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“Three years they would look at things like advertising and neditorial design book design. And and we do some web design and some application design looking at the screen based print based communication. We also have within the course. A nreally strong print facility and and sally.

Our course director is renowned for her letterpress print nmaking that nruns through the course as well. So our students have access to both the nhistorical tools and cutting edge technologies. And we nwould encourage them to use those to realise their ideas for instance. It could be that they take nthe kind of process of letterpress print.

Making and getting a piece of type ready and how nthose terminologies relate to things like nadobe illustrator or indesign. They could also do something nlike laser cut type typography creating new letter forms using the laser. And some perspex and nthen printing..


Those in the traditional manner equipment you ve got available to you is phenomenal you can go to any department and ask to use something and they ll be like yeah sure some of the other unis that i went to didn t feel like they had that i guess we had the edge on that in that way in that it s got a really nice vibe as well. It s a very community based uni. Very friendly there s a sort of hippy. Happy vibe.

Which is nice everybody is an artist as well whereas you go to some unis and it s got academic running with art courses. I kind of think it s nice to be in that little niche bubble. It s all art that s what everyone here does and that s really nice the design industry asks for graduates that are multi disciplinary that can work in in a nscreen based context and also in a print based context. Nat.

The point of graduation students are ready to develop work. That has a strong concept. That s communicated effectively through nindustry ready software..


And they ll have the confidence and nthe ability to go out into the working world. I love having the guest lecturers come nin and speakers. Because you get to meet them. Nat.

The end and talk to them about everything. That s really cool nyou. Feel like you re going in the right direction. When you get the guest speakers in it gets you excited for leaving.

And actually getting to the real world students work on projects outside of the curriculum. Independently and also we nhave. A program called the inside program..


What the inside program allows us to ndo and allows the students to do is to meet up and discuss practice every every week. Ni think due to the nature of the course. And the fact that it s nbroad in its practice. So what we teach the students and what the students gain from from the ncourse.

We ve got students in lots of different types of professional nindustries. So you have students that are working for the bbc relative to the fact. That we nwon. The the bbc category at the d.

Ad. Student awards n. Last year..


And also won the overall student of the year nwe. ve got people working in event management. People nworking in branding people working in marketing advertising. Typographers printmakers.

We allow the students to really take nownership of their practice and to to develop themselves in whatever nsort of creative manner that they wanted through briefs that we would set within the ncourse. ” ..

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Information on the Visual Communication course at Arts University Bournemouth.

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