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“Name is julian williams. And i take expedite some days. I walk into the gym. Gym.

There s normally collect work take a scoop the two of this shake. It with some cold water going back ready to go the best stuff ever. I have expedite. It s been a process but hard work pays off i tried to tell people hard work pays off and i m put in that work especially for this fight.


But i wanna i wanna. I want to give my opponent give yo chris get this board is john since. He said he needed an urban district. Now i wanna make sure you have a herb edition.

There so you can stand the urban allergy of what i m about to say to him you know and you don t know what john mean. It s in it s in chapter 1 29. Check it out for you bout to catch this fade. Come saturday night.


What about another word biatch. It s been an amazing run man this dude said. I ve got i got big for him or whatever now let s use urban. No i got swole what you got poke.

These folks don t understand when they train for me they get themselves in the best shape of their lives. When they come to deontay wilder. They don t know what to do they don t know what to expect they gain pain and they think they have it oh he he he s wild when you back up we gonna catch him with a hook try to step on my field maybe come with an uppercut. It s not gonna work nothing these guys prepare for is not gonna work no one knows how to prepare for me for the like we all know i m unorthodox.


I m on textbooks. So when you when you got a guy like that in front of you how do you prepare for a deontay wilder. How can you prepare for a deontay wilder. You can only psych yourself up your team around you can psych you up to think that you re gonna come in and bring the best you can bring which i hope you bring the best that you can bring that s what i m looking for these guys understand that when they get in the ring with deontay wilder.

It s more than just a boxing match this is not a game. We don t play this and we know that when i speak. I speak true i speak. I speak what i feel i m passionate about what i say i m passionate about what i do i m not in this business to make no friends.


I m not his business to to it s so many things i ve said and i mean every word that i ve said it s been a long time coming from you like i said. I ai. N t bothering nobody the chaos came to me disturbing the peace came to me he asked for this and he shall receive just like the bible said if you ask you shall receive and come 18 on showtime at the barclays center. He s gonna get everything that he received so watch me catch this dub cuz.

I m a failure on my own baby. I can t wait it s gonna be amazing night for me. But a sad time for him ” ..


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