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“Wait a minute wait a minute you owe me back room. Ren. Don t get get excited how much is it you owe me. 13.

Weeks at. 7. A week. Sum is not pardon.

Me just a minute shalu is 28 20. Given that old routine of ours you know. Seven and twenty eight thirteen times. Sailor.

Give. Me. The crayola..


Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Uh and do it right this time hope. It works make it snappy okay uh. Mr.

Landlord yeah you smoking an army blanket never mind about that you owe me room rent alright here s 20 28. Fine. Then just a minute you owe me 13 weeks at. 7.

A week. And that happens to be a lot more than 28 that comes to 28. Did you go to school yes..


Sir do you mean to say that you can prove that seven times. 13. Is 28 well it s gotta be. Sunny it is because mr have an eye that story 800.

It s what you get if you can prove it i ll tell what i ll do i will give you the room rent for nothing you will but if you don t prove it you owe me double. The background is it a deal that s a deal. Okay you have to have any creole on it creo line. I got it oh you have got the crayola seven that is why he s gonna come up 13.

That s your way that s my way. It s gotta come out right now first i put down the 7 right now i m gonna divide the 7 is the 28 yeah i put at 28. There okay in a cute now here we go. 7.

Into 2 7. Will not go into 2. It will not that s a very big 7 to push into that little bedroom..


We ain t gonna hurt that little to our horseshoe ones shall we take the 2 hope your hand yes and i put that 2 right there a safe keeping. But don t drop it and don t lose it now 7th 8th. Once once i put the 1 over here 1 over there now we re gonna carry the 7. Because it s very big and it s getting heavy on my shoulders.

And i m gonna drop the 7 under there now 7 for meit. He s won this one i put the 1 down. There mm hmm now comes would you mind open up your palm of your hand. Please.

I would like to use that to open up you been at two you had it long enough. I ll put that to right there now 720 204 2273 now wait a minute wait until not convinced. There s one sure way of proving this one sure way and that s by addition you want me to add dition it up. I want you to put 13 seven times on that wall and then draw a line and adama you want me to put down thirteen seven times.

That s right let s cut them out right. There s one 1 two 2 three 3 four 4 five 5 six 6 seven wait a minute wait a minute. What s the area spreading them out like that that looks like a flock of seagulls gonna hit the electric poles now we re gonna add them up right right go ahead here..


We go three six women women let me do the adding this time that s not right whether they re six and then mister middle. I will do the adding then they ll be no mistake yeah all right 28 easy. I shall know hey if you had an apprentice 3 6. 9.

12 15. 18 21 22. 23. 24.

5. Or 6. ” ..


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