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“Everyone oscar kids here halloween is right around the corner. And doc mcstuffins and her her friends need some costumes. Let s make some play doh costumes for them today. ll start with hallie and all right hallie.

We got the perfect costume for you today. We re gonna need some white play doh and let s roll this out all right awesome fans this costume is pretty much gonna be made with white play doh. Do any of you have any ideas. What it is now that it s all rolled out let s start dressing elly put it over her head music and then give her some eyes aliens.


A ghost for halloween who guessed that if you did high five. She didn t want to cover her own face. So. It s more like a club next up is doc mcstuffins we got the perfect halloween costume for you doc we ll need some blue play doh music roll this out as well music use a play knife to cut a little piece right here don t worry doc you re gonna look fabulous okay so wrap this around her music use the play type again to cut around and doc mcstuffins.

His dress is a beautiful blue gown. She s a princess for halloween. Unfortunately she didn t want to move her arms so we have to do a double wrap music. But she still looks great let s add a bit more the size of this gown.


We ll need some purple playdoh wrap this around the middle you look so elegant doc mcstuffins all right chilly are you sure you want this as your costume. Okay okay i ll make it for you i don t know why chilly wanted to be this rolla ween. But he said he wanted to be different. And he s definitely gonna be different all right music.

I m sure many of you are starting to realize what chile wants to be for all the wheat it s pretty stinky i ll tell you that chile is gonna be poopoo for allah we you why would you choose that you re so silly alright lamby jo follow chile s path let s do something else for you we ll need some black play doh roll this out as well and let s wrap this around lambie music. We got a few more steps. So stay put levy need to roll out some more black play. Doh use a play knife to make a circle.


And we gotta use these scraps as well let me just shake this really quickly music put that on top on the circle. You guys know what lab is going to be for halloween music levy s gonna be a witch for halloween. But you got to get you a room later and last. But not least let s dress stuffy.

We ll use some orange play doh this time music won t need to roll this out music put that over his head and sort of form it like this around this body. And let s put some more orange play doh on top of his head just find a color. I think everyone knows what stuffy is music this will give it away we need to attach a green stem music. And let s make a little face on his body.


He s a pumpkin for all the week great costumes. Doc mcstuffins and friends are gonna have a great time trick or treating well this was a lot of fun thanks for watching please subscribe to watch more see you soon music you music. ” ..


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