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“Right well to continue on with our dating segment. We have some questions and advice advice seeking listeners and viewers. So let s go ahead to our twitter and take look at some of those questions video if you ll pop it up for us please tweet. Oh all right okay this is from moy mouse.

If you ve been together for five over five years and he hasn t told you he loves you what does that mean what who is it oh my mouse. I think that s it yeah you that s not you no no man when i was like okay. What is your advice for this person boy mouse five years well never saying. I love you that s a problem.

I tell my dog every single day. You know i love you white white white. Hey hey somebody call. The problem problem.

You tell me girl did you love her everyday. Yes yes. This is a girlfriend if i ever have i always you know tell my mom that i love her your mom cuz. I love i love my mom the bottom your mom s i love you mom s man all right.

But okay so let s give some advice to my mouse. What do you think my mouse associated. But but that doesn t mean that he doesn t love you it s just that he might not you know really feeling well like saying you know expressly expressive eyes well here s my question i m wondering how old you guys are because if it s your first serious relationship. This was i think five years is a very long time.

But i don t know for some people you ve never said it it s hard to say like even to your parents have you ever did you ever call your parents back. I love you yeah. I ll tell them you do yeah. I do i do.

But some people find it really very awkward you find it very hard way get used to it yes. It gets easier. So you see you shouldn t start it right. Yeah.

Yeah. I think maybe your boyfriend. Just isn t used to maybe. He s caring about each is that you know that maybe you should try saying it first and then if he doesn t say it back that s where we have a problem.

But it s funny you know when you say colorful your mouth looks like saying. I love you yes a colorful it looks like i love you look at the screen or you can say olive juice. All right well no i meant girls and i just tell them right away..


I love you i love you girl okay. So you guys if sonny walks up to you and says. I love you i don t think. It s for real.

I think we should believe him this i have a lot of love in my heart. I want to just spread it out okay i love you son cities walmart olivieri ha. What of you love love is everything mmm. I don t know maybe have a serious discussion with your boyfriend.

If it s been five years is too long it s at a point. Where you should be should tell that this guy should tell him seriously. Yeah. Yeah.

This one s just out having like conversation. Yeah. What why don t you say it you know because hers. They want to hear it right you re not here.

They want to listen to the guys. Telling them we love you uh huh whatever you know and the guys they better say express. It all right hope this helps let s go to our next question from our viewer is this from i must be pebbles this guy was talking to seemed cool until he started becoming clingy. What does the clean me very very attached clingy.

What to do hmm do you have any so very cleaning people. So she wants to keep the descendant maybe yeah. Essentially. I m not never man no he lives right next door.

But i don t call them oh you don t wake up. But um cleany uh. I think it s that situation where from what distance like home that girl s kind of cute. I mean it don t like open over toya could attend on it it s like let s imagine i see what you re talking about i think that s maybe the situation.

What are you doing that situation. So this is like author here was cool. But as soon as we get closer all these guys playing it right. I don t know cuz if you like somebody too much you know it s hard to control it you gotta like express it so sometimes.

I guess i do that too sometimes. I do that too come on that s okay. Thanks lee okay..


So here s here s one thing that i heard it for if someone s clinging to you it s because that person likes you that much so i m. It s like you don t like him as much as he likes you which is fine. It s time yeah. But like you know when you re young you fall in love you it s out of control.

You know so that doesn t mean that he s really like you know hey yeah. Let s just say he loves us be honest. You know i mean thank you for liking me. But i don t like you that s too much.

Oh. Yeah. You re like don t call me every five minutes. Like let s talk.

It will be clinging seven minutes. Yeah. So yeah have a conversation alright let s do one more. I think one more is fun alright.

This is from oh my j. My boyfriend and i broke up because of her long distance relationship. Oh. Good.

I ve been here long distance for this once once yeah. I wasn t where on these other big news new zealand s an international student and you were here she had nothing when you really had to come back. He has a lot of long distance girlfriends. That s not true all over the world.

Yeah. Just once just got like nicely twice. See you wait wasn t healthy. Though wasn t it okay cuz.

I m why cuz you re not nice just she got she got really clean at the end always sorry really hard. But you really need to keep up and keep in touch. Mmm. Hmm.

Have you been oh. Yeah. Yeah..


Yeah. How did it work. Out. Oh.

No. She cheated. Oh. No.

Yeah. She made no go back almost go baby. If you don t see i don t like chinese guys you know the chinese my very old chinese oh no no no wait chinese guys. But um i just play yeah yeah after dad you know but you you had to be close together.

I mean if your fall away fall apart. It s really hard trust. Yeah. I know what it is this.

I guess when we were younger. I guess we do more often right yeah. I ve got more time yet one more time every time. I ve ever done.

I ve never been in a long distance for the never know you re lucky guy. But i have to say i have two friends who have been in a relation with each other the to boston and new york and now new york in chicago and they ve been together for three years blocked it and i think it depends on the couple you guys are very. You know open and kind of you know relaxed and you guys see each other what s wrong to work out. But if it is hard.

It s it s not bad to maybe break it up so. Yes. I think she should really have a like deep conversation good competition about this seriously seriously. And i think if you if this is a person that you re meant to be with even if you break up now you might all right so that s all the time.

We have for our twitter questions for now hope some of our advice was somewhat helpful. We don t even try these guys. I don t like chinese girl just saying that you don t like that i love yomi my favorite place just hate this supa cific guy that guy that one guy who desk anyways okay so it s time to check out our first quiz question and answer to it what was the question. I could you read us the question find a guy who truly loves you and takes care of you and watch asc together.

There too you should do that that s not the quiz question the next like the quiz question that was what was holmes response. When she said he would let him date his daughter okay that was the question and so we re gonna go check some of the answers if you guys i ll pop it up if you guys want to read it up i ll read it out alright alright whoa. What do you do that this is our fans fancy touch me yeah..


I m all magic. He s awesome okay nancy quiz. So let s see. Vanessa says.

Robust reaction was that would be weird okay and eric. I m gonna see at kcon right yes. I ll see you at kcon ah. Iati gandhi.

Says. He was shocked and a bit awkward. And vanessa. Definitely spammed our twitter.

There just wanted to get ready music. Ah. Vanessa. That s a lot she sent.

So much okay. Romina. Morales. Says.

And that s a go study brittany martinez thanks. But it would be weird because it s his daughter all right so sanchez. What was the actual answer. It was he said it would be really weird it would be really weird and who s gonna receive our prize honey if you ll read the person that comes in first right daisy that d be weird.

Yeah answer. Congrats guys you get a signed cd from c. Clown. All right thank you all for participating.

We ll be right back with the highlight of the asu. After show ancy contest in just a few moments video cute music. ” ..


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