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“Divination thank you for joining us in this livestream and today. I will show you you how to create a stunning event custom post type templates with divi so we going to use the events calendar. Plugin and we re going to enable the divi builder on it so the visual builder and if you re not knowing things jump. Yet make sure that you check out tv.

I ve mentioned a link in the description below and without any further ado let s get into it all right so we re going to use the meetup layout pack. Which came out i think a few weeks ago and if you want to check that out you can simply go to your wordpress dashboard and go to the premade layouts or you can simply go to elegant themes comm slash layouts and over here you will find all of the layout packs and if you scroll down you will come across the meetup layout. Pack and over here can view all of the layouts using thea live demo. So.

If you just click on this blue button over. Here for instance. You will be redirected to a life web site. You don t have to be signed in or anything like that everyone can access these and you can view all of the layouts and afterwards you can decide whether you want to use this layout pack for your own website and the thing.

We re going to do within this tutorial. So we re going to create event custom post at templates. So this is a very like convenient for the meetup layout back if you want to use a plug in that showcases the events as custom post types so let s dive into it so the first thing. We re going to do so this is my live website.

I have all of my pages. And i have my menu and all of that so the next thing. I m going to do is i m going to add the events calendar. Plugin and i m just going to go to plugins over here and select add new and i m just going to search for the events calendar click on install now so what we re going to do is we re going to create templates.

So you will need to reuse these on each one of the events that you want to share on your website. If you want to include that part because will only be partly able to modify the events page and you will see where that is so you can add that to your description all of that. But the next step is dynamic content and once that comma comes out will definitely handle that as well where you can autumn. Eyes everything so okay the next thing.

I m going to do is activate my plugin and then we can get started so i m not going to start by adding an event. I m just going to change some settings within the theme customizer by going to appearance and customize so some of these settings will directly apply to event custom post types. So that s why i m going to make those modifications here so we don t have to do it manually afterwards and the first thing. I m going to do is add some new settings to my typography and for that i m going to general settings.

Typography over here. And i m going to. Change the body text size. To 16 the bodyline.

Hey hi it is. 19 instead of 17. And the header font is going to be a robot. Oh because it s the font that s being used within the layouts.

So if you want to use this for another layout backward adjust your own website. You can modify this according to your own settings over here all right and then i m going to publish no. I said the theme customizer and now i ll need to make some modifications to the events calendar plug in just some appearance modifications and for that i m going to i m going to go back actually to the theme customizer. I think you have some options within the backend as well but i m just going to do with in the theme customizer so you can select some accent colors within the theme customizer and i don t know if you have seen it before if you ve installed the events calendar plug in over here.

You have this option..

And you know you can modify. Some things here and the first thing. I m going to do is i m going to change the accent color and we re going to use the same type of blue as was used within this layout over here and then i ll go back over here. And i ll apply this color to the global items as well all right so i m going to publish this again and exit.

The theme customizer all right so now i can start adding my new event and for that i m just going to events over here and add new all right so then i m going to give my event. A name then i can scroll down and over here. I can select the dates and the location as well so you can set this up according to your own event and i think later on if you add other events you can reuse that so go ahead and do this for your events. So you can always do that afterwards as well.

But if you want to see the entire result including all of these details you can do that first and you have some other choices as well all right and the next thing. I m going to do is add a featured image. So i ll just scroll down my media library over here and just select one. But the only reason why we re using this here is because i ll be one to be able to have a featured image.

If we share an event or something like that because later on we ll hide this to show our images using tv s visual builder. And we re also going to change the fade settings. So i m going to use no side bar over here and then i ll publish the event. All right so let s take a look at the events and what it looks like until now so this is what you can expect from it.

This is the default events calendar layout. That you get if you re adding. A new event and of course. We re going to modify this using this visual builder and the first thing.

We re going to do for that so we re going to save ourselves some time. And we re going to reuse elements from our other pages and we ll use we re going to open the landing page for instance and we ll save some of the elements over here. So the first thing you will need is if you scroll down is this row. So i m going to enable the visual builder.

And then i m going to save that road to my tv library. All right if i scroll down over here. I m going to add this to my to the library and the next thing. I will need as well as this schedule over here.

I really like this design. And you can share these details within your events. As well so i not do it in all right. And then you can exit the visual builders.

So you have these in your dv library. Now you can get started when you want to and the next thing. I m going to do is i m going to add some custom css code. But first i ll take a look at the event.

Again over here. I m just going to enable the visual builder. So you can see what the result is up until now and then after i add the custom css code. What it looks like so.

This is what you can expect once you enable the visual builder over here..

This is the part where you can start modifying things and add things and make it match with the template that you want to create and i m just going to add some custom css code. These are small tweaks just to make everything fall into place before we start using the visual builder. And if you want to lay your hands on this css code. Simply check out the blog post.

