Are You Generation Z or a Millennial? What s the Difference? Larissa Joelle

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“Everybody welcome back to my channel. My name is larissa and this is my channel channel in today s video. We are going to be looking at exactly what does mean to be a millennial and what does it mean to be in generation z. I wanted to make this video.

Because i see so many okay first of all i hear a lot of talk on the radio about millennials. And i see a lot of talk on facebook and other social media about millennials namely. What we re doing wrong. And how like insane and crazy millennials are i said weird.

But i honestly don t think i m all millennial. So i wanted to make this video to figure out who as a millennial and who is not because it feels like some people just put the label of millennial on the kids that they think are ruining the world and you know some people are actually proud of being a millennial. I personally i don t i don t know if i want to be a millennial and i don t know if i want to be jenn s ii. Because on one hand millennials get a lot of crap.

Talking about them on a daily basis. And then on the other hand generation z are the ones that are taking over musically right now and they re just they re just that group that i really don t want to be a part of either so i guess i m just trying to figure out where i stand and if you re watching this video maybe you re figuring out where you stand if you re like in between the ages of like 21 and 23. Then you probably feel like you re in both you re probably a cusp or something. Which is what i feel like i am.

Because there s some aspects of millennialism that i fit into and then there s some aspects of generation z or ijen that i also relate to so i m gonna take a few quizzes and i m going to read a few facts and we re gonna figure out if i or you i m actually generation z or a millennial first. I m going to give you guys a list of nine things that make sense for generation z. So. If you re generation z.

These things probably apply to you number one if you were born before 1995. You re most likely a millennial. I was born 1996. So right before then so that in itself is not enough information to tell me.

Whether or not i m a millennial or gen z. Because it doesn t really go by it goes. By more how you were raised and the experiences that formed you into the person you are today. Which makes a lot of sense number you don t remember 911.

I don t remember 911. I remember very vaguely. My living room and a picture of the twin towers on the news other than that i don t remember anything at all number three. You don t remember the 90s.

I really don t remember anything like if i look back into my memories..

Nothing is like 90s number four you ve grown up with computers smartphones and tablets again here s something that i do not relate to i grew up with none of these things i had a tv. I played outside all the time the first smartphone that i got i think i was in like high school. Honestly and i also remember when texting became a thing like i know that s weird. But i remember my dad being like why would you text like why wouldn t you just call people up on the phone like why i d text somebody like that s so stupid how that s what everyone does it s weird to be called on the phone like honestly i get so annoyed when someone calls me when they could have just texted.

Me number five you re coming of age in the teens of the 2000s. So you re coming of age 2010 and later so i feel like i relate to this because in 2010. I was a freshman in high school. So i was just starting to learn about myself i graduated it in 2014.

So that s pretty much when i was coming of age. I was not coming of age at all in the 2000s to 2010. Number six your first phone was a smartphone. My first phone was a pink flip phone.

I really wanted a razor all the coolest kids had the razor. One kid had like a phone that was like this is gonna look weird. But one kid had a phone that was like the width of my two fingers and it like flipped up all weird number seven. You re less.

Frugal jen s ears are less frugal. Than millennials. People. Think.

That this is because millennials came of age during the recession. When economic outcomes were looking grim af again. I don t know if i mentioned this but these are coming from wwe girl calm. I ll include the link to the article down below.

So you can read it for yourself. So number eight mtv music videos is an urban legend. If you re a generation z or when i was in high school. I watched music videos in the morning on.

Vh1 because they were always on until like 7 00 am. So i would turn on vh1 and listen to music that way and i never watched mtv and finally number nine from this website says you are more conservative. If you re generation z. The author of this website doesn t really agree with this very much because i think it s kind of a stretch.

But apparently there have been a couple of studies that indicate that generation z might be more conservative than millennials and they think that 84 percent of generation z identified as fiscally conservative..

Which might be due to their tendency to be more entrepreneurial ii inclined than previous generation. So pretty much we re gonna be entrepreneurs like generation z wants to have their own business. They were more conservative. But again it depends on who you are i know a lot of people would think that generation z is more.

