engineer. And when stalin died. He was the first to hear bingo.

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I m going to stop now i ll never ever make it if he sets a challenge and battery jt..

This is with my power intact. If you saw it through have a pat on the back. It s not trivial pursuit. It s a matter of fact hey everyone thanks so much for watching.

And thank to jt as well for the awesome challenge. I had loads of fun with it i just hit 16 thousand subscribers. Which is absolutely nuts fast approaching 17. So thanks so much for all your comments or lights and your support.

And there s loads more tracks on the way down for just issued a board game rap challenge. Which sounds amazing. And there s local game facts coming up as well so for updates on those just monica just subscribe music. ” .


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So the awesome JT Music put out a challenge to make a rap out of interesting trivia… And that s the sort of thing I just can t resist! So here s my rebuttal. It was certainly a refreshing break from ink demons and cuddly death robots!

I tried my best to keep the facts as varied and interesting as possible, with a mix of weird things I ve heard over the years, new ones I discovered for this track and a couple I researched and found out myself. (I spent a LOT of time counting Forts…)
So hopefully there s something interesting in here for all of you!


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