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“We don t have enough tests today they re testing 10000. A day in some some countries and we can t get this off the ground now. I don t responsibility at all the testing has been amazing actually we have done more tests by far than any country in the world by far music. It paints me to say this.

But it really was an unmitigated disaster. What what the trump administration has done and of course for months. They ve been saying. This is not a problem a lot of people think that goes away in april with the heat.

We ve got the virus under control at this moment..

We think we haven t very much in hand. We re not gonna see very many cases. It s no worse than the flu that s a little bit like the flu. It s a little like the regular flu.

Those are all the wrong messages don t minimize the disease. Let s not turn this into a political fight between democrats and republicans. The corona virus doesn t care if you re a democrat or a republican. It s gonna infect you just the same.

But the bottom line is that we have to treat coronavirus seriously..

When you re downplaying. A risk you don t put a lot of effort into figuring out how big a problem. It is we have fallen behind most other countries in terms of testing people every country from south korea to japan to italy england france germany they re all doing a much better job of testing. People we just haven t developed the tests.

If you get symptoms of coronavirus tomorrow. It s very hard for you to get tested for the infection. Because we just don t have the tests. I think it s basically because our leaders these haven t put the attention that you need to get these tests developed i m not a partisan.

My feeling is as a public health person when when our political leaders drop the ball whether they re on the left or the right..

It s up to people like us to call them out on it if we do nothing we re on the same path as italy and we re gonna be there in two weeks in italy. You had people getting turned away who are critically ill. Because they shouldn t have beds. They didn t have enough doctors and nurses to care for those people we are definitely on the same trajectory as italy.

But we don t have to have the same fate as it i think we have to focus on now is what do we do moving forward. And that s where i think we need urgent action and i think there s a lot we can do as a community as a country to get through the next phase. And that s why we re implementing all these social distancing measures like cancelling sporting events and concerts and shutting down schools. If we don t do anything just go back our daily business go to concerts go work go to school do everything the way we were doing six months ago.

We re likely gonna see a big spike in cases and what s gonna happen is that the number of people who get very very sick is gonna totally overwhelm the health care system and the health care system is not be able to take care of everybody the whole idea of spreading the risk spreading the disease is that by doing these social distance and things you slow down the rate by which the infection spreads in the community..

We may still end up with the same number of people getting infected. But instead of it all happening over a month. If it happens over six months or nine months then hospitals gonna be able to accommodate all of those people because at any given moment they re not gonna get overwhelmed. And so the name of the game now is making sure we spread the infections out over time so our doctors and our nurses and our hospitals.

Can care for everybody who needs to be careful. And we have to act together as a as a single people as americans and really as citizens across the world we have to work together to defeat this the deepest virus you ” ..

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This political ad calls out Trump s failures on coronavirus testing.
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In US news and current events today, this ad calls out Trump and the Trump Administration s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Watch Trump s lies get debunked in this political ad.

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