Anime Shopping in Japan is a Mistake

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“Guys so i just upload a little video like just a few moment ago. And and look at dan s phone. This is nuns phone. It s not showing all fucking channel.

Do ya. What is your thought about it man. This is well guess what the next song is going to call. I like tinker s laughter music yo.

Guys you know what it means right yeah. It s me and my homie don daniel. So we re in like an anime shop in a jam. My economy should but like you saw this right here.

This deansgate is like one of my favorite anime alright and look at the prize man. We ve got thanks this boy without tags emanuel taxes like fifty thousand you guys know how much is fifty thousand that s 500 usd. I can eat my food for like country. We won three three weeks two weeks.

I don t know three weeks young wrote three weeks and then we see here we got some pattern or some cosplay stuff. A lot of cosplay costume here in the same stuff. And i don t know of course. We have mega.


Me captain yo where s my girl every ring hello. Hello harry oh. My god this is so iconic. This is so fucking iconic man but like right it s gonna look at the price.

22000 oh yeah she cover yoko. Battery. 52000. Without tax oh i saw sailor moon sailor moon no give no eye opening yosuke.

My thing. I really want to buy this but like i m saving money for now for you guys so now we are in a game shop are you guys seeing this bigger than the size of the titties inside this box you have a fucking two kilogram mouse pad two kilogram you guys say heaven. It s not real. I think i m in heaven right.

Now my dears now we have like knee automata and then we have survived i want to buy this right boys. Guess. What i found my yoga every time you see this my yoga alright. I want it at all cost like avoided no to say no to him alright.

Know if you haven t see this enemy jet your again your fucking game. I prove it i found a mean boys pop team epic. The memes right here. I found it man holy look at the thickness on my dad here so this is the g bunk.


Which is like gotcha so you pay 620 and you ll get a random price. So we have a price b price and price b price. A price so a price a folder. So much that i do they all look pretty good even if i get a folder.

Which is the last price. I can still use it music apparently. I actually got the ypres so i m gonna open it and i wonder which one do i get cuz. There s like nine right i got it to go should i go for another one this shaking its head.

Yeah. Why not i m gonna buy this yeah. This guy like nozomi so much you like that watch you watch i m gonna reel so much no because this money i don t want to waste my money. But what you re doing now is you re gonna buy it music.

So you have anything you want to say share go for night. I gotcha what the hell and i ll fuck it six trillion let s do it man. Let s do it. This is what i call legend.

Let s see what do we get would you go to see yeah. I got see you think i regret yeah. We bullshit tons of soft voices. You guys can see today s alright.


I ll see you guys at home alright boys up back into my room. So let s see what do we have oh my god dude don t fucking play or zoo. Now this guy s addicted to the game so let me show you guys what i bought matty so like when we see does come to my room got some drinks to for them to drink. Yeah.

Sure bro go ahead. So let s see what do we have here. Oh. My god we got a sign wait one this song tokyo go.

Oh you download a tokyo go yo you gotta stop downloading maps on my fucking laptop man i m trying to make a video you lower down your volume here. I don t want to get my video copyright man yo. Hey. Guys.

Seen. This. In japan. Someone.

Is. Calling. Me. Hey.


Uh. Hi. Hi hi. Be right back boys.

This package. Is fucking. Cute. I m gonna leave this one different video no no tony dama dan is learning chinese yes so try not war few hours.

I hope you guys like this mini blocking it it s just animation. We live in japan and we are so close to the animation. Stop so you have anything to say to the viewers. Because the video is gonna end now good bye good bye.

Yeah all right here we go check out my other videos. If you are interested maybe sure to drop a like it always helps me out and you music applause music applause. ” ..


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