I guess they re also been identified as the most queer generation. According to girl. Coms source. So i don t know that s up for you to decide that one s kind of like an oddball wildcard.

Another. Thing that i have heard as well as that generation c. Has high expectations. I feel like we do have high expectations.

We set out to do something and if it doesn t work we give up and we move on to the next thing and i think that s actually pretty real. I think we have high expectations. We think things are gonna work out and when they don t we just give up. Which is not a good thing to do so that s one of the cons of being generation z.

Now. I m reading some things from huffington post. It says. A millennial is a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

So if you re a millennial. You were reaching young adulthood around the year 2000. Which means you are where i am right now around the year 2000 or maybe a tiny bit later another thing. That having tenacious z.

Is big on individuality. It says generation z. Seeks. Uniqueness and all walks of life primarily through the brands.

They do business with future employers. Etc. And i definitely can see that as i look around on social media. Okay so now for the fun part when i was looking up the information about millennials versus generation.


Buzzfeed. I actually looked up like a quiz and buzzfeed was like the top three results. I m gonna go into this quiz. It says answer.

17. Yes or no questions and we ll guess if you re a millennial jenn s e er or cusp. So let s do this do you know who these guys are yes. But i feel like so does my dad because these guys played big daddy with adam sandler.

So i feel like that s not a hard question. No i really literally don t know that is yes. I do she s from dance moms. Is that what it s called.

I don t know i think her name is maddie ziegler. I just remember her from being in like sia music videos and a long time ago. I did actually watch a few episodes. But she was a lot smaller than no yes.

But only because of videos on youtube that have complained about him so unfortunately. I said you know i feel like i know what movie. It is but i don t know who she is and i ve never seen her other than references to this movie. And i ve never even seen that movie yes i do from vine.

I don t know his name. But i know him i know of him yes i have seen him before i would say i know who that is i don t know his name this is india. So it s india. I guess i know who she is no unfortunately.

I think a lot of us know who this is but yes. I know no i don t i mean. It s weird to me because the quality of the photo kind of gives away like who it should be appealing to and the quality of this photo is great and i don t know who this is you know who this is i know of her i know what she does kind of but again i think she was only referred to in a youtube video that i watched and i don t remember her name so i m gonna say no what about these guys you look really familiar. It s aaron carter and nick carter.

I had a whole cd of one of their songs. I can t remember what it was but i used to have an entire cd with my cd player. Another hint that i m probably i m on the cusp chansey and millennial. But i do know who they are do you know who this is no okay this guy looks like a mix between james franco and mike myers.

Like honestly just like i don t know who it is but i want to say it looks like a young mike myers..

But it also looks like a young james franco. So i really don t know um as they no no. Thank goodness. I don t know who that is okay.

So. I am a millennial slash generation z. Cos. That s what i thought i was part millennial and part generation z you re torn between two generations.

You re most likely in your early 20s. Yes and your pop culture knowledge as it makes between this decade and the last and that is also true and just because i think it s a neat little chart. I will include this chart with the birth start earth and and youngest aides and oldest age today of all of these different generations so that the next time somebody s talking smack on millennials or generation z you can shove this in their face. Although the year that you re born and your age doesn t necessarily say which category or generation.

You belong in so i think. It s really up to the experiences that you ve had your views whether they be political or completely neutral or you know. And again you have to keep in mind that there are overlaps. So for instance.

I experienced things on the millennial side and the generations east side. And i don t really want to identify with either of them so who do you think that you are do you think you are a millennial do you think your generation. See do you want to be a millennial do you want to be generation z are you a cusp like i am. And what different things have you experienced that make you feel like you re one or the other i honestly think i identify.

Most with generation z or at least the cusp generation. So that s where i stand. Anyway. I think that s gonna wrap this up for this video.

It was a really long video. If you like this video give me a thumbs up if you didn t like it. Give me a thumbs down. And don t forget to subscribe for more videos.

Thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you next time ie. ” ..

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