Affiliate Consultant Spotlight: Cheryl Baldwin, Sweet Boo Design – YouTube

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“I m cheryl baldwin. I m the owner of sweet food design and i m m a brand designer. Basically what i do is a brand designer is i help look professional by being consistent with their message consistent with their marketing materials. Consistent with everything they do how they behave how they look what it is that they re trying to get across so like with mission based organizations.

I work with a lot of nonprofits..

It s sort of figuring out you know they re doing so much good in the world. What is that message and what is that brand that we want to put forth for them. But then overall what i find is that with a lot of companies they re so busy focused on doing these amazing things that they do that they haven t necessarily taken the time to say okay. How can we make sure like we know what we re doing and how great we are but how can we get it out consistently to everyone else so they can see how great we are i really think that one of my biggest differentiators is that i m a great listener and i really listen to what it is that my clients are looking to do and sometimes help them uncover what it is it s going to be most important to them and sometimes they think they need one thing and then in discussing what are the business goals.

And what are you trying to get out of hiring me it might look very different..

But you know i don t i m not an order taker. I m here to sort of help answer questions and help make decisions and help guide rather than just. You know someone who can you make something look nice for me. I really bring a bigger skill set a lot more experience and great listening skills to the table well for me.

It s great because i am very interested in working with nonprofits in the area..

So palm beach county has a tremendous community of nonprofits and the affiliate program allows me to get to know those nonprofits. It gets me in front of them i have opportunities to teach workshops. I taught a branding workshop this year to get in front of other nonprofit members there s networking opportunities. There s affiliate group opportunities.

It s a really nice in for me to be able to market..

My services and be a resource to nonprofits affiliated with nonprofits first you ” ..

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Cheryl Baldwin is an Affiliate Consultant with Nonprofits First. She is owner of Sweet Boo Design.


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