Builder Marketing Plan – Key Elements To Include In Your Home Builder Marketing Plan

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“Understood it from building women today. I want to talk to you about putting together together a marketing plan for your building company. So these are just some core things i think you want to include and this will give you a broader idea of how you re going to set the direction for your building company and how you re going to start to market yourself as a builder. So the first thing you want to do is you want to create some assets that you can use to market yourself with so that one of the most important things today is a website.

Even if it s a simple website you want to make sure it s professional looking don t go cheap on your website. If you think about how many builders spend a thousand or two thousand five grand on their website. But they re asking clients to hand over a half a million or a million dollars to build a house. Why on earth would i trust you with that kind of money if you re only spending a thousand dollars on your website and it looks like jack don t skimp on your website make sure it looks professional it can still be a few thousand dollars.

If you just started. But make sure it s super clean get a proper web design. Done don t get rid of some cheap service. Because it will damage your sales going forward so invest in a decent website.

You want to create some kind of brochures or some kind of handouts now that could be simply the process from start to finish of how you help people build a home it could be a little bit about the profile of you as a building company. I would suggest you make it story based. You tell your story. Because let s face it every build is using the same bricks.

The same some in the same concrete. It s very little difference in the actual products that people use these days. So you the difference between you and you re competing building company is actually you it s the personnel. It s the expertise behind the company and the employees that you have and the expertise.

They dream are that s why so often sales reps will talk to people hangout rain bases burn..

With us for 15 years and they deliver fantastic homes that means that trade base is only available to that building company again. It s a point of difference that you can tell a story in the brochure and this thing is your designs home designs are really important if you just started. Yet you may not have any i would suggest get one or two designs that you can actually show off what you do and make sure they re drawn and designed in a way that sits in the budget that you re. Targeting so if you re aiming for a 400000.

Two story home building market have a couple of designs that show you that that s what you do that they sit or in that same price range show the floor plans show the elevations and if you can do one floor plan in three different elevations styles that way of someone s looking for a particular style and they see that you can build it they re more likely to become a lead now obviously if you re a customer home builder you can build any style. But if someone else is showing the style that they want that that client wants and you re not that builder that shine that stars more likely to get the lead. The other thing you want to allow for some printing budgeting. So you want to budget for business cards.

Budget for your brochures. Any plans and month together any assets for your sales team. So that they can go in and help them sell and it quits them so you want to budget for those assets. They re often a one off cost and then you ll have a ongoing maintenance cost so for your website.

You want to continually refresh that in your add new content you want to add a little bit of budget. There to keep that guy and as you build homes let s say you build 10 homes a year you might say i m gonna choose two of those funds every single year to put into a brochure or to put up on the website or to show up in some sort of catalog or to print out as a reference tool for the sales team so again think about your assets for you one of setup cost. And then your ongoing cost and budget for that this is advertised you don t get your name out that you re going to be relying on referrals and referrals that unreliable their fantastic than they come through because all the pre selling has been done by a third party. So most referrals convert.

Very well. But the truth is on online and offline advertising. You re going to spend some money and you re going to work out a yes women return on your investment. The truth is if you want to scale and you want to take control of your building company.

So that you ve got leads coming in on a regular basis that you can rely on you want to be advertising online and offline so depending on your budget..

If you re a small building just starting out or a midsize builder you haven t done much advertising before i would focus on the online world rather than the offline. The online world the places to focus is facebook ads and google ads in the marketplace. If you re doing a longing. Home.

Facebook is perfect for that first time buyers up to say a half a million. It s perfect for that men would always be the first choice. I would think from those people be advertising in the above the half a million facebook still great but also google will start to catch up and get on parity. When you look at seven key words like custom home builders luxury home builders that sort of thing.

That s where the own like you can split it between facebook and google with offline advertising. Some builders that i know built up their brand and reputation using billboards so they ve got in the physical location. Where they wanted to build they had a sign there they ve had that sign there for the last 20 years and everyone in that navel nose of that building company and they get work from those billboards so offline strategies definitely work you can still go to newspapers. Local newspapers.

All that sort of thing they re less effective these days than they ve ever been but that s not to say they don t work. And what we also find it as if we re a digital marketing agency. So we focus on this side. But we know that builders that mid and large scale.

They re advertising that they do offline helps us with everything we do online. So it definitely still works in these expensive you ve got to choose how to spend your dollars. Wisely. But both of those can work so you want to come with an advertising plan of what you re going to do where you re going to position yourself.

And how you going to spend your money finally..

I want to talk about your budget. Because every good marketing plan has a budget to advertise and to build your assets and to make sure that you re feeding the front end of sales leads. So when you think of your budget. But one thing you want to work backwards from is how many sales do you need every single year.

How many sales are you going to take and your average dollar value to create a turnover you want so the next thing you would ask is okay. If i want to make let s say i want to make 10 sales this year. How many leads do you need to get from your advertising to convert into 10 sales that s a really important question because not everyone s going to convert into a sale when you if you build a visual on referrals you might say we went 90 percent of the work that s fantastic that s not reality for witty work in any other way because referrals are very specific very different people have already been placed on people that come to you so. When you do online and offline advertising.

You re number of blades is going to be much larger and much lower style. So you can version rate will be much different. So i ll give you an example this you can do one in 10 leads into a cell and that s quite reasonable actually that s not a bad statistic. If you compare one in 10.

Leads. And that one lead or each lead cost you 300 each it means that you re. Spending 3000. To make the sale so this number is really important because then you would look at this.

And say okay if i ve got to spend 300 to get a lead. Let s say you re in the customer. Homebuilding market. That s a very real number and one in 10 of those people is actually going to become ourselves.

So five of those people are just going to be junk..

They re going to say are we thinking about renovating you can say to them. Where do you have a good we don t renovate and they re just gonna go away. There s gonna be a couple of those people who you know just thought that enquire because they liked the house. What they liked the color of the paint and they re just gonna be junk.

But one in 10 might be genuinely when she said to eat it might be genuine leads and how do those two you end up. Winning one so again you ve come back to 3000. To win a sale you want 10 sales for the year that means you need to budget for 30000. To actually get the sale and the sales that you want to do the turnover that you want for that year.

If you re going to outsource your advertising. You ll also want to add agency fees things like that but it s good to understand those numbers and at least at the very least set a time in your marketing plan give yourself a place to work from to start it and then from there you can revise it every six that s all year you can revise that as you get more information. More data you might find it s 1 in 8 or 1. In 15 you might find 300 is much higher than you need you might be as low as 40.

If you re doing facebook ads and your project. Home builder. Or first time builder. So again work out those numbers work out the cost per sale and then we ll help you budget for your marketing plan.

I hope these three categories have helped you round out your ideas for developing your own marketing plan for your building company. I m stupid from doing them if you need help with your online advertising and you want to speak with some of that understands a building in sheet back to front and gets good results for our home builders using online strategies by all means contact us at building boom comm delay you ” ..

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