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“There it s sean kells. The founder of two glee and i just want to to let you know about what we believe is the best baby product affiliate marketing in the world you know there are a lot of different affiliate programs out there but none of them offer anything near what we do in terms of commissions. Support and conversion. First of all we offer products that are in high demand of a lot of search volume rather than randomly releasing hundreds or thousands of products.

We do painstakingly extensive research and we let the market tell us what products are the most popular and the hottest selling. We then carefully hand select products that we know have a large audience and huge sales potential secondly. Our commission s are the highest anywhere..


While most companies offer their affiliates five to eight percent commissions or maybe ten percent at the very highest we offer our affiliates. A whopping fifteen percent commission on all sales. Which is incredibly high for physical products. This means that on most transactions.

Our affiliates make at least as much and often more than we do why do we do this because we want to continue aggressively building our customer base and market share. And we believe that the best way to do this is to treat our affiliates like royalty and reward them well. We want affiliates who feel like partners and who are excited to work with us and promote our products thirdly..


Our affiliate program is managed through refers in a market leader in affiliate marketing management. This means that all of your sales are tracked by integrated third party software. And you have 24 7 personal access to your own online dashboard. Where you can track the sales.

You ve made and the commission s you ve earned finally let s talk about resources. And support. We are constantly coming up with great creatives like banner ads and presale pages to help you get the maximum number of clicks and conversions..


Possible. We ve also done ridiculously extensive absolute killer keyword research for you and we know which search terms convert best for our products. Whether they re high volume keywords with tons of traffic or little hidden gem keywords that have less traffic. But little competition and convert extremely.

Well and we ll share all of this information with you to help you get the most traffic and conversions. Possible daily. We re working on new strategies and materials that will help our convert their traffic..


And we re always available to discuss your needs and help you come up with the best plan possible for marketing. Our offers will even work with you to provide custom creatives or landing pages. If requested so if you re ready to partner with us and join hands down the best baby. Affiliate marketing program in the world and start getting the highest commission s on the planet just visit to cle com4 slash affiliates and sign up today i look forward to talking to you personally and providing all the help and support that we can ” .


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At Toogli, we believe we have the best online store baby affiliate program on the planet, offering the highest commissions that you ll find anywhere as well as awesome creatives and support.

Sure, there are other affiliate programs for baby products from a number of companies (like Orbit Baby, Kushies, Toys R Us, Albee, Buy Buy Baby, Ergo Baby, Baby Gap, Baby Markt Book Baby, Baby Dump, Baby Walz and Baju Baby just to name a few.) but none of those programs pay anywhere near the commissions we do nor do they offer the creatives and support that we provide to our affiliates.

We truly want to partner with you and ensure your success. We ll be there to support you around the clock and we ll even work with you to develop custom banners or other creatives if you need them.

And the entire program is managed through Refersion, the leading provider of affiliate management software. That means that you get your own dashboard that you can log into at any time to check on your sales and commissions.

And every product we sell has been chosen based on extensive research and tested market demand so you know that you ll be promoting products that people are searching for (whether for themselves or for a baby shower gift for someone else)!

So, if you ve been searching for a great baby stuff affiliate program, what are you waiting for? Come join the Toogli affiliate marketing team today!

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