AT&T Memo: Hiring Michael Cohen Was A Mistake CNBC

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“To bring you some headlines. Though that are just crossing now on at t. This this coming from reuters. Which has obtained a memo relating to at t s.

Hiring. You remember the news breaking earlier this. Week. Of michael koh.

And the president s personal attorney in 2017 and 2018 here s what reuters is reporting..

Now saying that at t stephenson. Randall stephenson. Says he takes responsibility for the failure in the vetting process with the kohen hire at t. Saying.

It hired. Several consultants to help understand how the trump administration might approach a wide range of issues. Including that time warner deal that the company has been so focused on a tmt s head of external and legislative affairs bob quinn is retiring. According to this memo obtained by reuters and a tmt s hiring of michael cohen as a political consultant was a big mistake.

That s what randall stephenson is saying in an employee memo to at t employees..

This morning. That was obtained by reuters also this morning. The washington post reporting new details on exactly what they hired michael cohen for take a look at the headlines from the washington post. This morning.

And you ll see that the post is reporting that they ve got new documents from inside this deal in which they say the the company referred specifically to hiring him to deal with the proposed merger with time warner. That s according to those documents obtained exclusively by the washington post. Now earlier in the week here s how at t described all this they said in early 2017. As president trump was taking office.

We hired several consultants to help us understand how the president and his administration might approach a wide range of policy issues..

Important to the company including regulatory reform. At the fcc corporate tax reform and antitrust enforcement. Now that raised a lot of questions particularly because michael cohen is not a well known fcc or antitrust expert. What exactly was at t hiring.

The president s personal attorney for here for what the post is now reporting was up to 600000. In fees during the course of that year. Now. The ceo of the company.


It was a mistake. He is joining the ceo of novartis. Who has also said that hiring. Michael cohen was a mistake by the company was embarrassing for that company this week.

As well when those details were reported. So a lot moving here on the the personal business here of the president s personal attorneys. Guys hey there thanks for checking out cnbc on youtube be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all of the day s biggest stories you can also click on any of the videos around me to watch the latest from cnbc thanks for watching. ” .


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