April 20 Free Activities! Persona 5 Royal 11

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“What do you wanted you alright music you music okay. But the real challenge is is coming up i hope you re ready music now listen up what do you you make sure you close up. Wow. Music.

That s incredible music. Ah. That s too bad music music. Okay music.

Because it s so much. Trouble. Nice. Hey music.

Oh. Music. Yep music. Wow.

One head back music. Ah. You re back music. Yo.

Yo music. Hey. Now school. You re not causing any trouble.

I guess good i ve got to report to your probation officer twice a month it s already a pain in the ass as is so please don t make me have to write even more crap got that this society is kept in check by laws and authority figures you can go and get yourself killed. If you want but don t go dragging other people into your mess. The last thing we need is more idiots like you roaming around hmm. What s wrong yeah.

I m heading out now sorry about that i know the usual right okay. I ll see you later as you can see i m pretty damn busy both at work and in my private life. If you could lend a hand. And it d really be a great help music music now we re talking either way i won t ask you to work for free.

If you agree to help me then i ll teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Not a bad trade music alright. Looks like we got ourselves a deal music you may call yourself a phantom thief. But you re still a minor someone had to support you furthermore.

They did so knowing you are a part of that group isn t the owner of that cafe. An accomplice of yours. I am. That music all right.

I ll be counting on your help i owe you one music. I m gonna head back. Then music music music music music wow music hey music really okay. I guess.

That s fine. Come. Again. Music come in music.

What would you like music music music music. Applause music applause. Oh welcome music music. Oh.

I should write something music. What are your thoughts. Music music music. Okay music.

What are your thoughts music. Wait music..

Hey inmate. I was waiting music music music no slacking off. I ll just add this music. Oh welcome music.

Hey. What do you want to do music. Are you it s nice to meet you music. I appreciate it music wow nice to meet you music.

So music music could work. Today. Music. One head back music your back music.

You got that hey music. Well. Music. Music.

Music. Music. Music. Music.

All right music. Music. Music. Music.

Music. Mornin. Music. Hmm.

Music. Ahem. Music. Do you know.

The answer music. This is it correct music music. Nice. Going.

No. No no i ll just. Add. This music.

Music. Music. Music. One head back music.

Music your back. Music. Wow. Music.

Music. Yes. All right music. Music.

Let. Me. Explain. Music.

Music. Music..

Nice. Whoa. Music music. Let s do it music music.

Wow. Music. What do you want music music. All right.

Music. What are your thoughts music. Okay. Music music music.

What do you want to do music. Nice to meet. You good luck music. Hey here music.

You did great. How are you feeling music. One. Head back.

Music your back. I. ll just add this music. Music.

Music music. Wow. Bull. What do you wanted.

You music. Oh. Music. One.

Head. Back. Music. Hey.

Music. Wow. Music. Oh.

Music music. Oh. Music. Jeez.

Music. Answer. This. Question.

Music. This. Is. It exactly music.

Thanks. Nice going music music. We should write something music. What would you like music.

Yeah. Music music music would you like music music music..

Applause music applause music. What do you want to do. Oh. Yeah.

Let s see music i appreciate it music. Okay music. What do you want to do music. Amazing.

Music. Here. Music. You did great music.

Nice alright. One head back music. Ah. You re back.

Hey. I should write something music. Come. On music.

Yeah. Music. All right. Then music music music music.

Sorry. The rest is on you music music good morning. Crowded as ever today huh. We found the treasure so all that s left is to send the calling card.

We have less than a week now until the board meeting what do you want to do today music got it we do have a little time until. The board meeting after all well contact me. When you make your decision. I ll be over right away.

Music. Really. Music music. Hey hey music okay music alright.

One head back music your back music. What do you want to do how can i help you music music. Oh music music well. If you can t be serious.

You third aliens. Do this i ve heard it all before skull z. But just look at these bodies. They can t be from earth hey music.

I got a chance to talk to this girl. The other day. We had an amazing conversation after i brought up some of the stuff. I read about we re gonna go out somewhere together.

Soon well don t get ahead of yourself. Because it happened to go well look knowledge isn t enough you need proficiency to adapt on the fly. You also need kindness to be accepted and guts to be honest and direct plus charm to draw people to you the quality of your character. Says a lot about you so it s important to better yourself every day.

Really. But it takes so much work. But i ll do it if it means i ll get a girlfriend. I guess i ll start by showering every day.

I hear girls prefer dude who s hygienic hey this applies to you too you get it that s a good attitude to have i just remembered you this is it correct music. Nice..

Going music. Music music music music. Really music. Hey music.

All right. All. That s left. Now is to send out the calling card and take kama sheet is hard couldn t we ve just sent one at the beginning of all this.

It s not that simple a treasure won t stay materialized forever. Once the impression is gone. The treasure will disappear. They think it ll last around a day at most a hell.

That s like no time at all many ways we can send a calling card right now yeah. Let s do it and steal that bastards heart. Now music. I ve been wit tomorrows finally the day.

So we send the calling card in the morning and carry out the plan by the end of the day right correct the effect won t last that long are you worried waited too long perfect going to pull this off no matter. What so who s going to write the card believe it to me. Why why why wouldn t it be me this is important are you sure you can handle the pressure. I must agree i really want to get him good let me write it come on please yeah i got this hey are you sure about this if they find out our identities.

All this work will be for nothing i know i know all right then tomorrow. It is you better not slack off on this music welven. I should write something music music music music all right music music my fee. Okay music yes yeah music a calling card.

I heard it was already posted by the time everyone got here this morning sir suru kimochi de you got her bastard of lust we know how shitty you are and that you put your twisted desires on students that can t fight back. That s why we have decided to steal away those desires and make you confess your sins. This will be done tomorrow. So we hope you will be ready from the phantom thieves of hearts.

Wow. I looked up a bunch of similar stuff online for reference. Yeah. I know what you wanted to say.

But it sounded like an idiot trying to be an adult your logos. A little lacking okay. You know what that ain t true said. Mr.

Thomas cheetah. Do something wrong does this mean. The rumors are true wait a sec. If someone gonna take something from mr.

Koh mashita. What s with this weird logo and who are these phantom thieves of hearts people you got everyone excited so it s all good. Yeah. Who s responsible for this look at that a predictable reaction for someone who knows what we mean by distorted desires.

I think it s hitting them pretty hard did you do this what do you what s you music. So you re playing dumb. It s not a problem you ll be expelled soon enough anyway go steal it if you can music judging from she disrespects. I m sure we had an effect on his palace that me and the treasures appeared.

We ll be able to get it today right. It s not just today. It s only today the impact of sema. Calling card doesn t last long and it cannot be repeated.

This will be our one chance to steal the treasure. One day is more than enough for us music music music. I ll just add this music. ” .


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