Calling ALL Photographers. A Simple Challenge

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“Is getting long this is getting along longer for sure what s up everybody. Peter peter mckenna. Here welcome back to yet another two minute tuesday. It s so great have you here and see all of your smiling faces as we all wash from the comfort of our homes because you re staying home and you re washing your hands you see with all this time we have staying home.

I thought why don t we do something together. Why don t i change the format of two minute tuesday for the next couple of weeks months who knows we ll see how this goes and we turned it into it s still two minute tuesday but we turn it into. Pm photo assignments well use that hashtag pm. Photo assignments now what will this be you ask well we ll take this time that we have and we ll apply it to different photo challenges and assignments that i ll give you each week.

So for example let s say this week s theme is isolation you re going to take the best photo with your interpretation of that theme isolation one submission per person. This is your edited photo..

I m not editing. These this is all we re doing this together you re snapping your photo of what you interpret the assignment to be for that week isolation. I m gonna review them the following tuesday we ll take a look at a couple of submissions will critique them will talk about them will discuss these images together. It ll be a cool little feature for you guys on the channel here and then that week.

I will also provide the assignment for the next week. So i ll also shoot a couple examples myself because i want to play this is fun so for example this week s theme being isolation to kick things off hey. We re talking a photo assignment. Number one here do you remember last week.

I think it might have been on tuesday. Actually when i put up that little short film one of the shots in that short film..

I was sitting in this corner playing the guitar and it really kind of amplified. The theme. I was speaking about at the time in that film. Which was loneliness because i was talking about how lonely i was at the office by myself still am.

But i think that also encompasses the theme isolation. Really well being that it s one person in a big like a small person in a big empty space by themselves isolated from everything else. That s going on right now. That s kind of my interpretation again it could be anything that you want it but i m gonna kick things off with a little self portrait in the corner here is i m gonna set up my camera focus on the guitar probably then go stand in that corner with like a 10 second timer and hope for the best music.

Again this can be anything that you want it could be a portrait it can be a self portrait you can use self timer. You don t need any help for this it doesn t even have to be a picture of somebody be a picture of anything that is the whole point of this assignment is to use your creativity to explore that theme whatever..

It is however you see fit abide by the rules of your local authorities and professionals stay at home this is a challenge that you can do in your house. Don t need to go outside to do it. But i wanted to put this out there and this week s two minute tuesday which i m sure i ve already blown the buzzer. I ve i m trying i m getting better last week.

We had two we had two of them under the 2 minute mark what s happening when peter mckinnon. Hits. The two minute timer you know things are weird right now in the world so that s that the introduction of pm. Photo assignments.

I think we re gonna have fun with this there s a broad spectrum of different things we can tackle and review and share and learn and grow from each other when this is over we can keep doing it it ll get even better this reminds me of the photo assignments. My friend ted forbes used to do back when i first started youtube..

He was doing photo assignment. And they were super super cool not sure if he s still doing them. But he s another channel that if you love photography and love like to get into it deep. Ted forbes.

The art of photography is a great channel to to check out and subscribe to tell him i sent ya that s where the inspiration for this comes from i think it s a great model and i think it s something that we re all gonna have a lot of fun with so isolation. You have a job to do i ll see you tomorrow music oh music. ” ..


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