Which i have mentioned in the description. Below you can find all of these steps over there and also the code so i m going to add this code to my theme options over here by going to divi theme options and then i ll scroll down. Because i want this to apply to each one of the events that i created in a future and by adding it to your theme options this will definitely do the trick. So i m just going to save my changes and i m going to reload the event page.

So if i enable the visual builder right now. This is what we got so the title matches. The layout packed as well now i m going to enable. The divi builder.

Don t restore and start building. Okay. So over here we re going to start building. The template that we want to create and afterwards you can reuse that for other events as well so at the moment.

You ll have to do that manually for each one of the events that you add. But once that dynamic content comes out and the theme. You will be able to to make everything happen automatically so alright let s get to it so first thing. I m going to do is we have o let me think nof where this is insert if i go to insert there is cover page.

So i click on cover page. Same thing. It has our theme colors so these are all kind of ncute. I guess i ll pick this just want to show you that nyou can click on more from officecom.

And then you can nsearch for different ones. There. But we re going to choose that one it automatically pushes nthe pages down. Right.

This. Is my e book. Okay. And subtitle.

Whatever put your author. Name. All nof that insert your logo. So it s looking pretty good.

The other thing you want to do nis enter a table of contents. Okay so the reason. Why you used the heading styles not just for style. But also for the table of contents.

Okay so if you re on reference..

I can t remember if you nhave to click or not i m going to click here ni. m just going to do enter. And i m so used to nworking with these sorry when i format. I have to see them so i could see if it looks funky.

But i m going to go back to reference the first one is table nof contents click that and again there s different nstyles. It matches. Your theme. Don t do manual unless you nhave something funky going on.

But it automatically actually ntakes on your heading styles or you can go to custom table contents and you can say okay i. Nonly want to do two levels . So remember heading one nheading. Two heading three.

So i can do two levels ninstead. So it changed. It you can do the alignment nof. The page numbers now it s right next to it ninstead of right aligned.

If you don t want to show page numbers maybe you just want links to it because remember you re nsaving. It as a pdf okay. There s other things nyou can go to options for and include. But that s probably na little bit more advanced.

But there s different styles here okay. I m just going to leave it there play around with it just remember you can nopen a blank document and play with it. And you nwon t mess up anything okay and then it gives you a web preview. Which is pretty good because it s kind of like the pdf preview press.

Okay. And it s there okay you don t want this to be on nthe same page. As your words and your first heading and you don t want to ndo just a page break you want to do a section break next page. The reason why is if you nare entering your numbers.

And i ll show you i m njust going to double click. And do page number bottom of the page. Okay your let me scroll in your page. Number starts.

At one on your table of contents. Okay just going to double click nback in the document. So instead of doing that nyou want to click here actually i meant to click that click right in front of here. And you re going to go to page layout breaks next page.

Okay. So that s set another page. The page numbers aren t on here because they re on a different section. But basically what you can do is now.

I think this might be a little ntoo complicated for this one..

But i m going to go through this anyways. I don t like the colors nso let me change it so you guys can see it okay each of these are so nnow. This is a section up here and this is a section down here so here the second section. You could also pick a ndifferent first page.

So i m going to just go here. And you ll see that it nsays same as previous that means. It s linked to the nprevious section s footer. So i m just going to ndouble click on the footer and unlink.

It okay so now. All the page nnumbering at the bottom is separate from the page nnumbering at the top. Also the reason. Why this ndoesn t have a first page is because up here it nsays different first page.

I m going to uncheck that nand then we start here i m going to write click. And i want to format. The npage numbers to start at one okay so now our document one two three here since it s not linked nto. The other section.

I can delete this and it doesn t naffect the other footers. There s tons of ways to format. The footer. So they look like a book.

I m nnot going to go into that i think i actually went na little bit too far so i m going to double nclick on the main page. One thing i do want to ntell you the last thing is if you update your nheadings say you say okay this isn t main topic it. Is the first topic . You do want to update nyour table of contents.

I believe it updates it automatically when you save it or close nit but you can right click and update field. I would update the entire table. So that you can get the words as well and it updates. It you can also do that by npressing your f9 key.

Okay. I m not going to go into too much i think that was a lot nlonger than i expected. I hope i ve helped you ninstead of confused you so let me know if you have any questions. It was just a quick tutorial on if you already have your e book together and you want to format.

It nhow. Do you do it in word in an easy way so should be enough you just do file save as pdf nand bam. You have your e book alright thanks did you like that video if so please like and subscribe. If anything didn t make sense.

Nor you have questions still go ahead and leave your comments below and i will try to answer nthem. The best. I can again like and subscribe thanks and have a great day ” ..


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Here are some simple tips and tricks to use when creating your ebook with Word. In this video I go though the Design and Theme features and show you how to customize your own themes, color scheme and fonts. Once complete, just File Save As PDF. There are plenty of additional options but why not keep it simple!

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