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“Everyone welcome back to the channel hope you are having an amazing weekend in this this video. We are going to build a really simple ar business card app using rk 20. Image tracking feature now before starting this tutorial. Just make sure that you have ios.

12 install in your ios device and xcode. 10 installed on your. Mac if you have done that let s get started type in krk 20. Bitbucket open the first link go to.

Downloads branches and download this ar kid 20. Beta package. If you are watching this video after september 2018 then download the iocket to package from downloads. Main branch.

Once it is downloaded open it using unity open this folder examples and we have these two folders that is a akkad. 15 and a arkad. 20 the image detection feature was introduced in a our cat 15. But an image to diction you can just scan the image target and trigger an ar.


Experience but you would not track that image now in ar kid 20. You can track the position of image targets as well so if you move the image target. Any overlay that you have on that image target whether it s a model or a video that will move along the image. But for some.

Reason they have just. Updated the. Image tracking feature in a. Our.

Cat. 15 folder. Itself so let s. Open a our cat.

15. Unity. A our image anchor and open. This scene.


Now. It is dragged in a business card image in the project and let s just drag this inside the reference images folder. So as you can see these reference images folder. Already contains two images and that is because this.

Project that comes along with a our cat 20. Plugin already has this demo scene. Which has two image targets set up so we are just going to modify one of them to make our application work. But if you want to understand in detail.

What s happening behind the scenes and how this is working you can refer to my a akkad. 15. A arkad image detection video in which i have explained everything in detail. But if you just want to make this application you can just follow along now.

Let s modify. One of the reference images and place our business card image on one of them so let s modify this one. It currently has this image. We are just going to drag business card image right here and just disable the random cube.


As we don t need this. Now right click here in the hierarchy. Create empty and just name this anything now let s create a reference business card inside unity so that we can place the videos close to that right click 3d object plane and make sure these parent and plane objects are at 0 0 0. So just reset this and refit the plane as well right click reset and now may the length and the width of your business card using a measuring tape the width of my card is ten point nine centimeters so as this is in meters zero point zero one zero nine and the height of my rs six point one.

Three eight centimeters. So it will be zero point zero zero six. One three eight so measure your business card and write the dimensions. Here.

And let s just name this. Business card. And let s just create a material for this business card legacy shaders diffuse default and just drag this material on the business card. Now as you can see this image is inverted.

So let s just rotate this by 180 degrees. And then drag this inside the parent and for the videos. We have to create three planes similar to this so. What i m going to do is i ll just duplicate.


This command d. Duplicate. So this will be our business card. And this would be the three videos which will move along with the business card.

So we have to attach three videos to these three planes. And don t worry about their texture. Just let it remain like this let s name this one two and three and i ll just drag three videos and drag. These videos on these three planes like this if you run the project from here.

You will see these videos playing and now. I ll just create a prefab of this parent. So just drag this parent and a prefab is created you can just delete this from here click on generate image anger cube and just drag this parent right here now let s run. The project guru file build settings switch this to ios such platform and then click on add open scenes now browse build save this will create an xcode build now open the xcode build that was generated go to image don xe assets folder ar resources and click on your business card image click here and it s changed the size to the dimensions of our business card change.

This to centimeters and the width is ten point nine and height is six point one three eight nine click here select your team and make sure that the deployment target is twelve point. Oh choose your phone and run the application. ” ..


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Create an Augmented Reality Business Card app using ARKit 2.0 framework and Unity.

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