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“Than adequate sleep. A tiring day. An nenticing new. Netflix series.

One. More youtube. Video video attention. Demanding social media.

Apps. Activities nfriends family. And kids fantastic. Reasons to not.

The work who could deny it..

But you must you must do the work you will be tired. Today. And you will be tired na year from now. The incremental amount of work you do the tiny 30 min.

Chunks of time you set aside nevery day to write your book to create your content to chase after the future. You u2014 that nwill be the defining factor in your success a year from now you must understand you need to remind yourself you have to look in the mirror. Every single nday and say to yourself u2014 just because i don u2019t. Feel like it doesn u2019t mean i can u2019t ndo.

It there are too many people crushed depressed nand utterly. Disappointed in themselves for not doing the work forget the past today is a new day. And there is nothing stopping nyou from starting. Know this you always have the power to do the work always the world is perpetuated with the idea that nyou need to u2018feel like it u2019 to do the work.

You don u2019t..

You could feel like doing anything else. All you have to do in that moment is to sit ndown and do the work it sounds simple. And it is procrastination is ever present and your attention nwill be forever. Fought for it u2019s.

A fact of life self control. Preemptive measures. Focusing nstrategies and all the rest can greatly support you in your quest to do the work. But in the end you must rely on yourself nto actually do it it u2019s a commitment from present you to future nyou.

If you don u2019t. Know where to start here u2019s na. Simple guide imagine you u2019re on a plane and your destination nis future. You the flight is your work time keep your phone in airplane mode.

For the duration..

Nof. Your flight. No social media. No messages.

No distractions. Don u2019t. Miss the flight you need to be on board at a certain time nprepared there u2019s not much around you you u2019re not ndistracted you sit down with only the essentials to occupy yourself. Throughout the flight you u2019re quiet and courteous you u2019re in the zone you u2019ve heard.

These tips before you know nthey u2019re effective. You know they u2019re nothing new. You know what to do and how to go about it. All you have to do is to put them to use you will always encounter resistance in one nform or another procrastination opportunity cost the fight nfor your attention and worst of all fear fear of failure fear of exclusion fear of nmissing out it u2019s ever present u201cthe amateur believes he must first overcome nhis fear.

Then he can do his work..

The professional knows that fear can never nbe overcome u201d. You u2019re. A professional whether you u2019re aspiring or practicing professionals sit down. And do the work there u2019s nothing stopping you but yourself the internal struggle exists it u2019s a curse and it u2019s a blessing the curse you u2019re your own obstacle.

The blessing. If it u2019s only you then you nhave the power you can choose at any time. You can commit to sitting down nand just doing practice makes perfect and as a professional you sure as hell practice. I won u2019t wish you luck.

Because you don u2019t nneed that u2014 you u2019ll get there without it ” ..

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You re a professional. Whether you re aspiring or practising. Professionals sit down and do the work. There s nothing stopping you but your yourself. The internal struggle exists. It s a curse and it s a blessing.

The curse; You re your own obstacle.

The blessing; If it s only you, then you have the power.

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